Jul 31, 2012


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Only an experienced homeopath knows the value of Abrotanum. It has some distinct characteristics though some of them are same as Rhus tox and Bryonia. In some critical conditions we use Abrotanum instead of Bryonia or Rhus tox to get quick result.
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Core Symptoms
01 Head Unable to hold the head up, the left brain seems mainly weak, easily tired by discussion or mental attempt, scalp sore, left side, itching are the symptoms for head
02 Mind The mental symptoms of Abrotanum are - Great anxiety, too much depression, kid cross, depressed, very peevish, feels she would like to do something cruel, no humanity, thinking hard, feeling of mind softening, excited, good-humored,
03 Mouth Oily taste along with acid
04 Eyes Blue colored rings around dull-looking eyes
05 Stomach Feeling as if stomach were hanging, Feeling of swimming in water with chilliness, Burning and cutting pain, Pains worse at night are the symptoms for Stomach.
06 Face Face wrinkled, wrinkly as if old, comedones, with the emaciation
07 Nose Dry nose
08 Appetite Gnawing lack of food, graves bread boiled in milk, gastralgia with loss of the appetite, ravenous appetite, and all the while emaciating are the symptoms for appetite.
09 Abdomen The symptoms of Abrotanum for Abdomen are - Weakness in bowels, too much distension of abdomen, hard lumps in several parts of the abdomen, sinking feeling in bowels, heart & Pulse, small and weak pulse, pain across chest severe and sharp in the heart region, rheumatism, metastasis of rheumatism to the heart.
10 Respiratory Organs Cold air causes a raw feeling in respiratory tract. In pleurisy when a pressing sensation remains in affected side. Impeding free breathing are also seen.
11 Female Organs Darting pain in the ovary especially in left side, twitching in the both ovarian areas, seems to extend to back, blood along with moisture oozing from the navel of newborn are the symptoms of Abrotanum for Female Organs.
12 Male Organs Hydrocele of kids
13 Back Pains in the sacrum area
14 Fever
High fever, specially rheumatic fever, hectic fever, with chilliness, extremely weakening are symptoms for fever
15 Limbs For Limbs the following symptoms are seen - Incapacity to move, marasmus of lower extremities only, gout in theankles and wrists, pain and lameness, bad in the morning time, chilblains itch, frost-bitten limbs, inflammatory rheumatism before swelling begins.
16 Anus and Stool
The symptoms of Abrotanum for Anus and Stool are given below:-
Food passes undigested, alternate constipation and diarrhoea, rheumatism after swiftly checked the diarrhea, protruding piles, piles with burning, burning when pressing or from touch, piles appeared, piles became worse as rheumatic pains abated, pain with frequent inclination to stool,hardly anything but the blood being passed, destroys worms, specially ascarides.
17 Skin Skin hangs loose, flabby and marasmus
18 Sleep Restless sleep and terrible dreams are also seen.
19 Generalities Symptoms for generalities are - weakness, lack of feeling, feeling sickly, lame and sore all over, when excited and trembling feeling weak, weak as well as prostrated after flu, incapability to move
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It is actually suggested for this sort of situations like alleviated by simply Bryonia and also Rhus tox., nevertheless its signs or symptoms draw out its specific instances. Rheumatic circumstances together with heart irritation; epistaxis; weakling pee; anxiousness along with moving, any time there is previous diarrhea  Some sort of instantly looked at diarrhea is going to be followed by aggressive heart symptoms.

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Only an experienced homeopath knows the value of Abrotanum. It has some distinct characteristics though some of them are same as Rhus tox ...