Aug 1, 2012

Absinthium as a Homeopathic Remedy

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If you are affected by the sleeplessness and stressed excitement then you are the patients of Absinthium. It is popularly known as a medicine for anxiety, stress, Chorea. Tremor, sleep problem and excitement. Absinthium can refresh your mind and give you extra mental power.

Absinthium is usually a suitable remedy for stressed excitement and sleeplessness. Stress and anxiety, excitement and sleep problems especially in small children. Memory is definitely fragile, forgets what has lately happened. There is bafflement associated with imagination. Discomfort at the back of the pinnacle. Hallucinations with afraid aspirations. Also, it is a treatment pertaining to kleptomania-condition involving irresistable urge to get or maybe ton issues or even persuasive to take elements. It is also useful for hysterical spasms. Main Symptoms of Absinthium -
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Core Symptoms
01 Face Rush of blood to the face area, silly look, makes grimaces, and foams at the mouth in epilepsy are the symptoms of homeopathic Absinthium for face.
02 Mind The mental symptoms of Absinthium are - Brutal, insane, idiotic, forgets what has recently happened, foolish manner, wants nothing to do with anyone, terrible visions along with frightening hallucinations, state of unconsciousness alternating with violence, lacking feeling with the convulsions.
03 Eyes Itching, injected conjunctiva, ache in the eyes, lids feels heavy are the symptoms of eyes
04 Ears Otorrhoea and particularly after the hemicrania are symptoms for ears.
05 Mouth We see some common symptoms of Absinthium for mouth. These are - Jaws firmly fixed, tongue trembling, feels paralysed, bites his tongue in epilepsy, tongue thick, tongue protruding, can scarcely talk
06 Head Headache, bewilderment in head, wants to lie with the head low, congestion of the brain and spinal cord, dizziness, when rises up, tendency to fall backward are the symptoms for head.
07 Throat Scalded feeling in the throat area is seen.
08 Heart Feeling tremor of the heartfelt toward the back and the heart thumps can be heard in scapular area are the heart related symptoms of Absinthium.
09 Abdomen Liver enlarged, pain in spleen, pain feels swollen, bloated around waist as well as in the abdomen, massive growth of flatulence in abdomen are also sometimes seen.
10 Urinary Organs Stable desire to urinate, like horse's urine it has strong smell, urine deep orange.
11 Generalities Core symptoms for the Generalities are - Feet extremely chilly, grinding teeth, falling down, as in epilepsy, followed by spasms of the limbs and body, bloody foam at the mouth, falling as unconscious, with twist of the features, bitter test in the tongue, foolishness,
12 Female Organs Darting pain in the right ovary, chlorosis, pains in the uterus, endorses the menses are seen for Female Organs.
13 Respiratory Organs Cough with liver the criticism
14 Stomach For Stomach we see the following symptoms - Lack of appetite nausea, loathing of food, food lies heavy, stomach feels oppressed and cold, vomiting, eructations, painful feeling of stomach, nausea in region of gall bladder.
Medicinal uses of Artemisia absinthium:
  • Artemisia can be enriched with squiterpene lactones (including absinthin, anabsinthin, along with artabsin), azulenes, and as well as thujone and that is thought to be a lack of feeling stimulant. 
  • Artemisia’s risky fat behaves seeing that antidepressant yet requirements professional supervisions as it can certainly create a considerable lifetime conditions, like epilepsy, and other conditions connected with nerve fibres, as well as passing.
  • Artemisia’s infusions are used a smaller measure for you to expel small intestinal red worms, handle hardworking liver and gall bladder illnesses, gerd, tuberculosis, and encourage desire for foods.
  • The particular leaves and blooming covers infusion is alleged to aid women that are pregnant throughout crews aches and pains.

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If you are affected by the sleeplessness and stressed excitement then you are the patients of Absinthium. It is popularly known as a medic...


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