Jul 26, 2012

Homeopathic Remedies and Hair Loss Symptoms

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Hair Loss problem and Homeopathy:- Recently people of any age inform us about their hair problem. Most of the patients complain us about the gray hair, dandruff, splitting of hair, baldness and loss of hair. But now hair fall is a common symptom. Remember that naturally we lose about 80-100 hairs per day but that are replace automatically in a systematic way. There are many reasons behind the hair fall problem such as: long time illness, dandruff, affects of any major surgery etc. Homeopathy helps to regain the lost hair. There are enough remedies to treat this problem according to the specific symptoms. One can get a fruitful result using these remedies under close observation of a skilled homeopath.

Benefits of homeopathic treatment for hair loss:-  Homeopathic is a therapeutic method that treats the person as a whole rather than just treating the external symptom of hair loss.  It is a safe and gentle way of treating the problem of hair fall without any side-effects.  It removes the chronicity of the problem so that hair fall does not recur again.  It promotes the overall health of the patient. Homeopathic treatment for hair loss is a whole body approach, which is safe and gentle and eradicates the problem of hair fall from the roots. It not only prevents and treats hair fall, but also give you healthy and thick hair.
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Homeopathic Remedies and Hair Loss Symptoms: Here are some popular and useful homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic doctors use them according to their symptoms.

01. Phosphoricum Acidum (Acid Phos):- Use Acid Phos when you find the following symptoms-Any sort of pain for hair loss, early graying of hair, takes tension simply, very old effects of mental distress, hard understanding of things, desire juicy things, 

02. Silica:- Silica is very common remedy for hair loss. Its symptoms are-Frontal and forehead hair loss, young people baldness, premature graying of the hair,anxious,gentle types, nervous disposition, fixed ideas, highly sensitive, cold with extremely clammy chilly palms. 

03. Phosphorus:- There are many hair loss symptoms of Phosphorus. Some of them are - Dandruff, rregular baldness, hair dryness, itchy scalp, while combing then hair loss, alopecia aerata, lean figure, high cheek bones, scurvy, long fingers, very sympathetic persons, frontal hairlessness, hair loss after the hemorrhagic disorder, better in company, weakness with the excess emotional vulnerability, frightened when alone. 

04. Mezereum:- We alos use Mezereum as a homeopathic remedy for hair loss. its symptoms are - Skin rashes, fall in handfuls, hair sticks together, dandruff, prickly scalp, psoriasis touching scalp leading to the hair loss, eruptions, crispy eruptions on scalp leading to hair loss, sensitive to cold air.

05. Fluoric acid (Acid Flour):- Every homeopath apply Acid Flour to an unmarried person for his hair loss problem. Its symptoms are - Idiopathic hair loss, alopecia, easily broken hair, vertex hairlessness, alopecia aerata, hair tangles simply, hair falls in spots, floating feelings towards life, complaints provoked by warmness and better by chilly application etc, tremendous anger and irritability, 

06. Sepia:- Sepia is a popular homeopathic remedy for some women diseases. But it is also used to treat hair loss problem. The symptoms of Sepia are - Hair loss menopausal, hair pains due to sensitive hair roots, hair pains when touched, pimply eruptions near the hairline on the forehead area, hair fall after delivery of the child with the psychological stress, Irritability increased, with irritable outlook. 

07. Graphites:- Sometimes Graphites gives good result to treat hair loss disease. Its symptoms are also different and these are Unreliable hairlessness, hair fall on sides, itchy, sticky eruptions on scalp that release fetid smell, constipation related to the hair falling, menopausal hair loss, cold, fat patient with affinity to increase the other skin problems. 

08. Natrum Mur:- Hair fall starts during and after pregnancy is the only one symptom of Natrum Mur. 

09. Borax:- Borax is used for the hair loss of children. Hair loss in children, tangled and sticky hair are the symptoms of Borax.

Homeopathic treatment involves detailed case taking by a registered homeopathic practitioner. Detailed history of medical problem (hair loss), physical and emotional symptoms is analyzed and evaluated and simulacrum medicine is prescribed that treats the problem of hair loss from its roots thereby preventing recurrence.

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Hair Loss problem and Homeopathy:- Recently people of any age inform us about their hair problem. Most of the patients complain us about ...


Homeopathy is best without side effects

Acid phos good for hair loss as eell as sexual weekness