Jul 26, 2012

Skin disorders and Homeopathy

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Homeopathic remedies for skin problem:-Sometimes we do not understand that we have attacked by any serious disease. Just normal symptoms of your skin may create any fatal problem. We should be careful about our skin. Normally we do not care some kinds of symptoms of skin. Remember a small pimple may cause a fatal cancer. So steps should be taken from the initial stage. There are lots of medicines of skin disease in homeopathy. I just describe some popular of them.

Calcarea carbonica:- The people, who are easily tired by the hard work, feel nervous as well as overwhelmed if overworked, calcaria carbonica is well suited for them. They may unpleasantly cold along with clammy hands and feet. Cravings for eggs along with sweets, a leaning toward weight problems and a slothful metabolism are extra indications for Calcarea carbonica. 

Antimonium crudum:- When the skin problem such as eczema with thick, split the body skin along with prone to dyspepsia then the Antimonium crudum is suitable to apply. The patients of this remedy have the sentimental love to take such kinds of things for example: vinegar, craving pickles as well as other sour foods, fruits etc. The children may be irritable along with shy. The patients can be overweight also. Itching is worse from the sun exposure and warmness. Eczema, plantar warts and calluses is generally indicated to this remedy. 

Arsenicum album:- The people who are restless, anxious along with the impulsively neat and orderly need this medicine. You can see the skin o the patients is dry, itches, and also burns deeply. Scratching promotes the itching problem worse as well as applying warm will bring help to reduce the intensity of the disease. Arsenicum is indicated to the dyspepsia with unbearable burning pain and common feelings of coolness are often seen. 

Mezereum:- It is common homeopathic medicine for several kinds of skin diseases. The patients, who have some specific symptom such as strong anxiety, felt physically in the stomach need this remedy. Deeply itching eruptions begin as blisters, at that time ooze and form thick crusts, and scratching can direct to thickened skin of the body. Chilly applications often assist the itch (even though the person is cold in general). 

Graphites:- When a homeopath find the tough or leathery skin with the cracks along with the soreness, and often have a long-term history of skin disorders then they think about the Graphites. Most common and most uses homeopathy medicine for skin disorder is Graphites. You can the cracks of skin in various area of our body such as around the mouth, behind the ears, or on the hands are often cracked, with a golden color oozing release that hardens into crusts. From the warm in the bed the Itching is worse gradually.
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Sulphur:- Strongly burning, itching, inflamed eruptions that are worse from heat and from bathing propose a need for this Sulphur. Affected areas shows some specific symptoms such as it may be red color, with the crusted skin of the body. The eruptions may be either moist or dry. This remedy is generally useful to people who have frequently used medications and also ointments on their eczema problem without any kinds of good result. 

Rhus toxicodendron:- Rhus toxicodendron is very common to all for using any red colored skin symptoms. The patients are restless for the discomfort and also regularly are very bad-tempered and nervous. The person who often craves cold milk needs this medicine. Muscle inflexibility, relieved by motion and warmness, is also likely symptoms for the remedy. 

There are also many useful and important medicines in homeopathy such as Petroleum, Arum triphyllum, Calendula etc to apply other skin disease. One can use these remedies according to the suitable symptoms of skins and body. Some companies also made ointments for external use. In that case Calendula is most uses and common.

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Homeopathic remedies for skin problem:-Sometimes we do not understand that we have attacked by any serious disease. Just normal symptoms o...