Jul 30, 2012

Symptoms and uses of the Abies Nigra

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If you feel pain in the stomach just after taking male then the easy solution is Abies Nigra. It is an effective and long acting homeopathic remedy. It is also uses for various kinds of disease. But the gastric disturbances are its main symptom. Continuous stress of stomach, dyspeptic troubles, pain in the stomach are the most common symptoms of Abies Nigra.
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Core symptoms
01 Head Dizziness feeling, awful feeling in the head side, boring headache, severe pain, head is hot with flushed cheeks are the symptoms of Abies Nigra for head.
02 Mind The mental symptoms of this remedy are - Very low-spirited as well as depressed, unable to study, anxiety, unable to think.
03 Throat Bitter feeling in throat, Sense of something sticking in oesophagus toward the lower portion
04 Sleep Sleepy during the day time, restless and wakeful at night time and bad dreams are also seen as symptoms.
05 Ears Soreness in left external meatus
06 Appetite Hungry as well as wakeful at night, loss of appetite in the morning time, too much craving for food at noon and also at night are the appetite symptoms.
07 Stomach For the Stomach we see the following symptoms of Abies Nigra - Pain in the stomach after eating, painful sensation mostly on right side of sternum, frequent eructations, sensation of an undigested hard-boiled egg in the stomach.
08 Stool Constipation symptom
09 Generalities Rheumatic pains in the bones, alternate heat and cold, aching in the bones
10 Respiratory Organs Simply gets out of breath
11 Female Organs The menstruation delayed 3 months
12 Back Pain in the back side
13 HeartHeavy, slow heart beating, cutting and sharp pains are the symptoms for heart.
Dosage proposition: First to thirtieth potency.
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Homeopathic remedies usually are given on the primary that 'like cures like', in a tiny dilution to ensure the indications underneath are that of a balanced man or women would certainly experience when getting Abies Nigra. Morning anorexia and tobacco use are also very common symptoms of Abies nigra. The symptoms of this remedy generally appear in the morning time, lying on and after eating food.

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If you feel pain in the stomach just after taking male then the easy solution is Abies Nigr a. It is an effective and long acting homeopat...