Jul 28, 2012

Symptoms and uses of Rhus Toxicodendron

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Rhus toxicodendron is generally known as a medicine of normal cold and fever. This specific flower available in the Anacardiaceae area will grow with grounds as well as forest parts inside North America. To obtain is frequently identified by it's sharp simply leaves which develop with threes. There are 2 kinds of this plant. Toxin ivy is usually a twining grape vine that has a thicker stalk that will offices available straight into thin stalks. Pollute cherry is often a plant that will reach a new level of 4 feet. The guarana plant is likewise generally known as mercury grape vine or even pollute vine.

A main component on the vegetable can be toxicodendric plaque created by sugar, a new unpredictable ingredient that is strongest following nightfall, with soaked or perhaps over cast weather, or in August along with September. This oil is definitely toxic when it reaches in contact with the skin. Symptoms of poisoning include an itchy reddish colored break outs that types upper thighs, vomiting, loss of appetite, a feeling of sickness, frustration, delirium, enlarged glands, and verbal sores.Main symptoms of Rhus Toxicodendron-
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Core Symptoms
01 Cold sore After the flu or the cold, Tongue is dry and red tipped
02 Sore muscles From the overexertion
03 Strains and sprains
Anxiety, mentally Restlessness, physically Restlessness
04 Cough The symptoms of Rhus Toxicodendron for cough are - Coughs from midnight until the morning, cough is dry, teasing cough, coughs on putting hands out of bed, coughs for the duration of a cool.
05 Sciatica Tearing soreness down thighs is the symptoms of Sciatica
06 Influenza Can't lie still, restless, painful in all bones are common symptoms for Influenza.
07 Rheumatic Condition of "Rusty gate"  and less sore when limbered up are Rheumatic symptoms of Rhus Toxicodendron
08 Pains Hardness and pain in small of back, Pain nape of neck are also seen.
09 Hoarseness From over straining voice
10 IVY Poisoning Severe burning and itching are seen for IVY Poisoning.
11 Chicken Pox Restless and strong itching are seen for Chicken Pox
12 Hives Hives are red, swollen and itching.
13 Worse from Worse from the beginning of the motion, dampness, during sleep or rest, after the rain, lying on the right side or back.
14 Better from Better from the continued motion, warm applications, cold, lying on something hard, rubbing, alter the position, hot, dry weather conditions, stretching out limbs
General use of Rhus tox:- Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus tox.) is a remedy which pointed out intended for conditions that usually are associated with vomiting, puffy glands, redness involving mucous walls and muscles, skin along with the trouble of sleeping. Homeopaths recommend Rhus tox. for a variety of issues as well as killer ivy, fowl pox, upper back pain, colds, herpes simplex virus, hives, swine flu, mumps, measles, sore throat, nerve discomfort, muscle ranges along with injuries, dermatitis, joint inflammation, bursitis, carpal tunl, rheumatism, in addition to fevers. Ailments crop up via overexertion, a change in weather, cold weather conditions, as well as by being wet or cold.

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The sufferer incorporates a purple encounter, swollen glands, plus dried out region. This person have muscle mass pain or maybe joint aches that happen to be pressing and painful. Owing to his aches he's not cozy except if he could be going. The person could possibly be famished with no a cravings and also possess a xerostomia though he is quite dehydrated. Drinking cold beverages may well induce nausea and vomiting and could distress inside abs. Various other signs or symptoms such as a gnawing pain in the stomach having a full and sense, the inflamed liver that is certainly painful while hard pressed, kidney weak point, inflammation in the glands from the abdomen and also genitals, and also paralysis or even mind-numbing of limbs caused by experience this chilly.

The grievances tend to be left-sided or even proceed from your quit facet to help right area. The person's mouth can be red-tipped, and hubby carries a metallic style of his lips. He  usually become aggressive and thirsty.He is restless, puzzled, absent-minded, depressed, short-tempered, tearful, apprehensive, and infrequently desires to stay on your own. 

The patient's ailments are generally worse in the morning and at night (particularly after midnight), while lying down, from physical exertion, from a change in weather, during wet weather, in open air, from touch, and from cold food or drinks. Symptoms are relieved by motion or a change in position, warmth, perspiration, or drinking hot beverages. 
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Symptoms and uses of Rhus Toxicodendron Doctor Homeo 5 of 5
Rhus toxicodendron is generally known as a medicine of normal cold and fever. This specific flower available in the Anacardiaceae area wil...


Nux Vomica 30 followed by Rhus Tox 200 is very useful for dissolving kidney stone. Removal of kidney stone takes three months to dissolve depending on size of stone . In case fever is observed apply Bryonia 30