Jul 29, 2012

Symptoms of Caladium seguinum

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Caladium seguinum: characteristic Symptoms 
Caladium seguinum mainly use to increase the density of sperm. So it is also called the remedy of spermatorhea as well as seminal or sexual weakness. One can also get rid from the nocturnal emission problem by using Caladium seguinum. But this herb has many signs and symptoms. Now we are going to discuss details about the caladium seg. Symptoms of Caladium seguinum - 
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Core symptoms
01 Mouth Swollen tongue, tongue coated white color, ache of tooth, teeth feel elongated, dark-brown streak in center of tongue are the symptoms for mouth of Caladium seguinum.
02 Head Symptoms for Head are - Lack of feeling in side of head, frontal headache, sharp cutting pain in head, headache with the nausea, vertigo with nausea, nausea in the morning time, burning pain in the head.
03 Nose Nose is fluent and stopped coryza
04 Ears Noise sensitive
05 Eyes Eyeballs sore, eyelids inflamed and red, eyes sensitive to pressure, dullness, eyes with burning and smarting, pressive aching in the eyeballs are symptoms for eyes.
06 Mind Lack of concentration, forgetfulness, confused, incredibly depressed and irritable are mental symptoms of Caladium seguinum.
07 Throat Throat is dry and rough
08 Stomach Vomiting, acid eructation, nausea in morning on rising, common eructation of very little wind, pressing, weak gone sensation in the stomach are the common symptoms of Caladium seguinum. But uses of this remedy for stomach are rare.
09 Abdomen Abdomen swollen, tender to touch, spasmodic cutting pain in abdomen are seen as the symptoms of Caladium seguinum.
10 Female Organs Cramp-like soreness in the uterus, Purities of vagina and vulva
11 Male Organs Caladium seguinum shows its main symptoms for the male organs. These are - Organs puffy along with swollen, frequent night falls, impotence with mental depression, sexual wishes with the relaxed penis, painful erections with no desire
12 Stool Symptoms for stools are - Stool contain solid lumps, extremely scanty and ashen stool, stools passed with difficulty, burning in the anus after the stool, squashy, pale, clay-colored stools, urging to stool on rising in the sunrise.
13 Limbs Limbs feel weak along with tired, pains in the limbs, trembling of the limbs
14 Respiratory Organs The symptoms of Caladium seguinum for the respiratory organs are - extremely itching, sharp stitches in right side of the chest, pimples on the chest, cannot get the breath easily, oppression of breathing, impedes deep breathing, the irritation to cough seems to originate above the larynx, trachea as well as Larynx seems constricted
15 Skin Skin is rough along with the dry feeling.Violent itching on different parts of body
16 Fever For fever the symptoms are - Excited, skin is dry and hot, unpleasantly cold even in a warm space, legs as well as the feet cold, face is hot, hand is warm,head is hot.
17 Generalities Too much sore all through the body, tremendously anxious, apathy over the full body.
18 Sleep Sleepy and drowsy condition are seen. Dreams, frightful dream also, sleepless, groans and moans anxiously in sleep are common symptoms of Caladium seguinum for sleep.
19 Back Rheumatic pain in back side of body, can scarcely turn in the bed are also seen.
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The actual caladium contains calcium oxalate deposits and also asparagine. Both of them are dangerous when huge amounts will be eaten. They may be found throughout the vegetable and not concentrated in a single area. Signs of accumulation through having caladium involve losing inside throat along with the mouth, often significant, using queasiness, associated with, nausea, swelling involving tongue in addition to jaws, does not last long, bloating, getting rid of, in addition to soreness inside the sight.

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Caladium seguinum: characteristic Symptoms  Caladium seguinum mainly use to increase the density of sperm. So it is also called the rem...


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