Aug 3, 2012

Acidum Aceticum:Symptoms and uses

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Acetic acid is known to all. A homeopathic remedy has made form it and known as Aceticum Acidum. When the people are lean and face is pale then this medicine can give a nice result to remove their diseases. Anemia is a serious symptom Aceticum Acidum. It reduces the red blood cell of our body. The man who attacks by anemia will show various symptoms such as: feeling tiredness, weakness, poor attention etc. The body of the patients may recompense for the lack of enough oxygen. It has also the symptoms of several heart problems along with the heart failure. Core symptoms and uses of Acidum aceticum -
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Main Symptoms
01 Head Symptoms of Acidum aceticum for head are - Heaviness pain, boring pains in forehead, pain in the vertex, headache from abuse of, coffee, opium, tobacco and alcohol
02 Nose For nose we the symptoms are - Likely to regular catarrhal attacks, nose-bleed, bled from a fall or a blow.
03 Face Symptoms for Face are - Expression wild, pupils dilated, face pale, waxen face, emaciated, during fever left cheek is red, bright and red flush on both cheeks, sweat on the forehead area in spots
04 Mind The mental symptoms of Acidum aceticum are - Very dull along with the low-spirited, irritable, uncertainty of ideas, alternate delirium and stupor, grieves much, horrible attacks of anxiety, vertigo with fainting and feebleness, nervousness with the difficulty breathing.
05 Mouth For Mouth the symptoms are - Sour taste, teeth feel dull, breath foul, scorbutic ulcers, epithelium of mouth quite white, tongue flabby and pale, toothache
06 Throat Children thirsty, white false membranes in throat area, swallow with difficulty, taking difficult a teaspoonful of water are the symptoms for throat.
07 Abdomen Swelling of the abdomen, ascites, colicky pains, abdomen feels as if sunken in when lying on his back.
08 Anus and Stool The symptoms for the Anus and Stool are - Diarrhea, with great thirst, chronic constipation, drinking large quantities with apparent impunity, diarrhea, hemorrhage from bowels, diarrhea, with stomach pain, ascarides, chronic diarrhea of children, excess of pale urine, constipation, with great thirst.
09 Stomach For stomach the following symptoms are seen - strong thirst, voracious burning thirst, screams for water at night time, cold drinks lie heavy, nausea, indurations in stomach, frequent vomiting, disgust for salted things, unlike cold victuals.
10 Urinary Organs Urine increased in quantity, Phosphatic, pale, diabetes, burning and unquenchable thirst are the symptoms for Urinary Organs.
11 Skin Tetter-like eruptions, suggillations, warts, nevi, corns are the skin symptoms of Acidum aceticum.
12 Respiratory Organs Symptoms for the Respiratory Organs are - Hoarse, with laryngeal impatience, lining membrane of larynx as well as trachea enclosed with a fibrinous exudation as in right croup, hissing respiration, with rattling in the throat, a hollow noise with each inhalation, croup-like cough,
13 Back Pain in the back relieved only by lying on the abdomen, myelitis, with profuse urine.
14 Limbs Edematous puffiness of the legs and feet
15 Fever cold skin, excited, plentiful perspiration, slow fever with the night sweats, typhus and Putrid fevers are the symptoms for fever.
16 Generalities For Generalities we see the symptoms are - Convulsions, too much emaciation, jumps out of bed like a madman, crawls on the ground, skin looks waxen and pale, general anasarca and dropsical affections, severe Burning in inner along with outer parts
17 Sleep Sleepless and restless
18 Female Organs Metrorrhagia after parturition, with too much dryness
19 Male Organs Weakening emissions, semen also passes at stool, sexual passion, prepuce thickened, feeble erection are the symptoms of Acidum aceticum for Male Organs.

Here we have mentioned all the symptoms of Acidum aceticum according to our body organ. Every homeopath must be able to apply this remedy reading the mentioned symptoms. Try to use low potency at the initial stage of any disease.

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Acetic acid is known to all. A homeopathic remedy has made form it and known as Aceticum Acidum. When the people are lean and face is pale...