Aug 3, 2012

Acidum carbolicum: Symptoms and uses

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A very common homeopathic medicine Phosphoricum Acidum prepared from the phosphoric acid. Its main action is in the mental area. It can give you better result if you use it for depression, grief, stress, exhaustion etc. It has also some nice action in the other part of our body such as Stomach, mouth, nose, back, eyes, ear, face etc. Symptoms and uses of Acidum carbolicum -
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Main symptoms
01 Mind The mental symptoms of Acidum carbolicum are - Impaired memory, listless, apathetic, hard comprehension, indifferent, effects of sorrow and mental upset, settled despair, fever, with great confusion
02 Eyes For eyes the symptoms of this remedy are - Blue colored rings around the lids, cold and inflamed lids, pupils dilated, smooth look, averse to the sunshine, sees colors as if a rainbow, feel too large, optic nerves seem torpid, pain as if eyeballs were forcibly pressed together and into head.
03 Mouth Lips dry, cracked lips, tongue dry, retract from the teeth, bleeding gums, bites tongue in voluntarily at the night time, tongue enlarged, teeth feel chilly are the symptoms for Mouth portion.
04 Head For head we see the following symptoms of Acidum carbolicum - Heavy, confused, severe pain as if temples were crushed together, severe headache, hair gray early in life falls out, shaking, Worse or the noise, pressure on top, boring headache after the coition, from eye-strain, hair turns gray early, hair thins out, vertigo toward sunset.
05 Face The symptoms of Acidum carbolicum for face are - Pale and earthy face, awareness of chilliness of one side of the face, feeling of tension as from dried albumen, intolerant of noise, roaring, with the hearing trouble.
06 Skin Symptoms of Skin are - Pimples, blood-boils, acne, ulcers, with the very nasty pus, fornication in different parts, propensity to sore after the fevers, falling out of the hair, burning red rash.
07 Stomach Sour and acid risings, craves juicy things, nausea, drowsiness after the eating, thirst for chilly milk, symptoms following sour food and drink, pressure as from a weight are the symptoms for Stomach of Acidum carbolicum.
08 Nose Itching, bores fingers into the nose and bleeding are also seen.
09 Heart Pulse intermittent, Palpitation in children, who grow too fast, Pulse irregular
10 Urine Symptoms for Urine are - Frequent, profuse, milky, watery urine. Phosphaturia, diabetes, frequent urination at night time.
11 Stool Diarrhea, watery and white, easy with much flatus, involuntary, diarrhea in feebly are the symptoms for stool.
12 Female organs In Menses time feel pain in liver, menses profuse and too early with, itching, health worsen from the nursing, yellow leucorrhea after the menses, milk scanty are the Female organs symptoms of Acidum carbolicum.
13 Male organs Acidum carbolicum has many symptoms for Male organs. These are - Discharges at stool, emissions at night, low Seminal density, testicles swollen and tender, parts unwind during embrace time, lacking of sexual power, Prostatorrhea, swollen gland-penis, sycotic excrescences, herpes preputialis, soft stool, eczema of scrotum, edema of prepuce.
14 Fever Coldness, profuse sweat during the night and also morning time,boring comprehension and state of unconsciousness, low types of fever are symptoms for fever.
15 Sleep Somnolency and dreams with night falls
16 Back The symptoms of Acidum carbolicum for back are - Too much weakness, severe pain between the scapulas, extremities Weakness, tearing pains in bones and the joints, cramps in wrists and upper arms, pain in the limbs and back, bones were scarped, pains cut down at night, itching, between the fingers, itching, between the folds of joints of fingers, stumbles with no trouble and makes missteps
17 Respiratory
For the Respiratory organ we see the followng symptoms - 
Roughness, chest troubles develop after brain-fag, dry cough from tickling in the chest, weak feeling in chest from talking, salty expectoration, rendering breathing not easy, hard respiration, force behind the sternum
18 Abdomen Fermentation and distention in bowels, noisy rumbling, pain in the umbilical area, spleen enlargement are very common symptoms of Acidum carbolicum.

This homeopathic remedy not only works in the initial stage of any disease but also remove the chronic illness. Try to use low potency in the initial stage of its symptoms.

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A very common homeopathic medicine Phosphoricum Acidum prepared from the phosphoric acid. Its main action is in the mental area. It can gi...