Symptoms of homeopathic remedies for men's sexual health

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Men's health and homeopathy
Homeopathy is a rich treatment process for giving enough support to all. In this modern world everyone is busy with their respective professions. They have no time to look after the physical health. For this reason they are affected by some diseases related to the male organic functions. So it is very important looking after the physical and mental health for a happy family life. Homeopathic tonics can help us to make the body strong and to keep the male organ healthy. For various reasons we are easily affected by male problems and other related weakness.

Homeopathy and men's sexual health:
It is a well known fact that a healthy and satisfying sex life is very important for a healthy relationship. It is very important to take proper care of the health maintenance. Sexual disorders are disturbances in the sexual response like premature ejaculation, impotence, low sperm count, male orgasmic dysfunction and also diminished sexual desire. Homeopathy is actually the great resource to give enough support removing these problems form the root level. At first it is very important to find out the appropriate symptoms. Then remove that specific reason. This is the fundamental principle of homeopathic science which acts like an angel.

Homeopathic remedies help to increase enough blood supply to the specific organ and make the nerve strong. Identifying the main reason if one can apply the specific homeopathic remedy he can easily regain the lost vigor. In homeopathy there are enough remedies to solve any kind of male problems and improve sexual stability along with intercourse time. Every skilled Homeopath applies appropriate remedy according to the specific symptoms which can remove the problem for its root level.

Homeopathy and health of the male organ:
Penis health plays an important rule for satisfying and healthy family life. If a common matter that we lost our energy and working ability day by day. Nutritious foods and some tonic medicines help to regain our lost power and keep us healthy. Like that we need to give attention to our male organs. Everybody should know about the healthy way to keep that organ normal and strong. There are many massage oil and ointment in the present market. Are those safe or effective? That is a question. According to the homeopathic materia medica, there are many fruitful remedies to keep the male organ normal, working and strong.

Some people suffer from micro penis problem. Remember that the size or length of the male organ is not same to all. It may vary from person to person. That is not the problem. If all the functions of male organ work normally then the average girth for an erect penis length from 4.5 to 7 inches are enough to perform a successful sexual intercourse. When the length of the erect organ is below 4.5 or 4 inches then we call it micro penis. Some reasons are responsible for this problem such hormone, masturbation habit from childhood, infection in the prostate gland etc are very common reasons. Homeopathic remedies are very helpful to increase the size or length of the male organ and make it strong. An experienced homeopath can give good solution of that problem using proper homeopathic remedies.
Symptoms of some homeopathic remedies for male health
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Key symptoms
01 Lycopodium Low confidence, Anticipation anxiety, Premature emission, Impotence, Enlarge prostate, Penis weakness are main symptoms of this remedy.
02 Argentum Nitricum Argentum Nitricum is useful for physical anxiety, emotions and nervous, contraction and looseness of male organ, impotence, unwillingness for sex, Erection fails in the time of sexual intercourse.
03 Damiana Sexual insufficiency, impotency, anxiety, anger, loss of libido, sadness, unitary antiseptic, sexual stimulant, prostate are core symptoms of Damiana
04 Aswagandha Aswagandha is used for some specific symptoms such as physical weakness, premature ejaculation, low sperm density, low sperm count, nervousness, male organ weakness
05 Agnus castus Coldness of penis, soft male organ, incomplete erection, impotency, small and cold penis, sexual passion, male organ relaxed when excited, urethra discharge are common symptoms of homeopathic Agnus castus.
06 Caladium Seguinum The symptoms of Caladium Seguinum for male problems are frequent night falls, Male organs puffy and swollen, Painful erections without sexual desire, Impotence with the mental depression, Excessive sexual desire with the relaxed penis,
07 Cydonia vulgarisMicro penis, softness of male organ, low capacity to erect the penis are the main symptoms of Cydonia vulgaris.
08 Tribulus TerrestrisIt meets the auto-traumatism of masturbation correcting the emissions and spermatorrhoea. Partial impotence caused by overindulgence of advancing age, or when accompanied by urinary symptoms, incontinence, painful micturition, etc
09 YohimbinumThis remedy is used for neurasthenic impotence, male organ strong in the morning, lasting erections with no increase of desire, sexual neurasthenia and urethritis.

Lycopodium & Argentum Nitricum:
These remedies are very powerful to remove some fatal male problems. But you cannot use then at a time. Yes, I want to say about the contradictory of homeopathic remedy. Lycopodium harms the quality of Argentum Nitricum. You cannot take them at the same time. From my own experience, I suggest that if you need, take Lycopodium at the morning time and Argentum Nitricum at the evening time. This process is helpful to use them alternatively. Remember, high potency of the both remedies is recommended to use.

Damiana & Aswagandha:
Both are popular as a nerve tonic. But Damiana has effective power to increase the vitality of male organ. Mother tincture of Damiana works better. It is also known as Turnena. On the other hand Aswagandha is recognized as "Indian Ginseng". Physical weakness, Low sperm count and Nervousness is the core symptom of this homeopathic remedy.

Tribulus Terrestris:
An East Indian drug useful in urinary affections, especially dysuria, and in debilitated states of the sexual organs, as expressed in seminal weakness, ready emissions and impoverished semen. Prostatitis, calculous affections and sexual neurasthenia. It meets the auto-traumatism of masturbation correcting the emissions and spermatorrhoea. Partial impotence caused by overindulgence of advancing age, or when accompanied by urinary symptoms, incontinence, painful micturition, etc.Tribulus Terrestris treatment for Dose ailments: Ten to twenty drops of the tincture three times daily.

Agnus castus & Caladium Seguinum:
Agnus castus and Caladium Seg has a specialty. Yes, we observe a nice difference between them. Both of them are use to improve the vitality of male sexual organ. They have same effect but you must know the uses of them. Agnus castus is most effective for the married person and it increases the proper excitation of male for the successful intercourse. Caladium Seguinum does not increase excitation but work effectively to remove all problems of male such as: Frequent night falls, Painful erections without sexual desire, Impotence with the mental depression etc. So, most of the homeopath use is to treat the problems unmarried person.


sachin tanwar said...

There's definately a lot to learn about this topic. I love all of the points you've made.

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Rufus Conn said...

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Md Emdadullah said...

Dear Rufus Conn, Thanks for your opinion. Actually homeopathic remedies are harmless. If we take proper potency of these remedy then any male problems can be solved easily.

Arshan said...

My symstom are same as argentium nitrium and damiana plz tell me the dose so that i can take it.

Pallab Palit said...

Pls let us know whether Aswagandha mother tincture is useful for increased sex time...

md. zakir hossain said...

Tribulas Terestris -Q

Bikram Dutta said...

Dear sir. i'm 28 yr old and unmarried.due to pressure of my company i have been facing so tiredness since few months, also drop my excitation and also feel Penis weakness. i take normal food.kindly suggest me what should i do?

apurva sharma said...

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the homeopathy. Thanks for sharing; I also want to share something about homeopathy through your blog.
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Dario McNut said...

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Soubhanik said...

Sir from appx 6 months i am facing coldness of penis at intercourse time so i could not satisfy my wife please help me and tell me a name and dose of homeopathy medicine

Olin Lamanna said...

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Mr. Manpower said...

I have also tried above some exercises, and they have worked well for me. I also recommend that will teach you some more exercises to overcome psychological erectile dysfunction.

Kaleem Ahmed said...

i am male 34 years of age. i donot have any sexual desires with female. but my sexual desires are high with young hot boys. i am worried about his problem my wife is angry with me also. please help me what should i use?

Alam said...

I am 50 yrs for some long time I was having problem of premature ejaculation now for the last one year I have strong desire to have sex but during intercourse my penis erection is not as per the desire rather it has quite deflection on more arch towards testis further sperm quantity is very low and after ejaculation penis totally dies out. Kindly suggest some medicine. I have also reduce my weight from 95 kg to 87 and doing regular 45 minute walk with some exercises but I did not see any improvement

Jayabrata Mukherjee said...

Which potency should take of Caladium Seguinum

Delowar J Imran said...

Caladium Seguinum Q gives good result @Jayabrata Mukherjee

Ryan Davidson said...

I am 30 years old, Due to hand job my penis is very weak and timing is also not long. Please suggest me.

Harpreet said...

Please give me name of medicine for following symptoms
I am 50 yrs for some long time I was having problem of premature ejaculation now for the last one year I have strong desire to have sex but during intercourse my penis erection is not as per the desire rather it has quite deflection on more arch towards testis further sperm quantity is very low and after ejaculation penis totally dies out. Kindly suggest some medicine

Vacurect said...

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ALOK GIRI said...

hi doctors,
i m suffering for premature ejaculation from last few years while doing sex with my mate i last only for 2 min please suggest me which will help me to gain my strength back not for single use

SARFARAZ said...

I am 24 years old and the problem wot my penis are that I m having premature ejacuations. The erection is not so hard.
After first round the penis completely turns flaccid.
So plz suggest me d medicine which can solve this problem

Dario McNut said...

It is very important to maintain healthy and balanced lifestyle to keep up with your healthy sexual performance and even increase your overall health. best prosolution review here

abhilash verma said...

What power used for lycopodium clavatum medicine n what is the dose

Dinesh Rao said...

Respected Sir,
I am 24 yrs old and unmarried. but i am going to be married.
I have been masturbating since 7-8 years.
but now since 10-12 month i completly stop it.
I am facing the following problems:
1. My penis length is very small, thin & weak, size 3.5 inch after full erection. I want to increase my penis size and girth.
2. I am suffering from nocturnal emission (Nightfall) with or without dream. Sometime my foot become hot at night during sleep and in summer season that cause Nightfall problem. After nightfall i feel little pain in my cheeks, legs and testicles. I feel guilty, depress.
3. My semen is in less quanity, thin and liquide like water.
4. Sometime "white drops" come out before or during stool or urination.
5. When I think about girl or sex or see some adult picture or movie or porn videos then penis erect immediately. my heart beat increase(Palpitation), becomes nervous. The semen comes out automaticly within 30 seconds and i discharge early.
6. I have strong fear or anxiety of Sex and Marriage.
7. I have premature ejaculation problem, i discharge within 30 seconds, the semen come out very quickly. I want increase sex intercourse time and stamina.
8. i am suffering from the erectile dysfunction(ED). Penis does not erect for long time.
9. My face is dull, acne and pimples are on face, looks like old age people.
10. My body is also weak. I feels physical weakness in whole body.

So kindly tell me which homeopathic medicine i should take to get rid from these problems. Please also mention the amount of dose should i take and at what time, for how many days/months.
i am waiting for ur reply. thanks

Reed said...

Thanks for sharing this interesting blog with us. My pleasure to being here on your blog..I wanna come back here for new post from your site.


Ruhi Khan said...

Nice Post but Herbal Capsules uses elements that concentrate on both testosterone improving and low males libido

rao said...

I am facing premature ejaculation badly, guide me how to get rid of it?
Age 27
2 years
Its cinstant

arshad ansari said...

i am 24 years married man weight 60 kg. i was married before 8 month. from the starting of my marriage i am suffering from premature ejaculation .i dis charges in only one minute now i am taking agnus castus 30 potency 5 drops thrice in a day and kali phos 6x 2 tablets thrice in a day . is it the right medicine for me plz suggest me sir plz

Md Saalim said...

Hello nice post.
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Subhakanta Sahoo said...

I am subhakanta sahoo, from odisha.My age is 31yrs, wt - 60kgs & I married before 4 months . I am suffering from premature ejaculation while doing sex with my mate. I last only for 1 min. My penis is very weak and short. please suggest me the medicine, its potency and doses.

kim said...

I like to talk about my impotency ,pls srospandance me on my Email to suggest me medican. Thanks

Simon Knapp said...

Tribulus is king when it comes to ingredients that help with sexual function. I know a lot of people in bodybuilding circles who swear by the stuff. you can find it in many of the most popular penis pills

Unknown said...

Actually this happened very rare in case but its natural as a gay means desire of sex with same gender inspite of opposite sex.So don't worry,talk about it with Your wife & tell her about it.

And you may also consult with sexologist.

Thank you

sufyan arshad said...

Sir my condition is same like Danesh Rao, who ex[lained earlier but i did not do much mastaubattion...Please recommend me homeopathic medicine..thank you

ahmed said...

I am 28 year old. Unmarried
I have practiced masturbation from the age of 15. In the start it was regular work. At that time i dont know about it. When I realized, I stoped this work. From that time( about 12 years) I am facing problem of night fall and clear thick drops.
I ejaculate In just 2 to 5 strokes. Which is why I am so disappointed
During foreplay, slippery liquid stuff comes out
I would be thankful enough to you for your kind help in this regard. Kindly suggest me right medicine.

SKS said...

I am 35-year-old, recently married. I was practicing masturbation continuously from the age of 15 years. Now, sometimes I feel inability to do intercourse due to weakness of penis. Please suggest me the right medicine for the same.

I would be thankful to you for the same.

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