If you don’t know the basic rules of Homeopathy, Please contact with your nearby Homeopath OR with us before taking any remedies. It is our dedicated service to help you making your life joyful and happy. We're just trying to spread this valuable science and make it popular to all.

The homeopathic medical science is very rich. To know better about this treatment process it needs more and more study. In this realm, experience is most precious thing. So every new homeopath should discuss about the treatment policy with any skilled and old doctor. For the easy availability some people like to take homeopathic remedies directly without knowing the basic rules of this science. In that case he may not get appropriate result and then try to blame. So we suggest it is better to contact with any physician before taking any homeopathy remedies. The cure of any disease mostly depends on skill of the homeopath.

From the late eighteenth century Homeopathy or Homeopathic Medicines are considered as the most useful holistic system of treatment. It is the belief of some people that the Homeopathic Medicines have major side effects; they should know that Homeopathic Medicines are completely safe. But remember-do not uses any medicine for any problem without consulting your physician. You can also contact with us writing details about your problem.

Where can get homeopathy medicines: 
You may happy to hear that the names of homeopathic medicines are universal. The name is same all around the world. So you can buy same medicine from anywhere of the world. Generally there are many homeopathy wholesale shops in every big city. I suggest my patients to purchase most pure medicines. Homeopathy treatment depends on the quality and purity of medicines. But it is true that some Bangladeshi and Indian medicines are most effective than Germany or American medicines. Any skilled homeopath can understand this from his experience. 

Condition of taking Homeopathic medicines:
  1. Empty stomach is most suitable to take homeopathic medicines 
  2. you can take medicines before or after taking your male giving half an hour interval.
  3. you can also take any other medicines such as: allopath, ayurveda, unani etc along with homeopathic remedies giving 20 minutes interval. 
  4. Remember Antibiotics can easily destroy the quality of homeopathic medicines. So if you need to take any antibiotics just stop the homeopathy remedies at that time. 
  5. Do not take Onion, tea or coffee directly before or after taking homeopathic medicines. You can take these giving one hour interval. It is best practice. 
  6. Homeopathy medicines become most effective when you take it mix with quarter cup of pure drinking water.
  7. The potency of homeopathic medicines is not same for children and adult. Matured people can take any potency but 30 or below 30 is appropriate for children. If needs doctor can give suitable medium potency to any children.
  8. Do not mix the homeopathy medicines with tea, coffee, mint and alcoholic drink.
The system of Homeopathic treatment is based on the idea-substances which produce symptoms of sickness in healthy people will have a curative effect when given in very dilute quantities to sick people who exhibit those same symptoms. Now this treatment process is very popular all around the world for its easy, effective and successful result. Homeopathic Medicines work as like as atomic power. Jut use properly.