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Apr 17, 2017

Onion juice recipes - an effective cure for baldness!

Why among all medicinal fruits and vegetables doctors distinguish it onions? Even annoyed, really can not recommend a hair tonic something more appropriate and pleasant smell? You may be surprised, but just the aroma and evidence of the exceptional benefits of onions for the health of hair follicles.

Peculiar smell of onions is caused by the presence in its composition of large amounts of sulfur - a very rare and useful for hair chemical element. No other food product is not as much sulfur as in bulb onions.

Sulfur is involved in the process of collagen synthesis, so necessary for the strength, elasticity, and smoothness of our hair. This mineral is generally not produced by the body, but if a person eats a full and varied, sulfur deficiency should arise. This condition is manifested by dryness and peeling of the skin, and section hair loss, brittle nails, general weakness, and fatigue.

In addition to sulfur, onions contain live natural keratin, and this is another argument to use onion juice locally, that is, to put fresh directly on the hair roots. Keratin is included in most restorative shampoos, but where is the guarantee that the rest of the components are useful, or at least safe for the hair? But using pure onion juice, you will only get the benefit.

Onion juice helps with hair loss from any cause: age, hormonal, genetic, toxic. Subject to regular and long-term (minimum 3 months) treatment of hair grow even in completely bald men.

Recipes masks for hair treatment based on onions:- Before proceeding to the bow hair treatment, it is necessary to consider some nuances of this technique:

Make onion mask from time to time, once a week or several times a month does not make sense. So you only get a couple of hours messing around and tears, and then a couple of days memorable and does not wash off "flavor." It needs to be treated every day for at minimum2 months;

The smell of onions from the hair is enhanced when wet: it costs you much sweat or caught in the rain, he would be shown, even if the dry hair does not smell;

Onion paste, applied to the hair, leaving behind a much more powerful and long-lasting flavor, rather than carefully squeezed juice;

Masks on the basis of a bow, regardless of the whole, can not be kept on the hair longer than 30 minutes in order to avoid irritation or burning of the skin surface.

Now give recipes based on onions and onion juice: Basic mask hair loss with onion juice. First of all hold a small towel over the steam, so that it is warmed up and gained moisture, wrap the head, that the pores open, and the juice is better absorbed, and in this way to cook Start a mask. Peel one large or a few small onions, cut into small slices, scroll through a meat grinder or chop the blender, strain through a folded in several layers of cheesecloth. Remove the towel, gently apply the juice on the hair roots, gently massage, wrap a towel around your head, wait 30 minutes and rinse hair with clean water.

Mask of onion and capsicum tincture. The procedure is the same as in the previous recipe, just before applying onion juice on the hair, you want to add one full dropper of tincture of fiery cayenne pepper. Cook this drug can be yourself (read about it below) and can be purchased at the pharmacy, price - 15 rubles. The tincture has a strong stimulating effect on the hair follicles, so this mask is suitable even for the treatment of complete baldness, and not only from thinning and hair loss.

Mask from alopecia and dandruff with onion and garlic. Hair loss is very often associated with dandruff and seborrhea. If you have a weakened oily hair with dandruff, frequent shampooing does not help, but rather exacerbate the problem. Try a mask from the onions and garlic: one average head of onion garlic zhu bochka take 2 to scroll through a meat grinder and apply the resulting slurry on the roots of the hair for 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Volatile - natural antibiotics, which are rich in onions and garlic, excellent job with the fungus that causes dandruff.
Nourishing hair mask with onions, honey, and eggs. One of the main causes of hair loss is the lack of vitamins. Try to solve this problem with a nourishing mask on the basis of onions, honey, and eggs. One small bulb scroll through a meat grinder, mix with three tablespoons of liquid, slightly warmed honey, and one raw egg. The resulting mass is put on the hair roots with light massaging movements, leave for 30 minutes and rinse with the help of baby shampoo - just like honey in the hair does not come down. Use this mask can be no more than twice a week, the other days limit to bow, to avoid overloading the hair.

The mask for dry hair with coconut oil, onions, and beer. If the hair loss you accompanied by dry, brittle, itching and tips section can be 2-3 times a week to do such a mask: two small onions grind in a meat grinder, add a tablespoon of coconut oil (suitable as burdock and castor) and half a cup of fresh, unpasteurized beer. The resulting mass is put on the roots of the hair, gently rub, wrap head with a towel, wait 30 minutes and rinse with a mild shampoo.

Mince two onions, fold in a half-liter glass jar with a screw cap, add up to the top rum or brandy, close and clean in a dark, cool place for 7 days. Every day, shake the infusion. Then strain and Apply to the hair roots and the entire length of 10 minutes before each wash head.

How to get rid of the smell?
You just have to decide for yourself what is more important: nice smell or have healthy hair? Of course, the smell is, and he can not escape, but the onion helps to combat hair loss better than any other means, and if you are really concerned about severe hair loss, do not wait until they do fall out and begin treatment. With a particular scent can be managed if you know some tricks.

Partially or completely neutralize the smell of onions from the hair in three ways:

The addition of aromatic oils - drip into the mask a few drops of essential oil of lavender, orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, rosemary or sage. So you both will be of use to hair and score the onion smell;

Using cosmetic clay - immediately after rinsing onion masks are also half an hour put on the head of a paste of white, blue or pink clay. It absorbs the strong flavor of onions, you will only have to rinse hair completely;

Rinsing solution of apple vinegar - pour into clean cool water basin and add 9% strength apple vinegar rate of 1 tablespoon per 1 liter. After onion mask rinses hair in this solution for at least five minutes and rinse it with water.
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The most effective home remedies for hair loss

Home remedies for hair loss are effective methods of getting rid of this problem. The main thing is that they do not adversely affect the body, act slowly, but efficiently and are considered to be the best ways to get rid of hair loss.

On what kind of Home remedies should pay attention to people suffering from hair loss? To treat people's ways suit many products available in every home. This is the onion and garlic; egg yolks and herbal teas; castor oil, red pepper, and other biologically active possessing mass vitamins and useful properties mean. However, I would like to draw your attention to the most effective products, allowing you to quickly and permanently get rid of hair loss. On them will be discussed below. All funds earned good reviews from their experienced people.

Castor oil:- Among the Home remedies for hair loss is especially popular castor oil. It nourishes the scalp and hair, has a good strengthening effect, increasing new hair growth. The simplest, but the action of the popular method of treatment is to apply to the hair in a water preheated oil bath, followed head. Color Hold effective means must have at least five hours.

The best option - to make a mask on your hair overnight. If you use this tool of Home medicine once a week for two months, the effect is not long in coming - a result of the hair is thick and strong. This tool is the simplest and the best in the fight against hair shedding. He perfectly replaces the drug treatment and did not cause any harm.

Burdock:- Burdock against hair loss known to the world since ancient times. This herb is very popular among women in gardening and horticulture. To prepare the magic bullet from the roots of the plant are a necessary loss. Simple treatment of the people's way is that it takes ten to twenty grams of root pour one cup of boiling water and cook them for fifteen minutes.
Once the tool has cooled, you must add it to the water for rinsing hair or rub it into the scalp. According to the hair treatment method should be carried out within a month. Thus, it is possible for a long time to get rid of hair loss in women, buy the thick, luxurious hair and healthier hair follicles simplest means.

Nettle:- Another magic bullet that is accessible to everyone and which is able to save you from hair loss is the nettle. It is worth mentioning that all the Home remedies for hair loss are different accessibility, ease of use and low cost. Use nettle can dry and fresh. To do this, pour boiling water and boil grass remedy for hair loss. Thereafter, the broth must sit for one hour.

Impregnate the hair is better from an atomizer. Liberally sprinkle should be not only the hair but also the roots. This means not only effectively from falling, but it helps to make the hair soft and shiny.

Salt:- salt treatment against baldness is today a very popular tool used in Home medicine for hair beauty. Average rubbing salt into the scalp is not only considered to be an excellent way to fight against hair loss but also allows you to fight many diseases of the scalp and hair.

Seborrhea, stiffness, dullness, hair fat helps all available salt. Can be used as iodized and common salt - it kind of does not affect the hair. In any case, we get a striking effect, which positively affects the hair. Most importantly regularly use this tool.

Means must be kept on the head is not less than fifteen minutes, but it will be even better if to hold the mask for several hours. Such national method against baldness peeling is capable exfoliate upper, cornified layer of skin. The hair becomes smooth and silky, falling from no trace remains, because thanks to the active head massage activate blood flow.

Bow:- Among the well-known Home remedies for hair, loss onion takes pride of place. In spite of the vigorous sap of onions, the hair when it is exposed to enriched with vitamins, roots and the hair follicles are exposed to stimulation. The simplest remedy for hair loss is fresh onion juice, which is quite enough for the amount two to three tablespoons. It is rubbed into the scalp and hair roots, then wrapped his head and held a mixture of at least two hours.

Apply this mask for hair loss you can at least every day, but if your hair does not require such intensive treatment, it is quite sufficient, and two times a week. Use onion juice can and together with honey, burdock and other Home remedies for hair loss, used to treat baldness. It is said that onion juice is a great stimulant for the growth of hair in women.

Carrots help with hair loss:- And here about carrots, not everyone knows that it is a tool used against intense balding, allowing to strengthen the hair growth. You can use rich in vitamins and minerals vegetable from falling both separately and in combination with other products. Carrot juice can be mixed with eggs, starch, honey and vegetable oil. Get a unique, excellent mask, designed for use on the hair loss. Even regular consumption of carrots, especially its juice, can improve the overall condition of the hair.

People's treatment of hair wormwood:- Among the well-known Home remedies aimed at the treatment of hair, it holds a special place bitter, which grows all over the grass - wormwood. In this case, the tool of Home medicine is widely used for the treatment of severe male pattern baldness. Wormwood triturated in the slurry thus can be used fresh or dry grass and is applied to the bald areas. The maximum effect of the treatment will be in the case of complex measures used against the formation of baldness and stimulate hair growth.

For this purpose, together with the masks from Artemisia use inside folic acid and methionine. This way you can get rid of hair loss in men.
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7 Recipes masks for hair with black cumin oil

Black cumin oil can be purchased at the pharmacy or to order on the internet, it is quite affordable and widely used drug. Do not forget about the need to be sure to dilute it with other components in proportions not exceeding 1: 5. The ideal treatment option for hair loss - just add a few drops of oil of black cumin in the usual homemade mask. Below you will find the most efficient recipes.

Here are 7 recipes masks for hair with black cumin oil:

01. Mask with pepper brandy and coconut oil. The procedure is done in two stages. First, on the roots of the hair for 10 minutes to apply the diluted tincture red hot peppers. It is well warming up and prepares the hair follicles. Pepper vodka then rinsed and put in a water bath warmed coconut oil with a few drops of oil of black cumin. The mixture is maintained for half an hour and washes off thoroughly.

02. Creamy olive mask from split ends. This mask is applied for 15-20 minutes and spread over the entire length of the hair, though, as much as possible means trying to concentrate on the split ends. Mix 100 ml of pre-warmed in a water bath of olive oil with 1 tablespoon black cumin oil and the same quantity of whipping cream. Wash off with a mild shampoo.
03. Mask with onion seeds to accelerate the growth of hair. Prepare a mask on the previous recipe with olive oil and cumin, and instead of cream to add 1 tablespoon of ground seeds of onions. Keep on warming cap for 20-30 minutes, then wash your hair with shampoo.

04. Daisy mask with essential oils against the gray. In 100 ml of warm infusion, chamomile adds 1 tablespoon oil of black cumin and 5 drops of rosemary and pine essential oils. Keep the mask on your hair under a warming cap for 15-20 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo. It is also useful to do the rinse with the addition of fresh lemon juice.

05. Kefir mask against dandruff and hair loss. If hair loss is combined with dandruff, prepare healing mask from half glass of warm yogurt, 1 tablespoon of oil of black cumin and a few essential oil drops of tea tree. Maintain the structure of the hair under the hood for 15-20 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo.

06. Nutritional egg mask with aromatic oils. Beat with a mixer three raw egg yolks with a few drops of thyme, burdock, and castor and lemon essential oil. Apply on the hair roots and keep warming under the hood for 20-30 minutes, then rinse off with a mild shampoo.

07. Sour cream and olive mask for dry scalp. If you drop the hair and scalp strongly shelled, try this recipe: Mix 50 ml of pre-warmed in a water bath of olive oil, 50 ml of fat sour cream and 1 tablespoon cumin oil. Apply on the hair roots, gently you massage for five minutes, then wrap your head, soak the mask for half an hour and wash off with shampoo.
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Feb 9, 2017

Hair Fall Solution - 100% Effective Homeopathic Remedy

In this article I am going to focus about most working Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Hair Loss or Hair Fall and Baldness problem for both male and female. You might use various 100% guaranteed hair growth product but get zero result. Actually there are some reasons behind the fair fall problem.

Dandruff is most common of them. Genetic issue is also responsible for hair loss problem. If your problem is responsible for Genetic issue then any medicine will not work. Otherwise you can follow my instructions and I hope you will get a good result.

Some common reason of hair fall:- Here are some common reasons behind the hair fall problem.
  • Hormonal changes 
  • Genetic factors =>Homeopathy may not work fine
  • Skin diseases affecting the scalp 
  • Lack of nutrients or unbalanced diet 
  • Physical injury to head 
  • Chemotherapy and drug use to cure cancer, depression etc 
  • Curing of acute fever like typhoid etc =>Take only Lycopodium-200
  • Harsh environment. 
  • Emotional stress and strain 
  • Tight hairstyles or over hair styling with accessories and heat 
  • Auto-immune related hair loss
Remember homeopathy will not give your good result if any Genetic factors are responsible behind your problem. Otherwise you can fall our advice. Now I am going to share you our practical experience in our doctor life. You and your friend who have specific hair fall problem can use my formula. At first I will tell you about another issue – if your hair loss is responsible for any disease (Curing of acute fever like typhoid etc) then you need to take only Lycopodium-200 (view details). Otherwise use the following two remedies-
  1. Selenium-1M
  2. Acid Flour-1M
Your age should be above 18 to take 1M power. It is a proven and effective for both male and female. If you are less then 18 then take 200 power.
How to take:
  • Take 2/3 drops of Selenium-1M, mix with quarter cup of drinking water and take it. You should take it twice a day in empty stomach. Details about - Selenium >>
  • Take 2/3 drops of Acid Flour-1M, mix with quarter cup of drinking water and take it. You should take it twice a day in empty stomach.
You need to give minimum 10 minutes interval between taking two remedies. Continue this formula at least 4/5 month to get better result. 
We apply this formula thousands of male and female patients who have direct hair loss problem. If your hair is responsible for dandruff it will also work fine. 90% people report us about the 100% successful result. I hope it will also work fine for you if your problem is not any Genetic issue.

Notification:- Please do not hesitate to drop your result and review in the comment box after applying this formula. Best of luck.
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Jul 26, 2012

Homeopathic Remedies and Hair Loss Symptoms

Hair Loss problem and Homeopathy:- Recently people of any age inform us about their hair problem. Most of the patients complain us about the gray hair, dandruff, splitting of hair, baldness and loss of hair. But now hair fall is a common symptom. Remember that naturally we lose about 80-100 hairs per day but that are replace automatically in a systematic way. There are many reasons behind the hair fall problem such as: long time illness, dandruff, affects of any major surgery etc. Homeopathy helps to regain the lost hair. There are enough remedies to treat this problem according to the specific symptoms. One can get a fruitful result using these remedies under close observation of a skilled homeopath.

Benefits of homeopathic treatment for hair loss:-  Homeopathic is a therapeutic method that treats the person as a whole rather than just treating the external symptom of hair loss.  It is a safe and gentle way of treating the problem of hair fall without any side-effects.  It removes the chronicity of the problem so that hair fall does not recur again.  It promotes the overall health of the patient. Homeopathic treatment for hair loss is a whole body approach, which is safe and gentle and eradicates the problem of hair fall from the roots. It not only prevents and treats hair fall, but also give you healthy and thick hair.
Visit website: Hair Loss 2020 >>
Homeopathic Remedies and Hair Loss Symptoms: Here are some popular and useful homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic doctors use them according to their symptoms.

01. Phosphoricum Acidum (Acid Phos):- Use Acid Phos when you find the following symptoms-Any sort of pain for hair loss, early graying of hair, takes tension simply, very old effects of mental distress, hard understanding of things, desire juicy things, 

02. Silica:- Silica is very common remedy for hair loss. Its symptoms are-Frontal and forehead hair loss, young people baldness, premature graying of the hair,anxious,gentle types, nervous disposition, fixed ideas, highly sensitive, cold with extremely clammy chilly palms. 

03. Phosphorus:- There are many hair loss symptoms of Phosphorus. Some of them are - Dandruff, rregular baldness, hair dryness, itchy scalp, while combing then hair loss, alopecia aerata, lean figure, high cheek bones, scurvy, long fingers, very sympathetic persons, frontal hairlessness, hair loss after the hemorrhagic disorder, better in company, weakness with the excess emotional vulnerability, frightened when alone. 

04. Mezereum:- We alos use Mezereum as a homeopathic remedy for hair loss. its symptoms are - Skin rashes, fall in handfuls, hair sticks together, dandruff, prickly scalp, psoriasis touching scalp leading to the hair loss, eruptions, crispy eruptions on scalp leading to hair loss, sensitive to cold air.

05. Fluoric acid (Acid Flour):- Every homeopath apply Acid Flour to an unmarried person for his hair loss problem. Its symptoms are - Idiopathic hair loss, alopecia, easily broken hair, vertex hairlessness, alopecia aerata, hair tangles simply, hair falls in spots, floating feelings towards life, complaints provoked by warmness and better by chilly application etc, tremendous anger and irritability, 

06. Sepia:- Sepia is a popular homeopathic remedy for some women diseases. But it is also used to treat hair loss problem. The symptoms of Sepia are - Hair loss menopausal, hair pains due to sensitive hair roots, hair pains when touched, pimply eruptions near the hairline on the forehead area, hair fall after delivery of the child with the psychological stress, Irritability increased, with irritable outlook. 

07. Graphites:- Sometimes Graphites gives good result to treat hair loss disease. Its symptoms are also different and these are Unreliable hairlessness, hair fall on sides, itchy, sticky eruptions on scalp that release fetid smell, constipation related to the hair falling, menopausal hair loss, cold, fat patient with affinity to increase the other skin problems. 

08. Natrum Mur:- Hair fall starts during and after pregnancy is the only one symptom of Natrum Mur. 

09. Borax:- Borax is used for the hair loss of children. Hair loss in children, tangled and sticky hair are the symptoms of Borax.

Homeopathic treatment involves detailed case taking by a registered homeopathic practitioner. Detailed history of medical problem (hair loss), physical and emotional symptoms is analyzed and evaluated and simulacrum medicine is prescribed that treats the problem of hair loss from its roots thereby preventing recurrence.
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