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Apr 19, 2017

Homeopathic Remedies - High Blood Pressure Hypertension Solution

Homeopathic remedies for high blood pressure: Hypertensive heart disease is a disease of the cardiovascular system and is characterized by increased blood pressure, either continuously or at certain times. To date, hypertension suffers a huge number of people in the world so it could be called the plague of the 21st century.

Causes of hypertension : - There is no clear reason for hypertension have occurred. Allocate a set of circumstances affecting the development of this disease. In the first place stand the stress, because during the excitement going on adrenaline in the blood, so that the pressure rises. If stressful events occur infrequently, then do not worry, they are not for the entail. However, when breakdowns are repeated one by one, vascular spasms become chronic, leading to hypertension.

Another equally important cause of the disease - this is the wrong way of life. This concept is very broad and includes many circumstances, including smoking, alcohol abuse and harmful food and a sedentary lifestyle.

Extremely harmful self-medication, which can also be one of the causes of hypertension. It is not necessary to appoint himself alone any funds, especially chemical, since it will do no good, but only harm. Improper treatment of high blood pressure causes stroke and heart attack, which is much more dangerous than the disease itself.

Symptoms of hypertension: - The initial stage of hypertension often goes unnoticed because of the symptomatic picture bright enough. Patients report dizziness, tinnitus, increased sweating, flushing, black flies in front of the eyes, as well as a small swelling. These symptoms occur only after exercise or after receiving and bracing tonic substances such as coffee and alcohol. After resting the above symptoms disappear, but eventually, hypertension develops, and attacks are becoming more frequent.
Hypertension progresses, if not take over her treatment measures, and new, even more, dangerous symptoms. Begin vascular major systems and organs, including the heart, kidneys, and brain. As a result, the person complains of a significant reduction in quality of life: there is a weakness in the extremities, worsening vision, loss of memory. The saddest outcome of events - disability.

Traditional Treatment of hypertension :- In classical medicine, there are two approaches to the treatment of hypertension. This medication, which is assigned with chemical drugs, and treatment without receiving any means, which means changing lifestyle. Most often, both are used in the reception complex.

First, it is clearly necessary to carry out the patient - is to conduct a correct way of life. No matter how strong was not drugs, whether homeopathic or chemical, in any case, they will not bring the desired effect without a change in lifestyle.

The patient must be observed medical diet aimed at weight loss and the restoration of the metabolism. It is best to have a little, but often the right food. Ideal - completely give up alcohol, or at least reduce its use. No less important to have salted foods and increase the intake of substances such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium. A large number of them are dairy products and vegetables.

Also, doctors recommend to stop smoking and limit intake of coffee. Important exercise, including walking.

Today, there are many chemicals that are used to treat hypertension. However, once I would like to clarify - as such treatment does not occur, the drugs only reduce blood pressure. Causes, sadly, remain and medication over time, are addictive. In essence, they only temporarily reduce the pressure by widening the main vessels. As a result, chemical drugs only alleviate and retard the onset of an attack of the disease. Patients who dream once and for all get rid of the causes of disease, tired of the continuous use of resources and pay attention to homeopathy.

Homeopathy Remedies of hypertension: - If hypertension is accompanied by bleeding from the nose, Aconitum administered in the third decimal, third and sixth dilution. Also, when hypertension is very good Aurum Iodatum in the sixth, twelfth and thirtieth dilution.

Baryta Carbonica assigned in the third, sixth and twelfth dilution in the case when the patient or silent and indifferent to the ambient or slightly overweight and endowed with a suppressed activity (both mental and physical).

Patients suffering from cerebral atherosclerosis and hypertension, barytes iodate administered in the third, sixth and twelfth dilution.

Magnesium phosphoricum in the third decimal, third, sixth and twelfth dilution helps with headaches in hypertensive patients.

When hypertension is accompanied by cervical osteochondrosis and severe pain in the neck,

Plumbum in the third, sixth and twelfth dilution will help in case of hypertension of renal origin.

If hypertension has gone too far, and the patient complains of weakness, memory loss, and a poor ability to work, it is recommended to phosphorus in the third, sixth and twelfth dilution, as well as Kalium phosphoricum in the third, sixth and twelfth dilution.

If hypertension is observed atherosclerotic peripheral arterial disease, you should begin receiving Plumbum metallicum in the sixth, twelfth and thirtieth dilution.

Low, complete and early aging men suffering from hypertension, Calcarea carbonica prescribed in the sixth, twelfth and thirtieth dilution.

These homeopathic remedies as Aurum metallicum in the sixth, twelfth and thirtieth dilution Coffea arabica in the third, the sixth, the twelfth and thirtieth dilution Crataegus a tincture, the third decimal and the third dilution, and Gelsemium in the third decimal, third and sixth dilution good at various types of high blood pressure and are used depending on to which the patient belongs to the constitutional type.

In arterial hypertension prescribed Nux vomica in various dilutions, and in addition, in the third Magnesia phosphorica and third decimal dilutions and Sanguinaria canadensis third decimal, third and sixth dilution.

When hypertension is combined with asthma, should begin receiving homeopathic medicine Viskum albumin in the third decimal, the third and sixth dilution.

Finally, in the case of headaches, heart pain and tinnitus in times of hypertensive crisis prescribed Veratrum Viride in the third decimal and the third dilution.
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5 Home Remedies for Normalizing Blood Pressure Quickly

How to lower blood pressure immediately ? It is a common question. We all want to be healthy and without the aid of medication. How to adjust the pressure of the Galloping? Recipes of traditional medicine, which posted a portal about healthy lifestyles harbor health help deal with the problem of unstable blood pressure. They are all natural, and natural and suitable for people of all ages.

First recipe : - Must be mixed in a small enamel saucepan following ingredients: half a glass rubbed on a fine grater horseradish roots, a glass of fresh juice of beets and carrots, a cup of chopped fresh lemon (zest), and one cup of liquid honey. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients again, then let it brew agent in a warm place under the cover of at least four - six hours. Ready take medication at high pressure one teaspoonful three times a day.

Second recipe : - For the preparation of the next national funds need to mix one cup of chopped fresh lemon pulp with two full glasses of liquid honey and two cups of fresh berries Viburnum. Allow to brew for about two hours in the heat, covered and then pour it into a glass container for storage. Ready means for taking half teaspoon three - four times a day with cold purified water. This tool is used to increase pressure.
Third recipe :- To prepare include means for normalizing the blood pressure necessary to dissolve a large (dining) spoon liquid honey in a glass of mineral water, after which the resulting mixture was added to freshly squeezed lemon juice (to taste). The ready drink should be consumed on an empty stomach one approach. Duration of treatment - from ten to fifteen days. This remedy is good combats insomnia, nervous irritability, and hypertension.

Fourth recipe :- It is necessary to grind fresh cranberry berries with powder, prepared from sugar. Take a ready means for one - two teaspoons for an hour before meals three times a day. This mixture helps for mild hypertension.

Fifth recipe :- Mix these ingredients in a glass container: marsh cudweed - one hundred grams of honey - four full cups, half a liter of high-quality vodka and four cups of beet juice. Pour the mixture into the bottle and let it brew for at least ten days. Take a ready means for hypertension by teaspoonful fifteen minutes before eating.
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Most Effective Natural Juice to Reduce the Pressure

Carrot, Beet and Cucumber juice to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol naturally :- Vegetable juices help cleanse the calcium deposits from vessels, thin the blood and prevent the formation of thrombi.

Cucumber juice :- is a weak solution of mineral components (vitamins A, PP, C, E, B, organic acids, and electrolytes) so it can be used to dilute a concentrated juice. Despite the increased water content of cucumber juice, it has a number of useful features: restore the acid-alkaline balance, maintains the level of electrolytes potassium and magnesium lowers blood pressure (for details, see the article: the benefits and harms of cucumber and useful properties of cucumber juice ).

Carrot juice :- contains the complex of 20 micro- and macro elements necessary for normal body functioning, vitamin B and C, beta-carotene, pectins, organic acids, volatile and flavonoids. Bioflavonoids reinforce vessel walls, preventing thinning, normalizing blood pressure. Flavonoid rutin prevents capillary fragility and improves blood supply to tissues (for details, see the article: the benefits and harms of carrot juice ).

Beet juice :-  contains betaine, folic acid, minerals, electrolytes (potassium, sodium, magnesium), organic acids, vitamins (A, C, PP, vitamins of group B) and pectins. Organic acids vessels purified by dissolving deposits on their walls. Betaine prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels, is essential for lipid metabolism. Beet juice promotes the formation of blood cells and improves blood quality. (Read more in the article: the treatment of beet juice )

Why for medicinal purposes is better to use juice instead of fresh vegetables :- The vegetables can accumulate nitrates, which are part of the fertilizer that the frequent use can cause chronic intoxication. When squeezing vegetable juice retains all the nutrients and beneficial components, and nitrates remain in the cake.

Juice you can drink a lot more than to eat fresh vegetables. The fiber contained in carrots, beets, cucumbers or other vegetables, contributes to the rapid saturation. Together with the juice into the body quickly and easily fed large amounts of vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids and other useful components.

As part of the juice, nutrients are absorbed faster as the digestive system is not overloaded.

Recommendations for the treatment of juice pressure :- The juice is prepared from fresh, not over-ripe vegetables that lay at room temperature for 2-3 hours.

For juicing best auger juicer - the juice obtained with its help retains all the beneficial properties of the vegetable raw material and lasts longer. If you do not have juicers, vegetable grate and strain the juice through cheesecloth.

Apply for medicinal purposes only fresh juices, more than an hour is not recommended to store juice mixture. The juice obtained in the screw juice can be stored for several hours to days. For prolonged storage, the juice is fermented and loses more than half of useful properties.

Recipes juice lowers blood pressure:-
The first recipe :- To take juicing the carrots, celery, spinach, parsley in a ratio of 7: 4: 3: 2 respectively. The resulting mixture was juice to drink up to a liter per day, taking half a glass of a day 20 minutes before a meal. If the detected non-standard reaction to the juice (dizziness, nausea, discomfort in the stomach), the number of the single doses is reduced to a few tablespoons further increase gradually as habituation. receiving a course of one month, and then make a two-week break and continue treatment if the facility has yielded good results.

The second recipe :- Carrot juice, beet, cucumber, and kiwi are mixed in a ratio of 10: 3: 3: 1 and take three tablespoons before meals for 15-20 minutes. Increase the number of a single doses can be up to half a glass unless there is discomfort on the part of the digestive system and dizziness. Take 3-4 times a day.

Most often custom body reactions occur after eating beet juice because it increased the concentration of biologically active substances. Therefore, in order to habituation juicing recommended during the first weeks of treatment to reduce the number of parts beet juice mixture.
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Prevent & Treat High Blood Pressure Naturally with Garlic (Universal Recipe)

Garlic can lower blood pressure :- Normalize blood pressure and prevent blood clots and atherosclerosis plaques help so familiarly to all of the product as garlic. Unlike other popular Home or folk remedies for normalizing the blood pressure, garlic has no effect on the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, but it can prevent oxidation by free radicals. It lipid oxidative degradation products tends to be deposited on the walls of blood vessels, causing the formation of atherosclerosis plaques.

Other beneficial properties of garlic, of which he is an excellent prevention of heart diseases and hypertension, the ability to thin the blood and stimulate the processes of dissolving blood clots. Garlic has anti-caking properties and prevents the formation of blood cells and blood clots.

Garlic should be used with caution if you are taking medications that affect blood clotting. In combination with anticoagulants and drugs garlic may provoke bleeding, however, before using it for the treatment of high pressure, it is necessary to consult with a physician.
Garlic stimulates the nutrition of the heart muscle, normalizes the blood flow in the coronary vessels and slows the development of atherosclerosis. This avoids complications such as an intermittent cerebral blood flow.

With regular use of garlic reduces blood pressure by an average of 7-8% that proves its greater efficiency compared to other folk remedies pressure - mother-wort and hawthorn.

Common questions from people:- 
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Universal Recipe:- Two cloves of garlic cut into thin slices and insist in a glass of water 10-12 hours. In the morning drink the infusion of garlic and freshly cut garlic leaving until the evening. The course of treatment is a month during which the need to drink a glass of water with garlic in the morning and evening daily.
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Magnesium - A key Mineral in the Treatment of Blood Pressure

Magnesium - Key minerals to help control High blood pressure: In 85% of patients with high blood pressure found magnesium deficiency in the body, allowing you to draw conclusions about the increased pressure due to the level of this trace element.

Injection drug magnesia helps to instantly normalize pressure at a severe attack of hypertension. A magnesium is magnesium sulfate. Thus, when magnesium replenishing shortage in the body pressure is lowered and is kept in the normal range. In spite of this magnesium is rarely used for prolonged treatment with high pressure, so it is important to ensure its supply with food.

The balance of electrolytes and magnesium:- Magnesium, calcium, and sodium - a mineral necessary to maintain electrolyte balance in the body. With the shortage of calcium, magnesium and sodium level increases, which provokes the deposition of calcium salts on the walls of the vessel and blood pressure. A blood test for electrolytes in healthy subjects and in patients who have recently suffered a heart attack or stroke shows that the latter electrolyte balance shifted towards sodium and calcium, there is a lack of magnesium. Sodium enters the body, mainly of salt, so people with hypertension is recommended to eat unsalted food, although a more efficient way to stabilize blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease - regularly eat foods rich in magnesium.

Signs of magnesium deficiency in an organism:-
  • High blood pressure;
  • Cardiac arrhythmia, tachycardia;
  • Increased tone of the uterus that triggers severe pain in women during menstruation;
  • Muscle spasms, convulsions;
  • Insomnia and feeling unmotivated fear, anxiety, nervousness and irritability.
Magnesium levels and cardiovascular disease:- Large-scale study based on data from 26 years of observations of nurses conducted in the United States, shows how high the role of magnesium in maintaining a healthy heart and blood vessels. According to the study, the likelihood of sudden death from heart attack or vascular pathologies increases by 37% if a person has experienced a lack of magnesium in the blood serum. In addition, magnesium deficiency leads to the development of cardiovascular disease in healthy people as a whole.

When the magnesium deficiency developing ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, vascular frequency increases pathologies associated with platelet aggregation and the formation of blood clots. Magnesium therapy drugs in the post-myocardial give good results and accelerate the recovery of the health of patients.
Clinical studies of blood on the basis of data from two thousand hospital patients conducted in 7 subjects of the Russian Federation, showed the dependence of a number of human pathologies from magnesium levels. When the magnesium deficiency of heart rate and vascular pathologies increases, there is a series of abnormalities in the nervous system, the digestive tract.

Based on blood samples taken from 100 people diagnosed with vascular dystonia and 30 people without any pathology, it found an association of the disease with a magnesium deficiency. The magnesium content in the blood in the first group of subjects almost straddle the bottom bar standards (average 0.74 mmol / l, when normally 0.7-1.2 mmol / l), and in urine and does mineral was insufficient (average 67.7 against 73-122 mmol / l). This little magnesium in urine output due to the fact that the shortage of the trace element the body is trying by all means to maintain electrolyte balance and reduce its excretion.

Thus, we can conclude that the lack of magnesium provokes not only an increase in pressure, creating the preconditions for the development of high blood pressure, but also can be a cause of vascular dystonia or one of the predisposing factors thereto.

Some common questions from people:-
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Magnesium and cholesterol levels in the blood:- According to another study, it was found out that in the use of blood preparations magnesium increases levels of "good" cholesterol, which contributes to prevention of atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases. Within four months, patients with hypertension gave 2.5 g of magnesium chloride and blood counts were measured by determining the level of cholesterol and blood pressure measuring. Raising high-density lipoprotein + 0,1 ± 0,6 mmol/l was observed in patients treated with magnesium and its lowering at -0.1 ± 0.7 mmol / l - in the control group.

Thus, the magnet has the potential to become part of the non-drug treatment of high blood pressure, since his appointment can only temporarily reduce the pressure, but also to achieve sustainable results, preventing relapse.

According to several dozen clinical studies, magnesium increases the effectiveness of medications that are used in the treatment of hypertension. This can reduce their dosage and reduce the likelihood of side effects from the other systems of the body.

Magnesium in pure form or in combination with salts in a preparation can be administered only under the supervision of a physician, especially as significant result occurs when using higher dosages of 400 mg daily. Nevertheless, it is possible to enrich the diet products that contain magnesium in large quantities to reduce the pressure in the home.

The daily use of these products for a few months can achieve sustainable results.

Magnesium and pressure treatment in pregnant:- The daily magnesium dose for women during pregnancy is 400-500 mg, while generally sufficient to 300 mg/day. Magnesium deficiency during gestation can trigger attacks of hypertension. In the case of high blood pressure in pregnant women, blood analysis shows electrolytes potassium and magnesium deficiency with increased sodium level.

During observations of the women who starting from 25 weeks of pregnancy took 300 mg of magnesium daily it has been found that their blood pressure by an average of 5 mmHg lower than the control group representatives who had not taken medication. According to another study, a group of 150 women who received magnesium, reduced the incidence of pressure increase, the process of pregnancy and birth takes place easier.

What foodstuffs contain magnesium?
Most of the magnesium contained in sea urchins and their eggs - 1016 mg per 100 grams of product. This exotic product is part of many dishes of Oriental and Mediterranean cuisine, while in our latitudes, has not gained popularity.

Among other products containing magnesium in large quantities - rice and wheat bran (780 and 600 mg per 100 g), a watermelon and pumpkin seeds contain 500 mg magnesium. And if watermelon seeds to make up the balance of magnesium to use problematic, then peeled pumpkin seeds can easily eat that will be the daily rate.

Sesame contains 640 mg of magnesium, flax seeds - 400 mg, pine nuts, almonds, and cashews - about 300 mg. Brazil nuts is better not to abuse, as they contain a lot of selenium, and an overdose of the substance causing intoxication.

In tablespoon, cocoa contains 25 mg of magnesium, cocoa consumption as a beverage or in bittersweet chocolate facilitates pressure reduction.

Animal sources of magnesium - cottage cheese, eggs, milk, fish (herring, halibut, tuna), meat (beef, turkey, chicken).
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Medicinal Properties of Oregano - A Unique Plant

Oregano: Health Benefits, Medicinal Uses, Side Effects :- It is commonly found in Russia, oregano grows everywhere on the edges, clearings, among bushes, on the slopes of the hills, but in France and the United States is cultivated oregano. Motherboard (also known as oregano) thrives in any soil as, perhaps, in addition, clay and acid soil. However, not everyone knows what a unique herb - oregano: healing properties of its components will help to heal almost any disease.

It is a herbaceous perennial plant with purple-pink buds completely in vain called oregano, because the fragrance exudes a wonderful grass. Flowering oregano in July and August. At its assembly cut only the top, leaving untouched 20-30 cm stem.

What are the only other "names" is not oregano: zenovka, amulet, motherboard, matserdushka, dushmyanka, pchelolyub, mint timber and even kostolomka and known all over the world spice under the name "Oregano" - is the same as oregano. Motherboard called this herb because it heals female ailments. Tea from oregano incredibly fragrant and delicious, is very similar to thyme, but much nicer and softer.

Used in cooking:- 
  • The upper part of the stem with leaves and flowers are widely used in cooking many countries of the world: fresh and dried oregano added to a variety of dishes, for example, in Belgium and in France it is common to use in mushroom dishes and traditional Italian pizza without oregano loses its taste and flavor .
  • Leaves motherboard so fragrant that they should be added to food only in very small quantities. Oregano has a delicate, bitter-spicy aroma and "burning" taste.
  • Oregano is a required component of aromatic compounds in the manufacture of sausages, pate, offal and other meat products. Oregano perfectly complements the taste of fried, stewed or roasted meat, added to a variety of sauces and gravies.
  • Mushroom dishes, and any baked vegetables become delicious taste it using a motherboard.
  • Filling for pies with meat and cheese will be more flavorful thanks to oregano.
  • Quite often, it is added to the plant pickled vegetables.
  • Oregano is an excellent match with a variety of spices, but his best "friends" - a black pepper, basil, rosemary, marjoram.
  • In Russia country the motherboard has always been used in the preparation of kvass and home-brewed beer - drink it gives no incomparable smell.
  • Dishes with oregano, whether Pickled vegetables and home brew better preserved and sour.
Useful properties of oregano:-
  • doctors have long established the high antibacterial activity of oregano,
  • motherboard has a calming effect on the human nervous system,
  • a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract,
  • anti-inflammatory, choleretic and diuretic effects,
  • motherboard has a strong diaphoretic and expectorant action, and therefore is shown with bronchitis and pneumonia,
  • drugs based on oregano cure neurosis, hysteria, insomnia and even epilepsy,
  • amulet reduces stomach cramps, heals the stomach, liver disease, gallbladder and the duodenum,
  • reduces toothache and removes the inflammation of the gums,
  • oregano cures fungal infections,
  • eliminate eczema, boils and other unpleasant skin ailments,
  • restores healthy structure of subcutaneous fat and thus relieves women of cellulite,
  • It reduces hot flashes during menopause and reduce menstrual pain,
  • eliminates flatulence,
  • It cures worms,
  • It leads to normal elevated pressure.
Grass motherboard comprises 0,12-1,2% of essential oils, which comprises thymol, phenol and free alcohols (geranyl). Also oregano detected tannins and ascorbic acid.

Infusions and decoctions of Oregano:-As an external agent, the infusion of oregano used for wet and dry packs, and aromatic baths. Oregano is used separately, as well as a part of numerous drugs charges.
Outwardly oregano is used in skin rashes and even headaches. When tonsillitis and laryngitis decoction of oregano rinse the throat. Hoarseness treated with herbal decoction motherboard, mixed in equal proportions with milk. When hair loss and baldness broth oregano wash his head.

The recipe of tincture of motherboard is not complicated: two tablespoons of herbs need to pour one cup of boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes. Infusion ingested one tablespoon four or five times a day for fifteen minutes before eating.

The recipe of decoction of oregano, two tablespoons of herbs, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for ten to fifteen minutes. Take the infusion must be in the form of heat for half a cup three or four times a day for fifteen or twenty minutes before a meal.

Natural products for all ills:- Useful properties of oregano have been used in the treatment of the most common ailments of all mankind. Inflammatory diseases of the airways well cured external massage of the throat and chest. treatment technology is simple, as the world: add three to five drops of oil into the motherboard and twenty grams of massage oil. Also, this oil can be used as a means of rubbing with rheumatic pain.

Sore throat and throat diseases can be cured with the help of a rinse decoction of oregano at the rate of two or three drops of oil on a full glass of warm water.

Bronchitis and rhinitis quickly leave you after treatment with inhaled motherboard. For inhalation, fill the container with one liter of boiling water and add two or three drops of oregano oil, then cover your head with a towel or blanket and deeply inhale the healing vapors for three to five minutes. Eyes at the same time should be closed. However, such procedures are contraindicated in women in the first 6 months of pregnancy, and persons suffering from high blood pressure.

Compresses, lotions, bath:- Compresses from broth motherboard cure boils. With a strong toothache, periodontitis and stomatitis marjoram chew. Alternatively, the patient can be applied to the tooth piece of cotton soaked in a special oil of oregano.

A method for preparing the oil as follows: a handful of finely chopped marjoram pour vegetable oil and put in a dark place for 8-10 hours.

Neurodermatitis, infant eczema medicated bath use of motherboard (ratio: 50 grams of marjoram per bucket of water). Powder made from the dried and pulverized motherboard recommended to sniff at a headache and a bad cold.

For muscular pain and colic need to make compresses of oil of oregano. To do this, add three or four drops of oil in half a liter of warm water and then soak this liquid cheesecloth, folded in layers of 6-10 and pribintuyte to the sore spot. This compress is desirable to keep within two hours.

Tea and brew:- To increase lactation is advisable to drink tea from oregano. To do this, mix plain black or green tea with motherboard in equal proportions. Take one glass twice a day.

Recipe for making kvass at home is as follows:

  • water - 10 liters,
  • crackers of black bread - 1 kg
  • compressed yeast - 30g,
  • flour - 50g,
  • infusion of oregano - 1 cup,
  • sugar - to taste
Cooking method:- Pour boiling water crackers and leave for 10-12 hours. After drain and add the starter yeast, flour and 100g of warm water with sugar. The resulting mixture must be set aside in the dark place for fermentation. After a while, add the oregano infusion and again set aside for 2-3 hours, and then pour into bottles, close them and remove the plugs for 10-12 hours in a cool dark place.

And where else is used oregano?
Grass oregano contains pigments - substances capable of dye materials into a darker color. This property found application owners and beauticians. Craftsmen using broth motherboard dyed black natural hair, while cosmetologists use oregano to create the effect of sunburn on the face and human body. To do this, they thoroughly ground freshly stems, leaves and flowers motherboard to puree, and the resulting mass add the olive oil and natural honey.

When the mixture becomes the consistency of sour cream, its special spatula is applied all over the face, and after a fifteen minute wash swab dipped in an alcohol solution. So the original mask giving the skin a tanned appearance and smooth out wrinkles and heal acne on the skin.

Even more popular motherboard in a spa-salons. Scented candles with fragrant oregano impregnated air comfort and tranquility, quickly help you to relax. Oregano added to the water while taking bath perfectly relieves stress.

Hard to believe, but even the oregano added in the production of elite alcoholic beverages such as Burberry Ross and Bianca Vermouth Vermouth Torino.

Even magicians claim that oregano can affect the human senses and arouse interest in the intimate and the potion of the forest mint will help "prisushit" elect.

Contraindications:- Oregano has long been recognized as the cure for all ills, even though it should be used with caution. because you have the following contraindications:
  1. oregano can cause allergies,
  2. people with peptic ulcer disease, as well as those with high acidity, it is necessary to be cautious when administered infusions of oregano,
  3. Men should not get involved in useful properties motherboard, as this may adversely affect the potency,
  4. during pregnancy it is forbidden the use of oregano, as it can cause miscarriage.
The nutritional value:-
  • In 100 grams of oregano contains:
  • proteins - 1.5 g,
  • Fat - 0g,
  • carbohydrates - 5,0g
  • Calorie oregano - 24.8 kcal / 100g
What is it that unique herb oregano: reviews of its effectiveness confirm this statement.
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Feb 19, 2017

Uses of Homeopathic Arnica Montana

You do not think your homeopathic treatment life without Arnica Montana. It is one of the well-known homeopathic remedies all around the world. It is is used as a trauma remedy, a homeopathic medicine for bruising injuries, but its actions are more extensive than that. Many of the homeopathic trials have relied on Arnica’s capability to cure bruising, ignoring the bigger remedy picture and emotional state. James Tyler Kent a famous homeopathic physician of United State of America declared, “It is a wonderful remedy, a misunder­stood remedy, a misused remedy, because it is almost limited to bruises.” Homeopathic Arnica is helpful for a wide range of minor injuries to the bones, muscles and connective tissues of our body. If the symptoms take in bruising or if your injury is aggravated by movement, then Arnica Montana is likely to help.

Arnica for Bruises:- Bruising occurs when blood vessels break and spill blood below the skin. Arnica is the best and most useful homeopathic remedy to cure bruises faster. For deep bruising, you may also want to take Arnica by mouth. Arnica 200, 1M Powers are useful for adult. You can apply this homeopathic remedy to the bruised skin, as a topical gel or cream.

Arnica for Pain:- Arnica is an exceptional homeopathic remedy for supplemental therapy in the first 24-48 hours after an injury. This homeopathic remedy can help relieve the swelling and pain. In the event of an accident or injury, you should first consult with any physician or should go nearby hospital.

Other Injuries that Benefit from Arnica:- Homeopathic Arnica is a nice medicine with benefits for a wide range of injuries and maladies. The list includes back pain, minor arthritis pain, knee pain and muscle aches. Arnica taken in the early stages can relieve pain and speed improvement in all of these cases. You may benefit from consulting an expert homeopathic doctor if your injury is chronic.
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Most Important & Useful Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy is the number one alternative treatment program in the world. You do not get any side effects in any remedies of homeopathy if you take its regular dosages. You can keep some homeopathic remedies at home to use as per your requirement.

Rhus tox:- This homeopathic remedy is most useful for strains and sprains. Its full name is Rhus Toxicodendron. It is often given to patients with the flu or arthritis who experience this similar rusty gate syndrome. It is mainly indicated when a patient experiences a "rusty gate" syndrome, that is, pain on initial motion which is reduced the more the person continues to move. Rhus tox-30, 200, 1M and 10M powers are mostly used.

Arnica:- It is known as the number one remedy for accidents, injuries, shock and bruising. Homeopathic Arnica also helps to decrease pain from injury and to speed the healing process. Patient has a fear of being touched and may say they are "all right" when they clearly are not. Arnica - 30, 200, 1M and 10M powers are mostly used.

Nux-Vomica:- It is the best homeopathic remedy for hangovers and overindulgence in food. Patients are sensitive to light and noise. Nux-Vomica (NV) is a common homeopathic medicine to treat symptoms of overeating or from drinking too much alcohol. People tend to be ambitious, tense, angry and touchy. Nux-Vomica – Q, 200 powers are mostly used.

Pulsatilla:- This homeopathic remedy covers many childhood complaints and should be in every family home. Pulsatilla types are mostly gentle and can be persuaded to change viewpoints simply, like the winds altering the track of the Windflower. Patients are clingy and weepy, are thirst less, tend to have thick yellow-green discharges and feel better when outside. Its children and mothers are usually blond, sympathetic, and blue eyed, easily brought to tears. Pulsatilla - 30, 200, 1M powers are mostly used.

Calendula:- It is a remedy for healing wounds. It mostly used for muscle spasms, fever, cancer, nosebleeds, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, promoting menstruation, treating mouth and throat soreness, wounds.
Apis:- It is homeopathic remedy for bites and stings. Apis helps with redness, swelling and pain. It is widely used for treating various skin disorders. The skin becomes very sensitive to touch. It is mostly use for urticaria, stings and bites which results in the swelling of the skin along with an itchy and burning sensation. 

Ledum:- This homeopathic remedy generally used for puncture wounds, animal and insect bites along with Hypericum, a useful remedy for tetanus. Pain is better from cold application, worse from heat. Ledum is an essential remedy for Lyme disease. Ledum - 30, 200, 1M powers are mostly used.

Aconite:- Aconite is an exceptional homeopathic remedy for sudden illness, coughs, aches, flu, colds, sore throat, fever and chills. It is also useful when illness comes on very unexpectedly. Aconite - 30, 200, 1M powers are mostly used as per symptoms.

Lycopodium:- It is an anti-syphilitic, anti-sycotic and antipsoric homeopathic remedy. Lycopodium sphere is broad and deep. The insecure bully, anxious and lacking in self-confidence, but can be aggressive toward others are its most common symptoms. Worse from 4-8pm are the main symptoms of Lycopodium. Lycopodium - 200, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM powers are mostly used as per symptoms.

Belladonna:- Generally, this homeopathic is prescribed for patients enduring severe pain, inflammation or any infection, especially on the upper part of the respiratory tract. People who require belladonna generally suffer from symptoms like excruciating pain, acute fever, mainly in the head owing to quick blood circulation, dilated pupils and a dry, flushed skin. It is also a nice remedy for headache. But you need to apply it as per its proper symptoms. Belladonna -30, 200, 1M powers are mostly used as per symptoms.

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Feb 18, 2017

Muira Puama – Homeopathic Remedy for Male Functions

Homeopathic remedy Muira Puama uses benefits dosage for testosterone and side effects for men. Muira Puama is a homeopathic remedy which helps to improve male vitality. It serves as a nerve tonic, and increases blood flow to the pelvic region of male. It is also called a nerve tonic for male thought Muira Puama has some other uses and benefits.

Homeopathic Muira Puama helps to regain lost youth of men. It also used for the Stomach upset, Loss of appetite, Sore joints and menstrual disorders of women. Homeopathic remedies are side effects less. No side effects found in the regular dosages.
Benefits of Muira puama in Men:- The benefits of this homeopathic remedy for male functions are listed below.
  • Increase in strength and stamina
  • Shown to support healthy erection
  • Increased libido in men
  • Supports male fertility
  • Supports healthy stress response
  • May aid in depression due to sexual dysfunction
To take Homeopathic Muira Puama improves male vitality you need to discuss your physician. You doctor could suggest you about which power or potency will be best for you according to your symptoms.
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Aug 14, 2016

Cydonia Vulgaris Details & Homeopathic 30c Benefits

Homeopathic Medicine Details & Cydonia Vulgaris 30c Benefits
Cydonia oblonga or Vulgaris is a famous homeopathic remedy and also known as Quince Caucasia in western Asia.  It is the best remedy for the male function. Many homeopaths suggest this natural and safe homeopathic remedy to improve male organ. It has many uses but it show the best result in the prostate area. Its mother tincture and 30c power are the most used all around the world. You can purchase them from any homeopathic big shop.
Cydonia Vulgaris 30c benefits: Cydonia vulgaris actually use for improving the functions of male organ. It is popularly known as a penis enlargement homeopathic remedy. It acts directly in the male prostate gland function and remove all related problems. Infection in the prostate gland is one of the reasons of small penis (below 4.5 inches length). At that time thirtieth (Cydonia-30) potency of this remedy is helpful to remove the problem. It is better to discuss with any physician getting proper result.
Homeopathic medicine cydonia vulgaris 30c benefits
Is Cydonia Vulgaris 30c safe?
At a Cydonia Vulgaris 30C homeopathic dilution, there is almost no chance at all that a single dose of that preparation contains even a single molecule of the original substance, so while I have no specific knowledge of Cydonia Vulgar is whatsoever, it is very hard to see how it could be risky, as any homeopathic remedy at 30C will be nothing but sugar, water or alcohol. Remember every homeopathic remedy is safe but you need to take it after discussing with any expert homeo doctor. Only a homeopathic doctor knows better which potency will best fit for you.
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So we can say Cydonia Vulgaris 30C is absolutely safe but do not take yourself if you do not know the basic rules of homeopathic medical science. If you need to know something please do not hesitate to drop a comment in the box. Thanks
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May 23, 2013

Anacardium as a Brain & Memory Tonic for students

Homeopathic Anacardium for Brain & Memory Functions
Are you a student and preparing for any exam or interview? Anacardium will help you to improve your memory and to keep it fresh. Every ayurvedic institution makes their memory tonic syrup using Anacardium. It is a popular brain tonic remedy. But homeopathic Anacarduium orientale is the best and fruitful to improve memory function. There are many potencies of this remedy. Which is better for students? From the previous experience over thousands of students it has proven that Anacarduium 30 potency is most effective as a brain and memory tonic for school, college and university going students. 200-Potency also gives the same result.

Lack of self-confidence, an anxiety about the future, feeling of inferiority, sudden loss of memory, overexertion and fatigue of the mind are the main mental symptoms of Anacardium. People of every profession can take this homeopathic remedy to improve their memory functions. This is a renowned homeopathic tonic all around the world. It has no side effects and also harmless.

Watch Video: Homeopathic remedies for increasing memory and treating forgetfulness
Homeopathy to increase memory power
Other symptoms of Anacarduium orientale: Here are the core symptoms of Anacarduium orientale.
No For
01 Mind Nervousness, great weakness of memory, Sense of impending misfortune.Very bad-tempered, passionate and opposing.Appealing desire to curse along with swear.Thinks as though he had 2 wills. These are the main symptoms of Anacardium in our mind.
02 Ears Pain in the ear, droning in the ears,ache when biting the teeth in concert.
03 Head Boring pressure as from the plug, weakness of the brains.Burning pain in temples as from the nail
04 Eyes Vision is unclear.On upper border of right orbit boring pressure as with a plug. Narrowing of the pupils.
05 Stomach Eructation, nausea, hiccough, vomiting
06 Mouth Aching vesicles, unpleasant taste of food.Flow of blood of the gums upon the slight rubbing
07 Stool The rectum seems weak. Immense pressing desire for stool. Immobility of rectum.

Actually low confidence is the core symptom of Anacardium. Students suffer this problem before their examination. Kali Phosphoricum has the same action like it. But Anacardium works quickly. It refreshes the brain and increase mental stability. Teenage students can get proper benefits from this homeopathic remedy.
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May 20, 2013

“Suicidal thoughts at night after disappointed love” and other symptoms of Antimonium Crudum

Symptoms of Homeopathic Antimonium Crudum

Antimonium Crudum is a special homeopathic remedy for the mental symptoms though we use it for various problems such as gout, toothache, corns, chicken pox, diarrhea, very painful calluses on feet and hands, several skin and nail states, cracked nails and skin etc. After disappointed love when suicidal thoughts come at night then Antimonium Crudum is one of the standard solutions. According to the homeopathy materia medica we find there are many symptoms of this remedy for our body. Some of them are shown below. Mental and other symptoms of Antimonium Crudum -
Core Symptoms 
Face :- Splits in corners of the mouth, eruption on the eyelids are the symptoms of Antimonium Crudum for face 

Mind  :- Antimonium Crudum has some specific symptoms for mind. Anxieties at night in bed about the future, emotional childishness, suicidal thoughts at night after the disappointed love. person are very sensitive along with closed individual. Romantic thoughts, emotions those give painful experiences, happiness walking in moonlight, emotions in candlelight and the moonlight, very sensitive to touch, weeping and fantasies, sensation music, poems are very common symptoms. 

Mouth :- Pappy taste, cracks in the corners of mouth, milky tongue, the tongue coated thick white color, tongue is as like as snow, canker sores are the symptoms for mouth. 

Eyes :- Eyes are red, inflamed eyes lids, pustules on margins, conjunctivitis 
Stomach :- Diarrhea problem from sour food and the drinks. Antimonium Crudum also shows desire for acids, nausea, sigestive problems, vomiting, wish for pickles, eructation tasting of the ingest, totally loss of appetite 

Stool :- For stool we get some symptoms of Antimonium Crudum. These are: flatulent stools, very common is diarrhea, mucous piles, Especially in old people constipation is common. Continued oozing of the mucus. Diarrhea after acids and the sour wine 

Male Organs :- Impotency with atrophied testes, atrophy of testicles and penis, eruption on scrotum are the symptoms for male organs of Antimonium Crudum 

Female Organs :- Symptoms of Antimonium Crudum for female are given below: 
Sexual desire increased, excited, suppressed menses, bearing down sense of uterus, leucorrhoea watery, menses profuse and too early, menses suppressed from the cold bathing 

Skin  :-Eczema problem with the gastric derangements, dry and cracked skin, itching when warm in the bed, sensitive to cold bathing, urticaria, dry gangrene are the symptoms of Antimonium Crudum for skin 

Better for :- At the time of rest and in the fresh air 

Worse for :- Cold foods, touch, extremely hot, cold are responsible for worse of the problems.  

Suicidal thoughts at night after disappointed love:- From Homeopathic Materia Medica we get some interesting symptoms for some remedies. Antimonium Crudum is one to them. In our society we see some common incidents. But for the lack of proper knowledge we cannot tackle those situations. Even you may be observed some odd condition in your friends or family members. 

A suicidal thought at night especially after disappointed love is one of the very interesting symptoms of Antimonium Crudum. If any homeopath treats with proper potency of this remedy he must be astonished to see the result of Antimonium Crudum. It changes the mental condition of affected persons.
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May 10, 2013

Common symptoms of Aconitum Napellus

The symptoms of Aconitum Napellus do not last long. Actually it is a short-acting homeopathic remedy. It is a nice solution for sudden illness, coughs, aches, flu, colds, chills, fever and sore throat. Aconitum Napellus is also used for the eye inflammation due to any kind of injury. Generally it is used to treat the illness that comes on suddenly and severely. Aconitum Napellus shows different types of symptoms in the body.
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Nov 16, 2012

Symptoms of Ammonium Causticum Homeopathic Remedy

Signs and symptoms of Ammonium Causticum
Ammonium Causticum is a cardiac stimulant and it also reduces the severe blood pressure. The edema as well as ulceration of mucous membranes created by this highly effective medicine are actually applied as driving signs and symptoms with regard to its use; therefore in membranous croup along with burning in esophagus.
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Nov 14, 2012

Homeopathic remedies for Piles/Hemorrhoids

Homeopathy and Piles/Hemorrhoids
Inadequate exercise, overeating and Constipation contribute to the piles or hemorrhoids problems. It is the troublesome varicose veins in the anal as well as the rectal region of the body. This problem lead to severe pain, protrusion and bleeding after the bowel movements. Piles can be occurring at any age. The science of homeopathy contribute to reduce the disease of hemorrhoids or piles. Here are some successful remedies for the piles treatment. we have given appropriate potencies which are more effective and work quickly than others.
To reduce the primary condition of piles problem Thuja Occidentalis and Calcarea Fluorica are most successful remedies. Most the patients of piles  suffer from constipation. To decrease the trouble of piles it is very essential to remove constipation. The high potency of Alumina and Graphites are applied for that. If bloods are seen mix with stool then Milllefolium and Hamamelis are the perfect solution. AEsculus hip, Collinsonia and Ratanhia are also use to reduce other symptoms of piles.

The action of homeopathic remedies depends on their suitable potencies. One remedy can be used for various diseases. Potency is the main factor. In the old stage of Piles/Hemorrhoids we need to apply high potency (1M - 50M). But if you want to use Milllefolium and Hamamelis then mother tincture is the best selection. Mother tinctures of these remedies give prompt result. 

Anybody can use the mentioned remedies according to his/her symptoms. We use these according to the best symptoms of the patients. You should contact with an experienced homeopath before taking homeopathic remedies. But if you know the basic rules of homeopathy then it is better for you. Or you can Contact Us if you live in Bangladesh.
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Oct 31, 2012

Ashwagandha-The Indian Ginseng as a Nerve Tonic

You may hear the name of the "Ginseng". It is a powerful tonic which can supply energy to our body quickly. Homeopathic tonic remedy Ashwagandha is same as Ginseng. It is popularly known as Indian Ginseng. What is its main benefits and using process? I am going to mention these. Ashwagandha is the Indian ginseng which is widely use to improve our muscles & nervous. This homeopathic remedy has extraordinary power to stop PE during the  intercourse time. It is also known as Withania somnifera.It is recognized as Indian Ginseng because it works in our whole body system as like as Ginseng.

It is popular tonic of nervous system as well as muscles. Homeopathic mother tincture of Ashwagandha has most helpful antioxidant properties that pull down free radicals related in aging and also some serious diseases. Ashwagandha helps to reduces hypertension, diabetes and arthritis. It is a perfect sex tonic to improve sexual function both for male and female. It removes the problems of chronic stress debility and low sperm count of male. This remedy helps to supply appropriate nourishment to the muscle and bone. 

Ashwagandha maintain strong immune system function. It is also a world famed tonic for achy, tired, and overworked intellectual person such as lowers, doctors, and teachers. Homeopathic Ashwagandha helps to build a strong defense against all unsafe factors.This remedy supports a relaxing sleep also. Persons who are troubled with mental and physical strain, poor diet and lack of sleep, Ashwagandha is the perfect solution to reduce these problems. Core Benefits and uses of nerve tonic-Ashwagandha
  • It improves our memory
  • Helps to keep free from anxiety
  • Improves mental ability
  • Helps to increase sperm count
  • Improves the quality of sperms
  • Works as a powerful immune booster
  • Makes strong male sexual organ
  • Helps to stop premature ejaculation
  • Gives nice results in the problem of leucorrhoea
  • Helps in relieving from the feel of burning feeling in extremities
  • Helps in gaining retaining power of the body
  • Minimizes Fatigue 
  • Helps with GI disorders 
  • Boosts the immune system 
  • Utilized for Cancer remedies 
  • Helps with Diabetes 
  • Anti-tumor properties 
  • Lessens pressure 
  • Decreases Epilepsy symptoms 
  • Increases performance of your physiology of the body
  • Improves mental awareness 
  • Works as a sexual stimulant 
  • Helps in providing nourishment to our brain function
Ashwagandha has no side effects. Anybody who are suffering low sperm density, nerve and premature ejaculation problem he can use it without any hesitation as a tonic remedy. Many Ayurvedic company started to make their brand medicine using Ashwagandha for its nice qualities. But homeopathic mother tincture  is most effective, safe and powerful.
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Aug 22, 2012

Aethusa cynapium:Symptoms and uses

In all fatal cases of diarrhea and vomiting Aehusa helps to remove the critical condition as like as an angel. Especially it works better for children. You may not find such kinds of homeopathic medicines like it which can show its prompt action in those serious cases. We apply Aehusa in the condition when the symptoms of disease come very suddenly in hot and warm weather. Here is a short briefing about Aehusa.
Homeopathic Aethusa Cynapium
Core Symptoms
Heart and Pulse
Imperceptible, Irregular, Violent palpitation of the heart, Pulse full and rapid hard and rapid, Pulse also frequent and small are the symptoms of Aethusa cynapium for Heart and Pulse
Confusion is main symptom of Aethusa cynapium for Mind. Other symptoms are - Incapability to think Immense agitation and nervousness, Followed by violent pains in head and abdomen, Awful humor, Tetchiness, Delirium; sees dogs and cats, Tries to bound out of the window.
03 Mouth Distasteful, wet tongue, taste is bitter, Apathies in mouth in addition to the throat.
04 Head Brain suffers bound up, Head confused, Dizziness along with drowsiness, Incapability to hold the head erect, Upsetting pains in the nape of neck, Feeling as if the sides of the head were in a vise are the main symptoms of Aethusa cynapium for head
05 Face
For Aethusa cynapium face shows the following symptoms - A drawn state, Start at the alae nasi, extending to the corner of the mouth, giving the face an appearance of immense nervousness
06 Eyes Responsive weight, dilated pupils, eyes prominent & luminous, scrofulous ophthalmic, The edges of lids inflamed along with agglutinated at the night time are symptoms of Aethusa cynapium for eyes.
Neck & Back
Stressful pain in occiput and nape of neck, Pain in the extending down the backbone
08 Stool Diarrhea is main symptom, stools greenish or bright-yellow color, stools also slimy, watery, most obstinate constipation.
09 Stomach Aethusa cynapium shows some common symptoms for stomach. These are - Painful contraction of stomach, Severe as to stop the vomiting, Violent nausea and vomiting of curdled milk as well as tasteless material intolerance of the milk, it is effectively turned out almost as soon as swallowed,Weakness causes sleepiness

How to use Aethusa cynapium:- Before applying Aethusa you should observe the patient's physical condition very carefully. I have mentioned above that it is especially for children. You may see the child has the appearance as if it were dying, light or pale face, the eyes are sunken, a ashen-blue pallor around the lips, and there is a depressed situation around the nose side. These are some specifics symptoms which are physically seen. But there are some special signs of Aethusa such as vomiting. If you can give proper treatment under close observation then it is become very easy to remove all fatal symptoms of Aethusa.
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Aug 20, 2012

Uses and symptoms of Allium cepa

Most common but valuable name is Allium cepa in the homeopathic materia medica. It has some specific symptoms in our body. It is made directly from the red onion. Onion leads to the eye area and nasal to drinking water, which is applied according to the rules of homeopathy to manage conditions result in the identical effect within your body for instance colds in addition to flu. Anxiety, fear of pain, and dullness of mind are not uncommon in individuals who respond well to Allium cepa, but there are no marked emotional symptoms indicative of the remedy. Main symptoms and uses of Allium cepa
Core Symptoms
01 HeadacheBoring pain mostly in the forehead area are the main symptom of Allium cepa  for headache.
02 Allergies Internal ear infections, Upper-respiratory infections, Allergies when they have a leaning to go into the eyes causing the watery eyes, Hay fever are allergy related symptoms of Allium cepa.
03 Cough From inhaling chilly air and environment, painful and tearing feeling, grasps throat are the symptoms for cough.
04 Cold Symptoms of Allium cepa for clod are - Spring colds, discharge is acidic, nostrils and upper lip become sore & red, bland release from eyes, excess mucous from the nose, burning surrounding skin.
05 Hay Fever Excess mucous, burning, plentiful watery release from nose and eyes.
06 Sore Throat Burning and smarting sensation are the symptoms of Allium cepa for throat.
07 Laryngitis
Beginning laryngitis and Hoarseness
Core uses of Allium cepa:-Allium cepa is needed mainly with the treatment of coughs along the common cold seen as bountiful, watering catarrh in which leaves your skin layer annoyed in addition to uncomfortable. Indications generally build pursuing exposure to cold temperatures and soaked winds. They could be related to existent temperature, particularly when together with sensitivity for the fragrance of flowers. Allium cepa gets its popularity just for cold problem in some specific symptoms.
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Aug 15, 2012

Alfalfa as a powerful tonic

If any homeopath wants to refer a tonic medicine then the name of the 'Alfalfa' will come first. This remedy has the ability to work in the both side of our body. So it is called the source of physical and mental energy. Alfalfa helps to recover back the loss of the body strength. It also helps in promoting nourishing our body cells and tissues. It is a renowned tonic all around the world. Many herbal companies use this remedy to make their own product. In homeopathy we use the mother tincture of Alfalfa.

Nerve:- Alfalfa is popularly use as a nerve tonic. It makes our nerve strong and gives instant energy all of our body. But it works in our full body function such as: heart, kidney, blood, liver etc. For this reason we feel more energetic after taking Alfalfa.

Dropsy:- Alfalfa works fruitfully in the handling of the inflammation of dropsy and bladder. It has great contribution to keep our kidneys normal.

Stomach disorders:- Now problems in stomach are a common to all. If we take Alfalfa in the early of the year, then our stomach will run normally in the whole year. It also refreshes the appetite and makes a nice morning drink. You can take it as juice also.

For heart problem:- We use Alfalfa as juice. But homeopathic mother tincture of this remedy helps you to keep safe from several heart diseases.

Respiratory disorders:- This remedy is a rich source of chlorophyll which is very useful in respiratory discomforts. Especially it refreshes our lungs and sinuses.

High blood pressure:- High blood pressure a boring disease. Alfalfa is a fruitful remedy to keep control this problem. It has suitable elements essential for softening of the hardened arteries, which characterize the high blood pressure.

Hair disorders:- Alfalfa is a mixture of lettuce and carrot. They have a nice contribution in the hair growth. So if we take alfalfa every day it will help to remove some problem of  hair.
--Video: Alfalfa Overview--
I have mentioned here some of the benefits of Alfalfa. It is also a great source of vitamin B and it is a world famed health tonic and no side effects.
Indications to use: 
  1. Intended for stress, tension conditions specifically men and women over-stressed and overstretched in the present upset corporate jungle regarding survival. 
  2. For those who have erectile debility, early ejaculation as well as neurasthenia. 
  3. Throughout convalescent levels of throwing up, following viral ailment as well as following weak spot with intense as well as serious diarrhea claims. 
  4. Expectant women in addition to lactating mums. 
  5. For student who are engaged with hard work. 
  6. Individuals by using basic debility, weakness, emaciation, loss of appetite, very poor slower or maybe retarded advancement. 
  7. Restlessness, fatigue through be concerned, tensions and also overwork.
Uses: Homeopathic mother tincture(Q).
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Alfalfa Tonic is the perfect products appropriate for the old aged people. This tonic will help the people who have mislaid strength as well as think vulnerable and also exhausted as a result of lack of strength. Homeopathic Alfalfa Tonic helps you to enhance the vitality and gives people more energy to recover the ordinary working in the body parts. Alfalfa tonic is definitely a great product which delivers power to the extremities as well as other muscle tissue on the body for them to conduct the operate harmoniously collectively. 
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Symptoms and uses of Ailanthus glandulosa

Ailanthus glandulosa are uses in the low level zymotic forms of illness. This homeopathic remedy can show the particular symptom in the skin. It has ability to disorganize the blood cells. When anybody attacked by blood poisoning, scarlet fever or diphtheria then we see some colorful spot of his body. A brief description of Ailanthus glandulosa along with its symptoms is given below.
Main symptoms and uses of Ailanthus glandulosa
01. Throat:- Ailanthus glandulosa shows various symptoms for Throat which are:- Dried throat, throat inflammation, dryness of tongue, throat redness of throat, pain in the throat while swallowing any food, scraping and scratched, heaviness of voice, throat swelling, feeling suffocation, dirtiness of teeth

02. Skin Diseases:- Body ecchymosed, feeling of face warmness, dirtiness of teeth, blueness and swelling of the throat, weakness of nerve, chilliness of several part of the body are the symptoms of skin disease for the Ailanthus glandulosa

03. Sleep:- Restlessness, insomnia, body idleness, getting up soon while sleeping

04. Head:- Sighing due to the sleeplessness, unhappiness and fantasy are common symptoms of Ailanthus glandulosa. its other symptoms are - passive congestive headaches, mental disordering along with the headache, feeling of disorder eyes, tears is rolling down from the eyes

05. Tonsils:- Very painful and dusky reddish colored, Edematous, significantly inflammation, scraping, choking emotion.

06. Diarrhea:- Weakness of body with dysentery is a well known symptom of Ailanthus glandulo

Uses of Ailanthus glandulosa:- It is not a very common remedy. We use the alternative remedies instead of Ailanthus glandulosa. This remedy is primarily proper from the lower zymotic kinds of sickness, like find throughout diphtheria along with scarlet throwing up, with blood vessels harming along with characteristic typhoid especially those conditions which might be seen as a capillary over-crowding throughout blotches, crimson mottled destinations. But the symptoms of Ailanthus glandulosa are very simple to understand.
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