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May 13, 2017

Sun Allergy (Photosensitivity) - Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, Home Remedies

Sunlight - a real benefit for the all. The sun not only warms us but also stimulates the synthesis of one of the most important biologically active substances - of vitamin D, activates the metabolism, strengthens the immune system and improves mood.

However, sun does not brings joy for everyone - there are people who, even after a short stay under the sun begins full-fledged allergic reaction on the skin with the appropriate manifestations: rash, itching, swelling, and redness.

Allergy to the sun, or, as they prefer to call her doctors photodermatosis (in some books, you can also come across the name foto dermatic) is a disease which is based on increased skin sensitivity to sunlight. The disease is quite common: they are, in a more or less pronounced degree, suffers every fifth inhabitant of our planet. Already with the first rays of spring sun exacerbated the disease, and sometimes does not abate until late autumn.
Modern man, educated and erudite, but far from medicine, often asks, "Does it happen on the sun allergy?" Of course, the sun allergy inherently allergy is not: the sunlight does not contain protein and can be an allergen in the forward sense of the word. No allergic to ultraviolet light in a direct sense. However, reacts with certain substances in the skin thickness (photodermatosis endogenous) or on its surface (an exogenous photodermatosis), ultraviolet rays can provoke skin reactions such allergic.

Cosmetics can be dangerous!

Often sun allergy occurs when using a variety of cosmetics - creams, deodorants, eau de toilette, lotions, sunscreens and even ointments for sunburn! The reason skin reaction - in certain chemical compounds that are part of such agents and react with ultraviolet sunlight. These include not only phenol, mercury compounds, para-aminobenzoic, salicylic acid and boric acid, but also very attractive at first glance, natural ingredients: juices dill and parsley, essential oils of rose, sandalwood, hypericum, bergamot, musk, derivatives of vitamin A and fatty acids.

Food provocateur sun allergy

Exogenous cause sun allergy may be eating foods with a photosensitizing effect. In particular, these products include all citrus fruits, so do not eat before going to the beach or while resting on it orange, tangerine, lemon tea. Strong photosensitizer - St. John's wort herb, have a photosensitizing action of alcoholic beverages, figs, jam from rose petals, spicy seasonings, foods with a high content of food additives (flavor enhancers, colorants, stabilizers, etc.)

Remedies that are not compatible with the sun

May become the cause of photodermatitis and some drugs: tetracycline antibiotics, sulfonamides, heart medications, certain NSAIDs (including aspirin!), Diuretics, barbiturates, antidepressants, cytostatics, drugs against allergies and oral contraceptives.

Many cosmetic manipulations (peeling, peeling) break the skin barrier and can also become a cause photodermatitis. Similar effects have tattoos and tattooing. After deep cosmetic surgery or visiting tattoo parlors need to protect the skin from sunlight as long as it does not recover fully, so often cosmetologists, dermatologists and tattooist recommend customers to move manipulation, coupled with deep intervention into the skin on malosolnechnye months .

Allergy to the sun and the pool :- Often the cause of exogenous photodermatitis becomes a swim in the outdoor pool - a popular entertainment that is available in many hotels, even located on the sea coast. Indeed, in the pool water is cleaned, quiet and has a shallow place where it is safe to splash even the youngest travelers, but we must remember that in the closed reservoir water will inevitably have to be decontaminated - to this end, use cheap and effective bleach or other, more expensive, but no less dangerous chemicals, which, even in minimal quantities, but are deposited on the skin of swimmers. People prone to sun allergies, they can also react with ultraviolet light and provoke fotodermatit.

The endogenous (internal) photodermatosis 

Reason endogenous allergy to the sun lies in the various violations of the general metabolism and the immune system. These cause many chronic diseases of the liver, colon, endocrine glands, systemic connective tissue disease, the blood disease. Fotodermatit may even provoke a lack of certain vitamins.

Who gets photodermatitis?

People, because of the nature of the skin structure or lifestyle is prone to allergies to the sun, are at risk of photodermatosis, they need to be particularly attentive to their condition, avoid sunlight, responsible approach to the selection of sunscreen.

The risk factor includes 

Young children: they have not yet sufficiently mature body's defense mechanisms, and the skin is thin, tender and vulnerable, are allergic to the sun in a child - a frequent phenomenon;

during pregnancy: hormonal changes that occur in the body of the future mother, become a cause of increased sensitivity to UV light, which is manifested spots and often - photodermatitis;

people who frequent tanning bed - in the artificial tanning of the skin ultraviolet radiation is much stronger;

frequent customers tattoo studios - tattooing and tattoo often used cadmium-containing paints, which differ powerful photosensitizing effect.

Symptoms of photodermatosis

How does an allergy to the sun? The intensity of the symptoms and the rate of their occurrence can be different and depend on the individual, people with high sensitivity to sunlight may feel discomfort in the very first minutes of exposure to the sun. In people with decreased sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet photodermatitis first manifestations occur after a longer period of from 18 hours to three days.
The main symptoms of allergies to the sun the following:
  • redness on exposed skin;
  • peeling - usually the face and décolleté, at least - the hands and feet;
  • rashes on the skin as hives;
  • the appearance of spots on the skin of different sizes - from small dots that resemble freckles to large spots;
  • intolerable itching, burning;
  • swelling of affected areas;
  • the appearance of pustules, if the infection has entered into the scratches.
Just as it looks fotodermatit manifest and sunburn, but sunburn arises from the exposed skin overheating, there is no rash, burning sensation at first, and itching - later, a few days later, when burnt skin starts to peel off. Visual symptoms of allergy to the sun can be seen in the photo.

Remedies and prevention photodermatitis

At the first manifestations of allergy to the sun, you need to go into the shade or go into the room. Of course, it is recommended as soon as possible to see a doctor who knows for sure how to treat photodermatosis, but if this is not possible, the discomfort can be alleviated with the help of proven folk remedies.

First aid for fotodermatit :- A skin lesion can be applied fresh cabbage leaves, lubricate the skin juice of aloe, cucumber, or watermelon. Well relieves itching and pain of apple cider vinegar and honey skin lubrication helps to prevent painful blisters. Exhibit excellent analgesic effect compresses the chilled strong tea leaves. Cold marigold decoctions series and possess anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic effect.

Among pharmacy first aid is to provide a nicotinic acid (vitamin PP), phenomenon effectively removes calcium chloride - classical antiallergic agent; methyluracyl and zinc ointment.

Remedies photodermatitis :- Sun Allergy - a sign of a serious malfunction of the immune system, so effective treatment of allergy to the sun means primarily an in-depth examination and consultation of several doctors: dermatologist, allergist, physician generalists, sometimes - an endocrinologist and immunologist. After questioning and survey experts can identify the factors and assumptions trigger the beginning of a pathological reaction to sunlight. Based on the reasons for the doctor prescribes, than to treat sun allergies - treatment program is always built individually. 

Usually, the doctor prescribes an ointment from allergies to the sun, which helps to quickly relieve unpleasant symptoms, accelerates the recovery of damaged skin and ensures its protection. Often required and tablets from an allergy to the sun, which will help to suppress the abnormal immune response. In addition to specific drugs can be assigned physiotherapeutic procedures, massage, reflexology. When properly selected treatment photodermatitis unpleasant symptoms disappear quickly, but that does not mean that as soon as there will come relief treatment can be interrupted. The lasting effect will bring a regular treatment and prevention courses, not only in acute but also in winter.

Prevention of  photodermatitis (Sun Allergy)

  • The skin should be protected from sunlight clothing (preferably of natural fabrics light) and face - wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.
  • Going out into the street, try to stay in the shade, sunbathing only a tent, try not to be on the street in the pre- and afternoon hours when the sun is particularly active.
  • Eat more foods rich in calcium - it weakens allergic reactions, do not forget about the live fermented milk products, as is often fotodermatit - this is one of the manifestations of intestinal dysbiosis.
  • Women at risk for photodermatosis, it is undesirable to do a hydrating mask for the face based on strawberries, tomatoes, and currants.
  • In the summer you need to use sunscreen, and for those who are already faced with photodermatitis, as well as representatives of vulnerable groups - Caucasians, infants, young children, such protection factor should be at least 50. Apply sunscreen needed 20 minutes before how to get out in the sun.
  • After bathing it is necessary to wipe it dry, and relax in the shade: the water droplets as lenses refract the sun's rays, causing burning and increased sensitivity of the skin to the sun.
Sun Allergy or Photosensitivity is extremely unpleasant phenomenon, but with proper diagnosis and treatment, responsible observance preventive measures very soon manage to overcome this problem and forget about it.

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Cold Allergy - Types, Symptoms, Prevention, Home Remedies

Cold Allergy generally known as  the allergic reactions to the open areas of the body (face, hands and so on. P.), Appearing after a stay at a low temperature. This kind of discomfort experienced by about 30% of people. Pathology is observed in all age groups but mainly makes itself felt after 20-30 years. Women are more vulnerable than men. Activation of diseases naturally occurs in winter, during the freezing air temperatures, but suffer from the cold and actions can be summer.

What factors trigger the disease?

As is known to counteract allergens body produces biologically active substances - mediators, particularly histamine. Forming in a large amount, it causes histamine typical allergic reactions (vasodilatation, skin redness, and others.). With respect to the stimulus in the form of cold, some experts believe that histamine generates monstrosity (cells located in the skin), others associated with activation of histamine generation cryoglobulins proteins.

Different people have an allergy to cold occurs at different temperatures. One wash with cold water sufficiently, others similar reaction occurs at a temperature below -28 ° C. In most cold allergy manifested starting with temperature -4,4 ° C and lower. Development of the disease and contributes to strong wind moist air. Sometimes disease symptoms are felt only when the man with the cold gets into heat.
In addition to cold air may cause allergy such a draft, a sharp change in air temperature in downward contact with cold water, cold bed cold food (int. H. Cream) and drink etc. Increased sensitivity to cold is formed in a weakened immunity. Symptoms of cold allergy, so signal a health problem.

The body's defenses break down a variety of factors. Leading among them are illnesses - colds, infections (especially measles, mycoplasma pneumonia, mumps, rubella, infectious mononucleosis), chronic diseases of the nasopharynx (tonsillitis, sinusitis, sinusitis). The immune system is weakened by the diseased liver, kidneys, pancreas, thyroid gland, disorders of the digestive system (cholecystitis, chronic gastritis, ulcers), intestinal dysbiosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, a blood cancer, inflammation of the reproductive organs in women. Cold allergy develops in the cavities, the introduction into the body helminths (worms).

For the birth of the disease has a long-term use of antibiotics, muscle relaxants, opioids, ACE inhibitors. Favor the development of the disease a number of polysaccharides, contrast agents for X-rays, ultraviolet rays, exercise, foods that stimulate the release of histamine (fish, tomatoes, egg white, strawberry, chocolate).

Cold allergy often faced by people who have a similar problem faced relatives, as well as patients suffering from other types of allergies (pollen and house dust, atopic dermatitis). Children cold allergy in most cases is the next stage of a food allergy.

Local allergic reaction

Symptomatology of allergy to the cold develops in a certain sequence. In adults, primarily affects the hands. Just a few minutes after exposure to cold, they become dry and stiffen, scratching, covered by a dense punctate rash. Its color can be whitish, pale pink, bright red. Points tend to merge into patches up to 10-15 cm in diameter. The affected area may also cover areas that are not cold worked.

For women, in addition to the hands, legs suffer poorly insulated - the area behind the knees and inner thighs. In children rash and redness, usually localized on the face (cheeks, chin, around the nose and lips). Within half an hour after the appearance of the rash on reddened areas being felt burning and itching, sometimes peeling. These effects are caused by the action of histamine on nerve endings.

Furthermore, rashes appear on the skin are round, pale red blisters clear liquid inside. Their diameter is in the range 1-20 cm. These formations also expand and merge and create discomfort in the form of burning and itching.

The warmth in the cold spasm vessels begins to grow gradually and after half an hour and a rash and blisters disappear, leaving no trace. But sometimes a rash and swelling kept a week or even longer. Cold allergy can bother a few weeks, a few months, the entire cold season, or even many years.

Systemic allergic reaction

Local allergy can be transformed into the systemic (whole body infestation). In this case, it required medical assistance.

In the system embodiment generally lying body temperature - up to 37,5 ° C. Frequent jumps to 39-40 ° C. General weakness, muscle aches, headache, chills. Eyes turn red, itchy, the skin around them become swollen, watery eyes worried. Often joins cutting pain in the eyes, increasing in bright daylight. Because of mucosal lesions appear nasal itching and nasal mucosa, sneezing, runny nose long, throat tickle. As a consequence, difficulty breathing.

With further progression of disease occurs angioedema. Swollen cheeks, lips, tongue, sinuses, eyelids, mucous membranes. Swelling dense, and therefore, after pressing a finger leaves no traces. Distribution of edema on the neck is fraught with narrowing of the airways, followed by oxygen starvation.

Swelling of the mucous membrane of the larynx provoking a hoarse voice and a barking cough. In a worst case develops dyspnea inspiratory - difficult to inhale air. Covering bronchi, swelling causes bronchospasm. Edema can go and on the lungs, which is the life-threatening condition.

Increasing shortness of breath and the accompanying lack of oxygen in tissues causing skin and mucous membranes cyanosis. Salvo releases histamine and related compounds reduce blood pressure, which in turn provokes nausea, dizziness, tinnitus. When the oxygen starvation of the brain becomes the acute loss of consciousness occurs.

If the blood pressure is reduced to zero, there comes an anaphylactic shock. In agonizing state manifested convulsions, the involuntary exit of feces and urine. Though very rare, but sometimes fatal. To rescue an unconscious patient requires resuscitation.

Types of cold allergy

The most common form of allergy to the cold - cold urticaria, dubbed by manifestations resembling nettle burns (swelling, blisters). Urticaria that appears every cold season is called recurrent. Rash, the limited contact area with the cold - reflex urticaria. If the disease is inherited, it is called familial cold urticaria. This kind of allergy is shown suspended in 0.5-3 hours, the symptoms often appear only in a day - and a half.

If redness and blisters are accompanied by peeling, itching, which can lead to skin damage, dealing with dermatitis Kholodov. Cold erythema characterized by severe pain in the reddened areas.

Prolonged pain in the eyes, intense tearing, periocular swelling - symptoms of cold conjunctivitis. Abundant cold, disappearing in a warm room - evidence of cold rhinitis. Swelling of the throat and shortness of breath until bronchospasm - cold asthma. Typical for asthmatics and individuals who are prone to pneumonia.

Diseases with similar symptoms

Several cold allergy symptoms similar to the symptoms of colds, ARI ARI (a runny nose, watery eyes), dermatitis, rubella, food allergy (rash). But unlike respiratory viral diseases, this pathology is accompanied by a high temperature mainly when the leaves on the system level. If the damage is local, there is rarely a fever. But worried about severe itching in the throat, ears, and nose.

Allergy to the cold also can be taken as nasopharyngitis (inflammation of the lining of the nose and pharynx), rosacea (redness of the skin and the appearance of rashes on it).

Cold allergy home remedies

The most simple and accessible diagnosis of allergy to the cold is held by a piece of ice. In the presence of the disease on the skin of the place where he was to make, after 15 minutes, red, itching, blisters. In the case of a family of cold urticaria, such effects appear after several hours.

More in-depth studies carried out in the laboratory, and reveal the inherent disease-specific proteins. These include cold antibodies, cryoglobulins.

Specialized professionals for diagnosis and treatment of allergy to the cold is the allergist, you should also consult a doctor-immunologist. But the disease often being a symptom of another disease that destroys the body's immune system, often requires the wide survey to identify the root factors of its development and its elimination.

Immediate medical intervention requires the appearance of the first symptoms of shortness of breath. If the glottis edema is so narrowed that there is no opportunity to enter the endotracheal tube, resorting to surgery.

To get rid of cold allergy symptoms yourself, you need to warm up (take a warm shower or bath, drink warm tea, well bundle up or hide). Appeared runny nose and watery eyes, can be eliminated by massaging the cheeks and nose.

However, it should be noted that antihistamines are peculiar side effects of some drugs themselves can trigger allergies. But the main drawback antiallergic agents - to get used to it the body, forcing them to take the time. A break in the reception fraught that upon contact with the cold allergy is shown again.

Antihistamines have a negative impact on the nervous system, kidneys, liver, disrupt metabolism. Some of them have a soporific effect and therefore pose a danger to people who perform work requiring concentration and reaction speed.

Bronchospasm eliminates using bronchodilators. In severe cases, resorted to plasmapheresis - blood cleansing of cryoglobulins and glucocorticosteroids. Applied also some immunosuppressants. Innovative treatment - administration of lymphocytes isolated from the blood of a patient.

I worked well with cold allergy reception Enterosgel sorbent. It effectively cleanses the body of toxic byproducts allergic reactions, allergy significantly easier. At the same time for the body, Enterosgel is completely harmless, for example taking it even babies from the first days of life.

Natural antihistamines - red beet, and sunflower seeds. In winter, they are encouraged to eat in large quantities and in any form.

Effectively act fresh juice from beets, celery. Birch sap eliminates allergic swelling. Juice magnolia, if it wipe the affected area, relieves itching.

Relieves allergy symptoms decoction of dried raspberry roots. In order to prevent it should start drinking for 2 months prior to the sub-zero temperatures. If you develop shortness of breath and drops, may be used alcohol tincture of the fresh leaves and green walnut skin. In the presence of cold eye, conjunctivitis washed and put them on the lotions of decoctions of herbs, particularly effective among which differs cornflower blue (flowers).

Well helps mumie solution: 1 g per 1 liter of boiling water for receiving inside and 1 g per 100 ml of boiling water for lubrication for the skin. Skin redness, dryness, scaling, itching also removes the solution from young shoots on pine oil. Insisting in a dark place for five months, it is rubbed into the skin.

Compresses to areas affected are prepared from pounded blueberries. Itching and dryness of the skin perfectly remove emulsion made from celandine herbs, peppermint leaves, marigold flowers burdock root in sunflower oil. Cold allergy and treating the bath with a decoction of pine needles.

Prevention of cold allergy

Among the most important preventive measures - protection from hypothermia, which is achieved by warming the body. Underwear should be cotton or linen (wool and synthetics contribute to the development of allergies), the head is protected by a warm hat, a neck - warm scarf, hand - mittens, will not prevent more tights and socks. Hood will cover not only from the cold but also from wind gusts. Clothes got wet should be possible to change quickly dry, and then warm up.

Before going out the open areas of the body can not wash with soap because soap dries out the skin, removing from it formed a protective film.

20-30 minutes prior to the anticipated exposure to cold hands and face should be coated with a special protective cream or any fat cream. A good effect is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins badger fat. Moisturizers contain moisture, and therefore will only aggravate the situation. On lips is applied chapstick. You can not lick your lips in the cold.

Guard against this disease can be, if possible, to avoid all sources of cold - cold water, cold products, cold reservoirs.

The heat capacity of the body increases the regular meals and eating foods rich in Vitamin F (omega-3 fatty acids) - oil-rich sea fish, olive oil, nuts. 40 minutes before breakfast is recommended to eat a tablespoon of the fat badger. Among other things, this product strengthens the immune system. At the same time remove from the diet should be foods that irritate the gastrointestinal tract, for example, smoked and heavily roasted meat.

Help to resist the cold warming (not firewater!) Drinks. They increase the temperature of the body and the disease or symptoms persist or are reduced. Therefore, the hot tea in a thermos can really help in a critical situation.

The street should breathe through the nose, the first breath should be shallow and infrequent, and only after adaptation to low temperatures can breathe more deeply. A good preventive measure is to instill in the nose antihistamine drops. If signs of cold allergy are still evident and amplified, it is advisable to go to a warm place, or at least to reduce the length of stay in uncomfortable temperature conditions.

In the prevention of allergies in the cold can not do without hardening - rubdown, pouring cold water. Fit the body to the cold summer should be. Temperature is gradually lowered (to 10 ° C), not more than 1 ° C. With a strong allergy hardening can lead to anaphylactic shock.

The fundamental role played by the prevention of cold allergy stimulants - chronic diseases and infections, as well as stress. It is equally important to avoid exposure to other allergens.

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Apr 25, 2017

Eczema -Types, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Remedies

Eczema is an inflammatory process, exciting the upper layers of the skin. The disease occurs as a result of an allergy to the impact of external or internal factors. For eczema is characterized by various kinds of rashes, itching, and long-term recurrence.

Very often children suffer from eczema, according to statistics, about a fifth of children complain of itching and rashes. However, adults and the elderly also suffer from eczema.

Consider the mechanism of development of eczema. Should start from afar - from the skin functions. Its task - protecting the internal organs and the regulation of body temperature. When the skin is contaminated, that is, the pores are filled with mud, having acne. But this is not the worst thing that can happen. Over time there is a characteristic itchy, which, incidentally, appears not only as a result of pollution but also as the body's reaction to the new facility, such as soap. Just itching and is the first alarm signal, signifying the development of eczema.
The causes of eczema :- To date, the exact reasons for developing eczema, are unclear. However, we can identify a number of factors contributing to the disease. These include stress, diseases of the digestive tract organs, problems with the endocrine and neuro-immune system and metabolic disorders that cause allergies. As a rule, for the development of eczema one factor is not enough, there must be a whole range of reasons.

Types of eczema:- There are several types of eczema, including true eczema, microbial, seborrheic, professional, and varicose.

Symptoms of eczema :- This disease like eczema can affect any person, whether a child or an elderly person, this was already mentioned above. Rashes appear on different parts of the skin, but mostly on the face and extremities. Symptoms of eczema depend on its type, but one symptom is always present - it is an itch, which makes it difficult for patients living with eczema. At some point, it becomes so strong that it does not easily fall asleep.

True acute, subacute and chronic. In acute lesions within observed as bubbles which become a fracture in moist erosions. In this form scabs and scales. Patients concerned about itching and burning.

When microbial eczema inflammation foci are arranged asymmetrically. This type of disease occurs due to sensitization to microbes.

When seborrheic dermatitis occurs dandruff, and in addition, scaling behind the ears, on the chest, and between the shoulder blades. The reason for this type of eczema - seborrhea.

When traumatic eczema cause is skin trauma, and varicose - venous stasis of the lower extremities, on which are localized foci of disease (rashes occur in veins, varicose ulcers and skin locations sclerosed location).

Finally, professional eczema occurs due to the influence of chemicals. Symptoms of this type of disease are no different from the symptoms of eczema truth.

Eczema treatment methods of classical medicine :- Before starting eczema treatment performed a thorough examination of the patient. Investigated the causes of the disease, and, on this basis, identifies measures to combat the disease.

In traditional medicine, there are two types of treatment - local and general. At local healed only skin that is removed the external effects of eczema. With the general treatment of attempts to eliminate the pathologies of internal organs, endocrine, and nervous systems.

A major role is allocated diet and hygiene. Foci of inflammation can not be wetted and even more so to wash with soap and water. It is best to clean the affected places special liquid oil. In the topical treatment of eczema is considered stage. For example, if only the present erosion and holistic bubbles, then assign a different kind of powder. When the skin moist detected portions used cooling lotions and compress, which include those - solutions.

Separately should mention the treatment of chronic eczema. In this case, in the course are local baths, hot compress, and ointments. The structure of these compounds includes naphthalene, sulfur, and tar. In addition, when dealing with eczema used hormone therapy to achieve a more powerful effect.

Unfortunately, the methods of traditional medicine are not able to deal with the causes of the disease. Eczema is most often returns even in the case of high-quality and timely treatment. The only homeopathy can get rid not only of the internal and external manifestations of eczema but also in the whole body to recover.

Eczema treatment methods of homeopathy :- If you are worried about burning itching eczema, it will help in Berberis 3, 3 and 6 dilution.

Calcarea Carbonica 3, 6 and 12 breeding - an excellent homeopathic remedy for weeping eczema on different parts of the body, including the scalp of the head lobe.

Gelsemium a 3, 3, 6 and 12 well dilution helps with any eczema and skin ulcers.

Antimonium crudum Mountain 3 and 6 dilutions - effective homeopathic medicine with weeping eczema.

Ars albumin at 6, 12 and 30 is assigned at any dilution eczema. following homeopathic remedies are also recommended: Hin at 3, 6 and 12 of dilution, Clematis Erecta 3 and 6 dilution Ranunculus in 3, 3 and 6 dilution Ruz 3, 3, 6 dilution in an ointment, Sepia 3, 6 12 and 30 dilution in Staphisagria (Staph.) 3, 3 and 6 Sulfur dilution in 3, 3, 6, 12, 30 and dilution in the form of ointments, Viola tricolor in 3 and 3 dilution.

Graphites 3, 6, 12, 30 breeding and as an ointment perfectly helps with chronic weeping eczema, accompanied by severe itching. The need for reception of a homeopathic agent indicates the presence of cracks and thickening of the skin. By taking this drug normal metabolism.

Kalium muriaticum in 3, 6 and 12 breeding is recommended for all types of eczema. Homeopathic medicine is assigned to the formation of white scaly crusts.

Oleander in 3, 3 and 6 dilution is used as the drug for treatment of weeping eczema of the scalp. The means used in the detection of solid crusts, of which the pus or liquid.

Recall that the homeopathic remedy specific assigned depending on the type of constitutional and symptomatic picture of the patient. It is also determined and breeding, which is suitable in this case.
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Acne -Types, Causes, Symptoms,Treatment, Remedies

Acne - is not only a symptom of a disease, it is also a self-skin ailment. It is noted that most of them suffer from men, but in the transition to adulthood due to hormonal failure suffer from acne and girls. Also, frequent acne rash in women during the premenstrual period, as the progesterone released after ovulation. Finally, acne cause, and oral contraceptives, which contain a lot of progesterone.

Acne formation mechanism :- The mechanism of occurrence of rash is simple. It all starts with the fact that the secret of sebaceous glands connected to the pigment of the skin, resulting in clogging of the pores. If in the end turn out to be filled gaps within the skin, it causes gated rash. When such acne break, then develops inflammation, rashly becomes clearly visible.

Causes of acne :- Still, do not know the exact cause of the rash, but a number of predisposing factors can be identified. This genetic predisposition, and too oily skin, and allergic reactions, and stress, and some chemicals, and consumption of unhealthy food and living in polluted industrial waste cities, and frequent use of cosmetics, and menstrual problems, and too often washing, etc. Furthermore, to promote the growth of bacteria that cause acne, may breach the acid-base balance in the body.
Types of acne :- There are several types of acne. For example, endogenous acne disturbed adolescents. They look like a single papules, pustules and appear on the background of the initial stage of seborrhea.

Against the background of growing seborrhea of acne vulgaris occur in people 14 to 25 years. Basically, they cover the face, chest, and back.

Women before menstruation suffer from premenstrual acne. They are located on the chin and cheek areas adjacent to it.

If embers large and rapidly becoming ulcers, it is - a ball-shaped type of rash.

Finally, as a result of receiving various chemicals occur medicated acne or steroid acne.

Classical method of acne treatment :- The first and very important step to recovery - is the observance of a medical diet. A particularly important role is played with the vulgar type of acne.

It is recommended to exclude from the diet of animal fats, lard, fat sausage, candy and all that, which contains cocoa. It is necessary to refuse alcohol and salt use is extremely limited.

The best products for acne are lean and low-fat dishes, including cooked meat and fish. It will be useful milk. You can eat fruits, vegetables and brown bread.

As for the treatment of acne in traditional medicine, it is all boils down, as you might guess, the reception of chemicals, and in severe cases - to the surgical intervention. the specific agent is assigned depending on the type of acne. If the inflammatory process has gone too far, the rash is extruded using special equipment, and then the wound is treated with a special compound.

Unfortunately, the classic acne treatment does not affect the causes of disease, fighting only the consequences. Therefore, it is in no way can not be considered effective. If you want to get rid of acne once and for all, please refer to homeopathy. Unlike traditional chemical drugs, homeopathic remedies have no contraindications and side effects. They cope with acne itself, and its attendant ills.

Homeopathic remedies for acne :- In homeopathy, there are many medications that can help you cope with acne. The most frequently used: Antimonium crudum Mountain at 6, 12 and 30 of dilution, Arnica 3, 6 and 12 dilution Hepar Sulfur 3, 6 and 12 dilution Mercurius solubilis at 6, 12 and 30 of dilution, Nux vomica 3 dilution, Kalium Bromatum, Pulsatilla in 3, 3, 6 and 12 of dilution Lycopodium at 6, 12 and 30 of dilution, Sulfur 6, 12 and 30 in a dilution and Thuja 3, 6, 12 and 30 dilutions.

Or that homeopathic medicine is prescribed depending on the type of constitutional patient, as well as the external manifestations of the disease.

As practice shows, with the help of homeopathic remedies is possible within a month to deal with the causes of acne and for another two or three months - with the effects of acne. The latter belong to scarring of the skin changes. Most importantly, after the homeopathic treatment of acne is not returned.
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Psoriasis - Types, Causes, Symptoms,Treatment, Remedies

In this article we are going to discuss about the types, causes, symptoms, classical and homeopathic treatment and remedies of Psoriasis. It is a chronic skin disease that mainly covers periarticular tissues.

Types of psoriasis :- There are several types of psoriasis, including the most popular - plaque, and other forms. Often Guttate psoriasis Pustular psoriasis intertriginous psoriasis, generalized pustular psoriasis, and Erythroderma. The last two types are severe forms of the disease.

Psoriasis Causes :- The exact causes that lead to the development of psoriasis, is currently unknown. It is assumed that the most basic factor - a genetic predisposition. However, there are many precipitating factors. Consider some of them.

Loosen the body from the inside are able to various infections, including strep. Also, studies have shown that the disease often develops in the protracted course of upper respiratory tract infections, including tonsillitis, bronchitis and so on. Furthermore, psoriasis often begins during periods imbalance of hormones, such as pregnancy or menstruation. Finally, the impetus for the development of the disease could serve as a medicated drugs, stress, smoking and alcohol.
Psoriasis Symptoms :- As a rule, psoriasis begins with the appearance of small formations on the skin, which have clear boundaries and itch. Then papules covered with scales of a silver color, which are separated easily. The acute period of the disease is characterized by the expansion of the number of rash-covered skin. Eruptions are growing, becoming more bizarre and interconnected.

The rash occurs in different places, but mostly near the large joints, such as elbows, knees, sacrum, and in the folds. Also, illness covers the scalp.

A few months after the onset of disease symptoms of psoriasis enters stationary phase. Symptoms of this stage: plaque growth stops, fresh elements do not appear, flakes cover the entire plaques around which is light and thin skin. This stage can last for months or even years.

In some cases, psoriasis affects the nails and that is expressed in the appearance of punctate dimples on them. In addition, the free edge of the nail plate is loosened and thickens, nail color changes and becomes dark yellow.

Psoriasis can also go in the affected joints, called "psoriatic arthritis". In this disease become swollen and sore to the touch joints, mobility is broken, there is nail psoriasis. In general, the symptomatic picture is very similar to rheumatism, so find out the real cause of pain is possible only after a thorough examination and analysis.

Psoriasis classical treatment methods :- To date, there are no methods that allow to completely rid the patient of psoriasis. Classical medicine has become a force only to reduce symptoms of the disease and alleviate the patient's life. Very important is the way of life that involves minimizing skin irritation and stress, as well as the cessation of smoking and alcohol.

When psoriasis progresses, prescribers general therapy and external agents. Patients need to take special vitamin complex and are issued hyposensitization preparations. In various ointments act as external medicines.

During the stabilization process is also used external means, including affecting skin ointments. Medication combined with topical steroids and ultraviolet irradiation in superthermal doses. In some cases, are-PUVA therapy and photochemotherapy and autohemotherapy and other methods. In psoriatic arthritis appointed paraffin baths and physiotherapy.

If the psoriatic process is in the acute stage and proceeds very hard, the recommended cytotoxic immunosuppressants (e.g. methotrexate). They are appointed inside.

Traditional medicine does not stand still, constantly emerging new drugs to combat the effects of psoriasis. Maybe after some time, it will be possible to cope with the disease and the measures of the classical medical science, but now get rid of the causes of psoriasis may be only resorted to homeopathy.

Psoriasis treatment methods of homeopathy:- Ars Iodatum 3, 6, 12 and 30 assigned dilution with psoriasis and is the quite effective homeopathic remedy.

Carduus marianus in 3, 3 and 6 dilutions also performed well in psoriasis.

Chelidonium in 3, 6 and 3 breeding - another homeopathic remedy that helps patients with psoriasis.

Manganum Aceticum 3, 6 and 12 dilutions often prescribed for psoriasis.

Rush tox in 3, 3, 6 and breeding as an ointment not only helps in psoriasis but also for eczema.

In psoriasis and eczema, and also it helps to another homeopathic remedy - Sepia 3, 6, 12 and 30 dilutions.

Solidago in 3 and 3 dilution assigned in psoriasis.

Eczema, psoriasis and neirodermatite help Sulfur in 3, 3, 6, 12 and 30 of dilution and topically, as an ointment.

Under the same ailments heals Sulphur Iodatum 3, 6, 12 and 30 dilutions.

As practice shows, homeopathy is able to completely cure psoriasis of any type and at any stage. Assign specific medications, depending on the patient's constitutional type.
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Neurodermatitis - Types, Causes, Symptoms,Treatment, Remedies

Neurodermatitis called a skin disease in which there is itching, especially thickening and pigmentation of the affected site.

Types of neurodermatitis :- Several distinct types of neurodermatitis, including pruritus (this includes localized and universal atopic dermatitis), atopic dermatitis itself (including diffuse and localized), urticaria, and, finally, so prurigo (sometimes pediatric, adult and EN).

Causes of Neurodermatitis :- The reasons for this disease like atopic dermatitis have not yet fully explored. Some doctors are of the opinion that it is - just one of the types of skin allergies. If we take for granted this theory, among the causes of Neurodermatitis can be identified exposure to allergens. These include animal dander, food for fish, feather pillows and wool filler in mattresses, pollen, as well as cosmetics and perfumes. In addition, the common food allergies.

Symptoms of Neurodermatitis :- Symptomatic picture of neurodermatitis is different depending on what type of illness. Consider the signs actually neurodermatitis, diffuse and localized.

With limited (localized) neurodermatitis anogenital lesions are observed, and the neck and inner thigh.
In the case of diffuse neurodermatitis, patients complain of loss of different parts of the body, including the face, neck, hands and so on. In some cases, damage covers the entire skin. Often the disease is acute, then it diminishes depending on the time of year.

Classical Methods of Neurodermatitis treatment :- In traditional medicine for the treatment of neurodermatitis used a range of measures, including hypnosis, hormone therapy, taking antihistamines, as well as adherence to the correct mode (this includes medical and diet).

For the normalization of the central nervous system and, consequently, reduce the reaction applies neurotic bromo, valerian, and various tranquilizers. Also useful are considered antihistamines. And used glucocorticoid hormones, including prednisone and similar medicines. The patient was prescribed vitamins.

Often traditional medicine practices hydrogen sulfide and silica baths as a way to combat neurodermatitis. UV radiation is also used, heliotherapy, via dynamic currents and phonophoresis. In addition, herbal baths are used.

Affecting skin ointments, which are prescribed for the treatment of neurodermatitis, containing naphthalene, tar, sulfur, and Ichthyol SDA fluid. In the case of relapse using aniline dyes and similar drugs.

In the case of localized neurodermatitis also assigned lesions various preparations. Finally, in order to complete the course of treatment of children sent to the south.

It is clear that the treatment of the symptoms of neurodermatitis alone will not lead to positive results. As a result, the patient should be in for a long time to take drugs that eventually causes complications, and in some cases - and disability. Avoid the disastrous consequences of classical homeopathy treatment will help.

Homeopathic method of Neurodermatitis Treatment :- Homeopathic treatment of neurodermatitis destination begins with anti-inflammatory drugs such as Apis, Belladonna, Mercurius solubilis, Hepar Sulfur, Silicea and others. Selection of any particular agent depends on the symptomatic picture of the patient and the constitutional type.

The next group of drugs prescribed for neurodermatitis, is a drainage homeopathic medicines. They can reduce the itching sensation. These include Agaricus, Berberis, Hyoscyamus, Hypericum, Kreosotum, Sarsaparilla and Urtica. The appointment takes place taking into account the symptoms.

Besides the means described above are assigned homeopathic medicines for the reception of which affects the patient's sensitivity to heat and cold. For example, patients who sweat a lot and do not like a long time in the sun should take Sulphur or calcareja carbonika. The so-called "cold" people need Psorinum, Arsenicum album, Tue, silicon and Natrium Sulfuritsume. There is also an intermediate category of patients - people who feel the cold, but not like stuffiness, preferring fresh air. They show Sulfur Iodatum, Tuberculinum, Natrium muriaticum and Lycopodium.

In addition to internal medication effective to assign a number of external homeopathic remedies. Including used ointment + Apis Belladonna, Flemming ointment, ointment Traumeel ointment Iricar and so on.

To summarize. Homeopathic treatment of neurodermatitis includes a set of tools. The following preparations are assigned most cases: Graphite 3, 6, 12 and 30 of dilution, as well as in the form of ointments, Sulfur or sulphur in the 3, 3, 6, 12, 30 dilution in an ointment, Sulphur iodatum 3, 6, 12 and 30 breeding.
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Feb 11, 2017

Acne and Pimples – 100% Effective Homeopathic Remedies

How to remove Acne and pimples naturally and permanently with Homeopathic treatment? This is a very common question. You will get tons of home remedies and advice to remove Acne and Pimples from your face permanently online. Most of the people do not like to go doctor in due time. They search online and try various home remedies to get rid from Acne and Pimples. But it is the matter of true that 99.99% people get Zero Result. Actually some home remedies will work fine at the time while you are using them. When you stop to use then Acne and pimples come again. 

What should you do? You may not know only homeopathy gives you proper solution to remove the Acne and Pimples from the root level. It will not grow again if you take proper homeopathic treatment. You need to consult with an Expert and registered Homeopathic doctor to get fruitful result. 

Here I am going to share a formula which may work fine for you. We applied thousands of people this formula and got 100% successful result from 98% people. Some other symptoms are seen to 2% people and we need to change the medicine and power. But the formula is working fine on average 98% people. You can also try it according to very simple symptoms. 
In this article I will give you only three working homeopathic remedies with some fixed symptoms. If any of them match try to take the remedies. Or if of  all the symptoms will match to you try to take all of them. Please do not hesitate to drop your problem mentioning the symptoms and age in the comment box.
  1. Thuja 
  2. Arnica 
  3. Calcarea Picrata 
Please Note:- These remedies will remove your Acne and Pimples permanently from your face. Remember I did not mention any power or dosages and the symptoms here. You need to take the power as per your age and symptoms. Please do not hesitate to drop a comment mentioning your age and symptoms. I will reply with the appropriate remedy name, its power and taking dosages. 

Notification:- You can directly contact with your nearby homeopathic doctor. But remember, all homeopathic remedies will not work. There are many fake homeopathic medicines in the local market. So all of them will not bring good result for you. You need to purchase Original Germany Homeopathic medicine. If you live in Bangladesh do not hesitate to Contact or Call us. We will try to provide you the best solution as per your symptoms of Acne or Pimples. Best of luck.
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Jul 26, 2012

Homeopathic Remedies and Hair Loss Symptoms

Hair Loss problem and Homeopathy:- Recently people of any age inform us about their hair problem. Most of the patients complain us about the gray hair, dandruff, splitting of hair, baldness and loss of hair. But now hair fall is a common symptom. Remember that naturally we lose about 80-100 hairs per day but that are replace automatically in a systematic way. There are many reasons behind the hair fall problem such as: long time illness, dandruff, affects of any major surgery etc. Homeopathy helps to regain the lost hair. There are enough remedies to treat this problem according to the specific symptoms. One can get a fruitful result using these remedies under close observation of a skilled homeopath.

Benefits of homeopathic treatment for hair loss:-  Homeopathic is a therapeutic method that treats the person as a whole rather than just treating the external symptom of hair loss.  It is a safe and gentle way of treating the problem of hair fall without any side-effects.  It removes the chronicity of the problem so that hair fall does not recur again.  It promotes the overall health of the patient. Homeopathic treatment for hair loss is a whole body approach, which is safe and gentle and eradicates the problem of hair fall from the roots. It not only prevents and treats hair fall, but also give you healthy and thick hair.
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Homeopathic Remedies and Hair Loss Symptoms: Here are some popular and useful homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic doctors use them according to their symptoms.

01. Phosphoricum Acidum (Acid Phos):- Use Acid Phos when you find the following symptoms-Any sort of pain for hair loss, early graying of hair, takes tension simply, very old effects of mental distress, hard understanding of things, desire juicy things, 

02. Silica:- Silica is very common remedy for hair loss. Its symptoms are-Frontal and forehead hair loss, young people baldness, premature graying of the hair,anxious,gentle types, nervous disposition, fixed ideas, highly sensitive, cold with extremely clammy chilly palms. 

03. Phosphorus:- There are many hair loss symptoms of Phosphorus. Some of them are - Dandruff, rregular baldness, hair dryness, itchy scalp, while combing then hair loss, alopecia aerata, lean figure, high cheek bones, scurvy, long fingers, very sympathetic persons, frontal hairlessness, hair loss after the hemorrhagic disorder, better in company, weakness with the excess emotional vulnerability, frightened when alone. 

04. Mezereum:- We alos use Mezereum as a homeopathic remedy for hair loss. its symptoms are - Skin rashes, fall in handfuls, hair sticks together, dandruff, prickly scalp, psoriasis touching scalp leading to the hair loss, eruptions, crispy eruptions on scalp leading to hair loss, sensitive to cold air.

05. Fluoric acid (Acid Flour):- Every homeopath apply Acid Flour to an unmarried person for his hair loss problem. Its symptoms are - Idiopathic hair loss, alopecia, easily broken hair, vertex hairlessness, alopecia aerata, hair tangles simply, hair falls in spots, floating feelings towards life, complaints provoked by warmness and better by chilly application etc, tremendous anger and irritability, 

06. Sepia:- Sepia is a popular homeopathic remedy for some women diseases. But it is also used to treat hair loss problem. The symptoms of Sepia are - Hair loss menopausal, hair pains due to sensitive hair roots, hair pains when touched, pimply eruptions near the hairline on the forehead area, hair fall after delivery of the child with the psychological stress, Irritability increased, with irritable outlook. 

07. Graphites:- Sometimes Graphites gives good result to treat hair loss disease. Its symptoms are also different and these are Unreliable hairlessness, hair fall on sides, itchy, sticky eruptions on scalp that release fetid smell, constipation related to the hair falling, menopausal hair loss, cold, fat patient with affinity to increase the other skin problems. 

08. Natrum Mur:- Hair fall starts during and after pregnancy is the only one symptom of Natrum Mur. 

09. Borax:- Borax is used for the hair loss of children. Hair loss in children, tangled and sticky hair are the symptoms of Borax.

Homeopathic treatment involves detailed case taking by a registered homeopathic practitioner. Detailed history of medical problem (hair loss), physical and emotional symptoms is analyzed and evaluated and simulacrum medicine is prescribed that treats the problem of hair loss from its roots thereby preventing recurrence.
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