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Apr 24, 2017

Endometriosis - Types, Causes, Symptoms,Treatment, Homeopathic Remedies

Endometriosis is a disease where the particular tissue of the uterus grows - endometrium. It goes beyond the limits of the body and form cysts and nodes. To date, the disease is considered to be one of the most mysterious in the women's gynecology, as its exact causes are unknown. However, you can call the alleged factors affecting the development of the disease.

The cause of endometriosis :- To begin with, it is not enough one reason, we need a set of factors for the occurrence of endometriosis. One of them - this is menstruation, however, is that endometriosis develops in women during menopause and young girls.

Next, play the role of a hormonal problem. It is noted that in patients with endometriosis increased release of FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone), and in addition, reduced levels of progesterone.

Genetic predisposition also plays a role, it happened that the disease is just in a few sisters.

With a weakened immunity endometriosis develops much faster, because in normal conditions endometrial cells are not able to survive outside the womb. Finally, there is a theory that the endometrium, going outside of the uterus, is reborn in another tissue. But this is not yet proven.
In addition to the main causes of endometriosis can list several factors that also contribute to the development of the disease. This abortion, and poor environmental conditions, and a lack of iron in the body, and operations on the pelvic organs, and problems with being overweight, and inflammatory processes in the body, and IUDs, and liver problems, and more.

Endometriosis :- There are several forms of endometriosis, which are distinguished by the location of the endometrial tissue. When genital form affects the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and vulva peritoneum. When extragenital endometriosis lesion captures the intestines, urinary system, lungs and many other organs.

There is so-called mixed form of endometriosis. If it shows signs of both genital and extragenital forms of the disease.

Very often we have to deal with uterine endometriosis - adenomyosis. It develops gradually, passing through several stages. The first step is affected mucosa to the myometrium. In the second stage, the defeat of the middle reaches of the myometrium. Next defeat captures serious cover. And finally, in the last stage is affected parietal peritoneum.

Symptoms of endometriosis :- As for the symptomatic picture of endometriosis, it is mysterious, as causes of the disease. Sometimes the symptoms are very bright, and sometimes not at all. The presence or absence of symptoms affects a huge number of factors, including the shape of disease and its stage, and the presence of concomitant disease, and the patient's psychological attitude. However, some of the symptoms found in varying degrees of severity almost always. Let us examine them.

Pain in the lower abdomen and in the lumbar region complain all women with endometriosis. Unpleasant sensations become stronger during menstruation. It is also noted pain during sexual intercourse.

Another sign - menstrual problems. Spotting disturbs the patient both before and after the main menses. Also strays and the cycle itself, it may be shorter or longer, the discharge becomes more or less abundant.

Can it be called a symptom of endometriosis is infertility or not, but it is accompanied by this illness is very common. Women for many years can not understand why they fail to conceive a child, being treated for other illnesses, but all in vain.

The Very bright symptom of endometriosis - intoxication. Sick patient, the body temperature rises, often occur chills and general weakness.

If a woman's bowel endometriosis, it is noted hyperperistalsis. When a patient with endometriosis of the bladder, problems with urination, blood in the urine are impurities. In endometriosis lung also noted hemoptysis during menstruation.

In general, endometriosis symptoms are similar to symptoms of uterine fibroids. Diagnose accurately can only be an occupational therapist, and then not always.

Endometriosis treatment methods of classical medicine :- In traditional medicine, conservative methods used in the treatment of endometriosis or surgery. Sometimes used a range of measures.

Surgery is indicated only when conservative treatment does not give the desired effect. Surgical intervention is also necessary in the case of endometriosis upon detection of endometrioid ovarian cyst and complications that result in pelvioperitonitis and when adenomyosis accompanied myoma and uterine bleeding. In addition, the operation refers women who have a high probability of developing ovarian cancer, and patients with impaired functions of the neighboring organs.

Surgical intervention can be of two types: laparotomy and laparoscopy. The latter is used in severe cases and represents a dissection of the abdominal wall. Most often used in classical medicine, the combination of surgery and conservative methods. It is considered to be an ideal option.

To summarize. In the traditional treatment of endometriosis are not affected by causes of the disease. Eradicates only the consequences of the disease and taking hormones is often also causes harm. Homeopathic remedies - that is the only harmless way to get rid of endometriosis at any stage and shape once and for all.

Endometriosis treatment methods of homeopathy :- Specific homeopathic drugs used for endometriosis, allocate very difficult because the symptoms and causes of the disease are always different. Remedies may be administered, which are good in the menstrual cycle, e.g., in act Ratsemoza 3, 3, 6, 12 and 30 dilutions. Also, effective homeopathic agents that are used in ovarian dysfunction (so as endometriosis manifests itself properly menses as dysfunction). Finally, depending on the constitutional type and patient specific complaints again appointed monopreparations that aid in a particular case.

In homeopathic practice was a case where a patient was assigned a homeopathic remedy Thuja. It gave excellent results for two years. The disease gradually recedes until it disappeared altogether.

The reason for such a high efficacy of homeopathy is simple - this science considers the human body as a single system and is designed to treat not a disease, and the patient. Thanks to the individual selection of remedies is possible to cope not only with endometriosis but also with a number of concomitant diseases.
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Thrush - Types, Causes, Symptoms,Treatment, Homeopathic Remedies

Candidiasis or as it is popularly called, thrush, is a form of fungal infection. Cause the disease fungi genus, Candida, because it gets its name. It should be clarified that the microorganisms of the genus Candida are included in the composition of the microflora of the mouth, vagina, and colon, even in a healthy person, so the cause of thrush - not simply the presence of fungi and their proliferation. Basically, candidiasis develops on the basis of reduced immunity.

Types of thrush :- There are three main types of yeast:
  • oral Candidiasis, oral cavity hitting
  • intestinal candidiasis (most dangerous of all types of illness, especially in young children)
  • genital candidiasis (affects both men and women)
Causes of thrush :- Identify several important reasons candidiasis. The emergence of thrush facilitates reception of various antibiotics and weakening of immunity, for example, in connection with stress, or climate change. Also, thrush often occurs in pregnant women, especially in the last three months of carrying a child. Finally, the development of candidiasis contributes to diabetes and HIV.

Symptoms of thrush :- When genital candidiasis in women defeat covers the vagina and vulva. In men, the head of the penis is affected, as well as the foreskin. Consider thrush symptoms.
Women complain of a burning sensation and itching in the area of the vulva, pain during sexual intercourse and urination. The most striking feature of the disease - white vaginal discharge, the structure resembling cottage cheese.

Men notice a burning sensation and itching in the area of the glans penis and foreskin, redness of data elements of the reproductive system, there is a white film on the head of the penis. Just like women, men complain of pain during sexual intercourse and urination.

Oral candidiasis is manifested in the appearance of white plaque in the oral cavity, why it seems that the patient drink yogurt.

Children thrush manifests as redness and swelling of the skin and itching in the affected area.

The main feature of intestinal candidiasis - is bloating and flatulence, as the fungus "ferment" food. Also, there is a general weakness and fatigue.

Thrush treatment methods of classical medicine :- In the treatment of yeast are used by both local and ingestible funds. Let's talk about the peculiarities of getting rid of genital candidiasis in men and women.

Women are used to treating vaginal preparations, including creams, pills, and suppositories. Part creams used to suppress the symptoms of the disease, that is, to deal with itching and irritation of the genitals. Local treatment is effective only when enough light for yeast. Of the drugs, traditional medicine can cause clotrimazole (the most popular), isoconazole, Miconazole, Nystatin and Natamycin.

It is worth noting that the constant use of candles and tablets can lead to tragic consequences, as they inhibit the normal vaginal microflora. In some cases, anti-fungal agents are complemented by other measures, including immunotherapy, restorative drugs, physiotherapy, and others.

In men, thrush is treated locally by assigning a cream containing clotrimazole. It also helps single dose of fluconazole, but this method of treatment is rarely used.

Separately should mention the treatment of recurrent thrush in classical medicine. Used candles or vaginal tablets, which contain clotrimazole. They should take a long time. In addition, the assigned fluconazole, which should also take a few months.

In the treatment of any type of yeast infection, you need to get rid of all existing infections, both viral and bacterial. The most important thing - cleaning the intestine, because it is just the best environment for parasites.

Thrush treatment methods of homeopathy :- Homeopathic remedies against yeast basically are assigned for internal administration. In some cases even recommend homeopathic dosages of the causative agent of the disease Candida. But there are other drugs besides him.

Mercurius Solubilis is assigned when there are reddish spots ( the , genital form of the disease). The tool is particularly effective upon oral candidias if the blisters are formed, filled with mucus. Used homeopathic medicine in 6, 12 and 30 breeding.

Natrium muriaticum recommended for genital thrush in the case of the formation of white spots and small secretions combined with pain. Also issued and oral candidiasis, if painful rashes appear on the lips and tongue. It applied in the preparation of 6, 12 and 30 dilutions.

Echinacea (as tincture and 3 dilution) and Calendula (as ointments, oils and lotions) are assigned at a high dryness and expressed genital inflammation due to genital thrush.

Homeopathic medicine Sulphur is used to treat genital thrush, if there are itching, burning and thick white discharge with an unpleasant odor. The drug is administered by oral candidiasis if breath smells bad, and in the oral cavity appears plurality of white blisters, and the lips are dry and rough.

Furthermore, in the treatment of genital yeast used Borax 6 dilution.

Separately describe the homeopathic treatment of oral thrush newborn. The main tool used in this case, it is Borax. It is used for pain in the mouth, where the main lesion extends to the language, the wound bleed, which is why the baby is crying and frightened. The need for acceptance of this tool indicates the following fact - the baby cries when it is moved in any way.

Aloe is appointed in the case of localization of lesions on the inside of the cheeks, not the language. Also homeopathic remedy recommended when a child suffers from fecal incontinence (a typical symptom indicating Aloe).

Kalium muriaticum is prescribed in cases where a rash is quite large, it does not matter where they are located.

The above homeopathic medicines are used at 6, 9 and 12 of dilution.

In addition, depending on the child's constitutional type can be assigned Calcarea carbonica, Mercurius Solubilis or Sulfur.
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Ovarian Cysts - Types, Causes, Symptoms,Treatment, Homeopathic Remedies

Ovarian cyst - a benign tumor of the ovary. Translated from the Greek language means the cyst cavity. There are several types of cysts.

Types of ovarian cysts :- Follicular cyst and corpus luteum cyst - is the shell of the follicle, or, respectively, the corpus luteum, which is strongly stretched. These elements are part of the ovaries.

There is another type of ovarian cyst - a dermoid tumor. It is characterized by containing the embryo parts, such as hair or teeth.

The causes of ovarian cysts :- Typically, ovarian cysts formed due to the malfunction of the hormonal system, more often - because of thyroid disease.

The consequences of ovarian cysts :- Due to the formation of cysts can be complications, including infertility, development of malignant tumors, and the so-called "acute abdomen". The latter is a gap cyst or twisting its base. As a result, in the best case, it is necessary to remove ovaries and fallopian tubes, and at worst - the even greater number of female genitals. Therefore, the cyst treatment should begin as soon as possible, immediately, as soon was diagnosed.
Symptoms of ovarian cysts :- Ovarian cysts in the early stage of its development are usually asymptomatic, so the woman for a long time may even be unaware of their diagnosis. The only sign of the disease, which manifests itself at an early stage, it's a sharp pain after strenuous exercise.

In the later stages, when there is a rupture or twisting cysts, frequent and severe pain, fever, and vomiting. Also disturbed menstrual cycle, the discharge becomes either too heavy or too scarce come much earlier or later than usual. Menstruation causing severe pain. When the cyst becomes very large, growing belly, often asymmetrically.

Besides the symptoms described above, in the case where ootheca produces hormones, in regard to its appearance significantly enhanced hair growth.

Ovarian cyst treatment methods of classical medicine :- In the classical medical treatment of ovarian cysts it depends on what stage the disease, but also from a cyst type (described above in this article).In addition, is isolated and the organic functional cyst. Functional cysts usually are temporary, occurs in young women, and passes through a few months of conservative treatment, while organic cyst itself fails, occurs in women in menopause and help her with only the operation.

As mentioned above, the main cause of ovarian cysts are failures in the hormonal system. Therefore, conservative treatment is based on the administration of hormones, which are selected individually. During treatment, the woman should visit a gynecologist, who will record the changes in the body. When there is any suppuration, bleeding, breakage or kinking cysts base, there is only one radical method - the operation.

If the cyst serious consequences, it reaches a large size or polycystic formed (ie, the brush is not in one ovary, and in two), the operations are carried out as soon as possible.

We add that the operation is assigned and when hormone therapy does not bring the proper result for one to three months. Patients who are overweight and need to diet and engage in physical therapy, since extra weight disrupt hormonal metabolism.

So, let's sum up. Traditional medicine offers very radical methods of treatment of ovarian cysts: it is either the administration of hormones, bearing a variety of side effects, or operation that removes only the effects of the cysts but do not cause disease. Unfortunately, sometimes even after surgery relapse lead to the occurrence of new cysts, not only in the ovaries but in the thyroid and mammary gland. Homeopathic medicines are deprived of these disadvantages and allow to get rid of the causes of ovarian cysts once and for all.

Ovarian cyst treatment methods of homeopathy :- Assignment of a homeopathic agent depends on the patient and the constitutional type of ovarian cysts symptoms.

For example, in Berberis 3, 3 and 6 dilutions prescribed for piercing and burning pains.

Apis is very good in the first trimester of pregnancy and is used as a drug for the treatment of endocrine diseases. It allows you to bring back to normal the ovaries, especially if I have polycystic. Homeopathic medicine is recommended to take in high dilutions, starting with 12 or 30.

Aurum iodatum is useful when ovarian cyst accompanied with uterine myoma, a patient suffering from atherosclerosis. Aurum metallicum is recommended when the patient suffers no atherosclerosis and hypertension. Both homeopathic remedies are used in 6.12 and 30 breeding.

As additional agents are also assigned in Laurocerasus and 3 Lycopodium dilutions and 6, 12 and 30 dilutions.

Homeopathic remedies also coping not only with the ovarian cyst, but also with a number of associated problems, such as dysfunction of the ovaries, breast, thyroid disease and the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. We remind you that the drugs should be administered strictly individual doctor, not their own.
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Ovarian Dysfunction - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

In women, ovarian dysfunction often occurs as one of the manifestations of hormonal imbalance. During the disease process stays release of hormones that regulate the ovaries and female sex hormones which the ovaries secrete themselves.

The causes of ovarian dysfunction :- The disease can occur for a variety of reasons. For example, often it is the manifestation of the disease any endocrine organ, whether the thyroid, pituitary, and so on. Also ovarian dysfunction occurs due to common diseases such as neurosis, hypertension, blood and kidney disease, and others.

Often the disease develops as a consequence of the inflammatory process in the female genital organs, and other similar diseases. The emergence of dysfunction contribute to constant stress, overwork, great mental and physical stress, hypothermia, frequent colds.

When combined several of the factors described above, begins violation ovaries work, ie dysfunction.

The symptoms of ovarian dysfunction :- It is the main symptom of ovarian dysfunction - is a failure in the menstrual cycle. Menses irregular, starting it before, then later a normal life. In some cases, they are non-existent for a few months or cease altogether.

Another feature of this disease - isolation between periods. Often there are uterine bleeding. By its nature, periods may be very different: both scarce and abundant, and protracted, and short.

Ovarian dysfunction may indicate abdominal pain that comes during menstruation and after them.
It is also a clear symptom of ovarian dysfunction are emotional problems. This can be expressed in mood swings in tearfulness, irritability, fatigue and general fatigue. These symptoms manifest themselves shortly before the arrival of menstruation, which is why they are called premenstrual syndrome, or PMS.

If at the time of ovarian dysfunction in women and other heavy monthly bleeding, it becomes a cause of anemia.

Treatment of ovarian dysfunction methods of classical medicine :- In traditional medicine for the treatment of ovarian dysfunction used mainly hormonal. Tell us more about the efforts to combat this disease.

Dysfunction Treatment includes a range of measures aimed at stopping bleeding, try to eliminate the cause of the disease and restore normal operation of the ovaries (which normalizes the menstrual cycle).

Treatment of ovarian dysfunction can be conducted in a medical institution, or remotely (in case of light of the disease).

To stop bleeding apply hormonal preparations, and if they do not give proper result, produced scraping the uterine cavity mucosa. Then, the analysis on the basis of which the decision on further treatment.

If the cause of ovarian dysfunction were chronic inflammatory processes, the forces are directed to the treatment and the fight against infections that cause them. When the disease is caused by endocrine disorders, prescribe hormones again. Finally, if necessary, to restore immunity recommended vitamin complexes, and dietary supplements.

Very important is the correct way of life as an element of quality of treatment, and this plays an important role in classical medicine and homeopathy. This includes therapeutic diet, physical activity and normal sleep. Sometimes effective are physical therapy, acupuncture and even psychotherapeutic help.

In addition to the above measures in traditional medicine conducted prevention of relapse of disease and restoration of the menstrual cycle. To do this, patients dysfunction of the ovaries, progesterone is prescribed to be taken from 16 to 26 day cycle. In the future, you want to start treatment with other hormonal contraceptives, normalizing cycle.

Add that women suffering ever ovarian dysfunction, can not install an intrauterine device (IUD)

Unfortunately, it often happens that hormones are the cause of complications and further violations, rather than healing of an illness. Therefore, an increasing number of women stop on homeopathic medicines in the fight against ovarian dysfunction. They are able to cope with the causes of disease, and concomitant diseases.

Treatment of ovarian dysfunction methods of homeopathy :- Assigning specific constitutional homeopathic remedy is determined by the type of women, as well as the symptoms of the disease. But in general we can say that the homeopathic treatment of ovarian dysfunction is quite successful. It is important to bear in mind that the problem of selecting the right homeopathic remedy should entrust professional homeopath doctor. After all, the definition of a constitution - a task that requires considerable experience and knowledge.

Usually, in the homeopathic practice the following drugs used in the treatment of ovarian dysfunction homeopathy :

For example, Aconitum or a fighter in a 3, 3, 6 and 12, a strong dilution is assigned blooded women whose periods may suddenly stop due to a large disturbance. In some cases, these patients during menstruation celebrated nosebleeds, or it replaces monthly.

When women irregular menstruation (or come early or late, or abundant or scarce), and notes the weakness and pain in the uterine region and ovaries (especially the left), it is recommended to act Ratsemoza 6, 12 and 30 breeding. Also for this homeopathic remedy is characterized by headaches during menstruation, and to them that are combined with a pain in the uterus and resemble migraines.

Antimonium crudum Mountain or antimony at 6, 12 and 30 is indicated for dilution delays menses or when copious. They are amplified by cold water (for example, after bathing or walking in the rain).

Homeopathic medicine Borax indicated for heavy and painful periods of 3, 6 and 12 dilutions.

Chamomilla a 3, 3, 6 and 12 of dilution recommended for painful menstruation

When the patient painful and scanty periods, which are combined with muscle weakness, and thus sets the voice assigned Gelsemium a 3, 3, 6 and 12 dilutions.

If menses are late and scarce enough, that would help Graphite in 3, 3, 6 and 12 breeding.

When irregular menses, which are both abundant and premature and delayed and scarce Natrium recommended at 6, 12 and 30 dilutions.

The homeopathic remedy Nux vomica in 3, 3 and 6 helps with breeding dysfunction when its symptoms are premature, irregular and in some cases, heavy periods.

Platinum 3, 6, 12 and 30 designate dilution in case of heavy and dark precipitates, which are accompanied by pain at the beginning of menstruation.

Finally, the most effective and frequently used homeopathic remedy is Pulsatilla 3, 6 and 12 dilutions. Basically, it is used in the sixth dilution and administered at various and irregular menses (they may differ in color, and the number and the arrival time, and can suddenly stop and appear again).

Studies show that more than half of women within a month after the start of homeopathic medicine reported significant improvement and normalization of the menstrual cycle.
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May 23, 2013

Symptoms of Homeopathic Remedies for Men's Sexual Health

Homeopathy is a rich treatment process for giving enough support to all. In this modern world everyone is busy with their respective professions. They have no time to look after the physical health. For this reason they are affected by some diseases related to the male organic functions. So it is very important looking after the physical and mental health for a happy family life. Homeopathic tonics can help us to make the body strong and to keep the male organ healthy. For various reasons we are easily affected by male problems and other related weakness.

Homeopathy and men's sexual health:- It is a well known fact that a healthy and satisfying sex life is very important for a healthy relationship. It is very important to take proper care of the health maintenance. Sexual disorders are disturbances in the sexual response like premature ejaculation, impotence, low sperm count, male orgasmic dysfunction and also diminished sexual desire. Homeopathy is actually the great resource to give enough support removing these problems form the root level. At first it is very important to find out the appropriate symptoms. Then remove that specific reason. This is the fundamental principle of homeopathic science which acts like an angel.

Homeopathic remedies help to increase enough blood supply to the specific organ and make the nerve strong. Identifying the main reason if one can apply the specific homeopathic remedy he can easily regain the lost vigor. In homeopathy there are enough remedies to solve any kind of male problems and improve sexual stability along with intercourse time. Every skilled Homeopath applies appropriate remedy according to the specific symptoms which can remove the problem for its root level.
Symptoms of Homeopathic Remedies for Mens Sexual Health
Homeopathy and health of the male organ:- Penis health plays an important rule for satisfying and healthy family life. If a common matter that we lost our energy and working ability day by day. Nutritious foods and some tonic medicines help to regain our lost power and keep us healthy. Like that we need to give attention to our male organs. Everybody should know about the healthy way to keep that organ normal and strong. There are many massage oil and ointment in the present market. Are those safe or effective? That is a question. According to the homeopathic materia medica, there are many fruitful remedies to keep the male organ normal, working and strong.

Some people suffer from micro penis problem. Remember that the size or length of the male organ is not same to all. It may vary from person to person. That is not the problem. If all the functions of male organ work normally then the average girth for an erect penis length from 4.5 to 7 inches are enough to perform a successful sexual intercourse. When the length of the erect organ is below 4.5 or 4 inches then we call it micro penis. Some reasons are responsible for this problem such hormone, masturbation habit from childhood, infection in the prostate gland etc are very common reasons. Homeopathic remedies are very helpful to increase the size or length of the male organ and make it strong. An experienced homeopath can give good solution of that problem using proper homeopathic remedies.
Symptoms of some homeopathic remedies for male health
No For Key symptoms
01 Lycopodium Low confidence, Anticipation anxiety, Premature emission, Impotence, Enlarge prostate, Penis weakness are main symptoms of this remedy.
02 Argentum Nitricum Argentum Nitricum is useful for physical anxiety, emotions and nervous, contraction and looseness of male organ, impotence, unwillingness for sex, Erection fails in the time of sexual intercourse.
03 Damiana Sexual insufficiency, impotency, anxiety, anger, loss of libido, sadness, unitary antiseptic, sexual stimulant, prostate are core symptoms of Damiana
04 Aswagandha Aswagandha is used for some specific symptoms such as physical weakness, premature ejaculation, low sperm density, low sperm count, nervousness, male organ weakness
05 Agnus castus Coldness of penis, soft male organ, incomplete erection, impotency, small and cold penis, sexual passion, male organ relaxed when excited, urethra discharge are common symptoms of homeopathic Agnus castus.
06 Caladium Seguinum The symptoms of Caladium Seguinum for male problems are frequent night falls, Male organs puffy and swollen, Painful erections without sexual desire, Impotence with the mental depression, Excessive sexual desire with the relaxed penis,
07 Cydonia vulgarisMicro penis, softness of male organ, low capacity to erect the penis are the main symptoms of Cydonia vulgaris.
08 Tribulus TerrestrisIt meets the auto-traumatism of masturbation correcting the emissions and spermatorrhoea. Partial impotence caused by overindulgence of advancing age, or when accompanied by urinary symptoms, incontinence, painful micturition, etc
09 YohimbinumThis remedy is used for neurasthenic impotence, male organ strong in the morning, lasting erections with no increase of desire, sexual neurasthenia and urethritis.
Lycopodium & Argentum Nitricum:- These remedies are very powerful to remove some fatal male problems. But you cannot use then at a time. Yes, I want to say about the contradictory of homeopathic remedy. Lycopodium harms the quality of Argentum Nitricum. You cannot take them at the same time. From my own experience, I suggest that if you need, take Lycopodium at the morning time and Argentum Nitricum at the evening time. This process is helpful to use them alternatively. Remember, high potency of the both remedies is recommended to use.

Damiana & Aswagandha:- Both are popular as a nerve tonic. But Damiana has effective power to increase the vitality of male organ. Mother tincture of Damiana works better. It is also known as Turnena. On the other hand Aswagandha is recognized as "Indian Ginseng". Physical weakness, Low sperm count and Nervousness is the core symptom of this homeopathic remedy.

Tribulus Terrestris:- An East Indian drug useful in urinary affections, especially dysuria, and in debilitated states of the sexual organs, as expressed in seminal weakness, ready emissions and impoverished semen. Prostatitis, calculous affections and sexual neurasthenia. It meets the auto-traumatism of masturbation correcting the emissions and spermatorrhoea. Partial impotence caused by overindulgence of advancing age, or when accompanied by urinary symptoms, incontinence, painful micturition, etc.Tribulus Terrestris treatment for Dose ailments: Ten to twenty drops of the tincture three times daily.

Agnus castus & Caladium Seguinum:- Agnus castus and Caladium Seg has a specialty. Yes, we observe a nice difference between them. Both of them are use to improve the vitality of male sexual organ. They have same effect but you must know the uses of them. Agnus castus is most effective for the married person and it increases the proper excitation of male for the successful intercourse. Caladium Seguinum does not increase excitation but work effectively to remove all problems of male such as: Frequent night falls, Painful erections without sexual desire, Impotence with the mental depression etc. So, most of the homeopath use is to treat the problems unmarried person.
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Symptoms and Health Benefits of Homeopathic Ginseng

From the ancient time Ginseng are used to improve the Sex Life both for men and women. It is a well-known Chinese herb and familiar plant used as an element of various medicines. Homeopathic mother tincture of Ginseng is alternative medicine supplements and also vitamins. It gives prompt energy flow all over the body. The plants of Ginseng are available in the Asia, Midwest of America, and Siberia. It grows in the cooler climates. Ginseng is recognized as an adaptogen which are elements that help the body to bring back itself to health and to work with no side any effects.

Types of Ginseng:- The term ginseng refers to the species within Panax, a genus of 11 species of slow growing perennial plants with fleshy roots, in the family Araliaceae. These plants grown in eastern Asia, typically in cooler climates. The two major species are American ginseng (grown in the Midwest of America and exported to China) and Asian ginseng. Ginseng is known to be an adaptogen – adaptogens are substances that help the body to restore itself to health and to work without side effects.

Siberian ginseng is actually not a ginseng at all. It is another adaptogenic herb with a woody root rather than a fleshy root. Unlike true ginsengs, it contains eleutherosides instead of ginsenosides. Symptoms of homeopathic Ginseng - 
NO For
01 Head Semi-lateral headache, Occipital, Objects come into view double. Dizziness with gray spots in front of the eyes. Hard to open the eyelids.
02 Abdomen Very painful and rumbling, noisy gurgling in ileo caecal area. pain in the right side of abdomen. Perityphlitis
03 Throat
Tonsillitis Problem along with the dark skin tonsillitis
04 Male Weakness of male organs, sexual excitement. Rheumatic pains after the frequent discharges, Heaviness in testicles.
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Video: Uses, Health Benefits and Potential Side Effects of Ginseng. watch this video to details about Homeopathic Ginseng.
 Ginseng : Uses, Health Benefits and Potential Side Effects
Health benefits of homeopathic Ginseng :- Here are the details about the health benefits of Homeopathic Ginseng.

Mental & Physical health stimulant:- Some people suffer physical and mental weakness all time. They do not identify or diagnose their problem accurately. Actually hard working of both physical and mental is responsible of for this problem. Ginseng is the most useful solution to solve such kind of health problem. It helps to boost or energy levels and reduces stress.

For type 2 diabetes:- Most of the people know Ginseng as a nerve and health tonic. But there are several kinds of Ginseng. One of them uses to control the sugar level of blood. This effect was seen over a 90 days period in average blood sugar levels. It improves the sugar level of blood by creating lowering of sugar effects in fasting.

 Menstrual problems of women:- Ginseng has some effective quality to reduce women’s menstrual problems. American Ginseng Tea is helpful for those women who suffer from menstrual cramps along with the distress. Menstruation with stomach pain is the main symptom of Ginseng.

Male sexual problems:- Some people use Ginseng to improve their sexual function only. It also increases the brain function. You may hear the name of Korean Red Ginseng. It has long been used to stimulate male sexual function. Mother tincture of Ginseng helps men lessen the symptoms of sex related conditions like erectile dysfunction, Heaviness in testicles etc.

For Obesity:- Obesity is a common problem in all around the country. Ginseng tea or homeopathic mother tincture is used to treat the obesity problems to reduce the extra weight of the body. It can create a protection against obesity and increasing the fat cell. Ginseng also works as a natural appetite suppressant.

Special Note:- Ginsengs are in several types. So before taking it discuss with any homeopath to get proper result.
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May 21, 2013

Oversensitive, slightest offence irritates and other symptoms of Angustura vera

Common symptoms of homeopathic Angustura vera
Angustura vera is a homeopathic remedy directly acts on our mucous membranes and on the spinal motor nerves. Excitability and oversensitive mental condition, slightest offence irritates, greatest craving for coffee, paralysis, stiffness of the joints and muscles, tetanus are most important characteristic symptoms of Angustura vera. The remedy comes from the bark of the Galipea Cusparia. The effects of Angustura vera are very closely to Ruta, Merc and Nux Vomica. Here are the main symptoms of this useful homeopathic remedy. Core symptoms of Angustura vera -
No For
01 Mind Oversensitive, absence of mind, tendency to take alarm, nervousness of character, want of self-confidence, pusillanimity, Ill-humor and also unhappiness, liveliness of mind, very excitement along with gaiety.
02 Eyes Pressure and tension in the eyes, feeling of dryness and pain, pressure as from too strong a light, soreness as of excoriation in the eyelids, Sight confused as if by a mist. Heat, burning and redness in the eyes, Eyes fixed and immovable, objects so far distant, Irregular stretching open of the eye lids.
03 Head Head puzzled with foolishness as if after intoxication, headache with heat in the face, dizziness in the open air, headache one side, Headaches emerge mostly at sunset, uninteresting pains, giddiness on passage a stream of water, ache like that of a contusion, sharp in the temples, cramp-like soreness in the head.
04 Face Stress of the facial muscles. Warmth and bluish redness of the face, ,mental excitement, pains in the cheek bones.
05 Ears Decrease of hearing, Cramp-like ache in the ears, Warmth in the ears, Tearing and jerking before in the ears.
06 Stomach Nausea while walking in the open air, pain as of sharp excoriation in the stomach, unlikable taste, nausea while dining, pain at the beginning of a meal, loss of appetite, pain in the pit of the stomach
07 Abdomen Pain in the abdomen, diarrhea and colic, cutting pains, pains after having taken hot milk, burning in anus, shooting pain in the abdomen, chronic diarrhea.
08 Female Organs Problems with the right ovary, feeling uterus was whipping against the right ovary, sensation as if the uterus was beating against the right hip.
09 Male Organs Itching of all these male organs, seminal emissions, sometimes voluptuous
10 Anus and Stool Stools frequent, tenesmus with the soft stool, diarrhea with mucus, burning in the anus at stool, diarrhea with colicky pains, pressive and contractive pain in the anus, diarrhea night and day, pain with inflammation of the hemorrhoids
Most of the homeopath tries to treat their patients with some alternative remedies. They are not interested to use Angustura vera. But if the symptoms of slightest offence irritates, Oversensitive, Headache one side, stomach pain at the beginning of a meal, Problems with the right ovary of women are seen then Angustura vera should be used. It has some special symptoms which I have mentioned in the initial part of this article. Try to observe these symptoms of your patients before apply it.

Here I have also mentioned the symptoms of Angustura vera according to our body organ. If any homeopath applies this remedy matching the proper symptoms then he will get desired result. Remember, potency of the remedy is also a main factor. For new disease low potency (6-200)brings good result.

Some homeopathic doctor use Merc, Ruta, and Nux Vomica instead of Angustura vera. These remedies give same result. But if anybody sees the symptoms of oversensitive, slightest offence irritates then he should apply Angustura vera.
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May 20, 2013

Depressed, weeping, jealous and other symptoms of Apis Mellifica

Symptoms of Homeopathic Apis Mellifica
Homeopathic Apis Mell is form the honey bees and is wonderful match for removing the problem of swelling and itching of the insect bites, hornet, wasp, and some kinds of mosquito, bee stings, and other flying insects. It has special characteristics for weeping, depressed, jealous and sexual organs, unable to concentrate the mind when trying to read or study though we use it for the sunburn, insect bites and stings. These are very common symptoms of Apis Mellifica. Here we mention the most common symptoms of this remedy according to the homeopathic materia medica.

Swelling, watery-filled localized areas of redness and inflammation are the hallmark of Apis. The affected area has a puffy appearance and sometimes looks like bags of water under the skin. This is not unlike the edema produced by allergic reactions. More often than not, it occurs under the eyes and is sometimes accompanied by hives. When an eye is nearly shut with swelling, Apis is probably the correct medicine. Hence, the most common conditions Apiswill relieve are eye infections such as conjunctivitis and styes, sore throats, hives, stings from insects, and urinary tract infections. Mental and other symptoms of Apis Mellifica -
No For
Core Symptoms
01 Mind
The mental symptoms of this remedy are very striking. Weeping at the night and day. Cannot concentrate mind when attempting to read or study. unconsciousness, Cannot sleep from worrying about everything. great sadness, apathy, sudden shrill, Piercing screams. Unable to sleep from tantalizing thoughts, indifference, jealous, cannot think clearly. Constant tearfulness without any cause. These are main symptoms of Apis Mellifica in our mind.
02 Skin Core symptoms of Apis Mellifica for skin are: thick rash all over the body, Rashes are of a rose color. Swellings after bites. Burning and also oedema. Sore, Erysipelas with swelling. Unexpected puffing up of the whole body. Sensitive, Carbuncles with burning. Erysipelas with the sensitiveness. Spots with the stinging pain.
03 Head & Brain Brain feels very tired, sudden stabbing pains, congestion of the brain, worse on closing eyes, vertigo with sneezing, worse on lying, not as good as on motion, better on the pressure.
04 Ears
Sore, inflamed and stinging pains. External ears are red color 
05 Eyes Apis Mellifica is a great remedy for eyes. its symptoms in eyes are: lids swollen, sudden sharp pains, chronic granular lids, Lids are red color. Photophobia, inflamed blood vessel, lachrymation hot, Conjunctiva puffy and bright red.Inflammation of the eyes. Pain around the orbits. Worse from looking at snow. Serous exudation and also oedema.
06 Face Face swollen, Erysipelas with the stinging burning oedema. Stinging like fire, whole face is sometimes in a state of the oedema. red color, better from washing, sharp pain, burning as like as fire, worse from the heat.
07 Nose Chilliness of the nose tips. red color, nose swollen, inflamed, sharp pains.
08 Stomach Vomiting of food, sore feeling, Retching and vomiting with nervousness. Thirst less, Vomiting of the sour and sour fluids. Craving for the milk.
09 Mouth Symptoms of Apis Mellifica for mouth are-sweltering in mouth and also the throat, tongue fiery red, cancer of the tongue, gums swollen, tongue swollen and sore, especially upper lips swollen, tongue feels scalded and trembling.
10 Abdomen Dropsy of abdomen, Peritonitis, Inflammation in the right groin, Sore, bruised on the pressure.
11 Urine Involuntary and frequent, incontinence, burning when urinating. Stinging pain, last drops burn are the core urine symptoms of Apis Mellifica
12 Stool Cholera infant type, the anus seems open, diarrhea watery as well as yellow color. Unable to urinate without a stool. The anus feels raw, bloody and painless stool.

Homeopathic remedies are applied according to the suitable symptoms. Apis Mellifica has also specific symptoms which we have mentioned above. I have separated all the symptoms of this remedy according to our body organ. Every homeopathic remedy has some fundamental sign and symptoms. Only and experienced homeopath can realize this secret. But remember; when you get any person with depressed, weeping and jealous symptoms do not hesitate to apply Apis Mellifica.
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“Suicidal thoughts at night after disappointed love” and other symptoms of Antimonium Crudum

Symptoms of Homeopathic Antimonium Crudum

Antimonium Crudum is a special homeopathic remedy for the mental symptoms though we use it for various problems such as gout, toothache, corns, chicken pox, diarrhea, very painful calluses on feet and hands, several skin and nail states, cracked nails and skin etc. After disappointed love when suicidal thoughts come at night then Antimonium Crudum is one of the standard solutions. According to the homeopathy materia medica we find there are many symptoms of this remedy for our body. Some of them are shown below. Mental and other symptoms of Antimonium Crudum -
Core Symptoms 
Face :- Splits in corners of the mouth, eruption on the eyelids are the symptoms of Antimonium Crudum for face 

Mind  :- Antimonium Crudum has some specific symptoms for mind. Anxieties at night in bed about the future, emotional childishness, suicidal thoughts at night after the disappointed love. person are very sensitive along with closed individual. Romantic thoughts, emotions those give painful experiences, happiness walking in moonlight, emotions in candlelight and the moonlight, very sensitive to touch, weeping and fantasies, sensation music, poems are very common symptoms. 

Mouth :- Pappy taste, cracks in the corners of mouth, milky tongue, the tongue coated thick white color, tongue is as like as snow, canker sores are the symptoms for mouth. 

Eyes :- Eyes are red, inflamed eyes lids, pustules on margins, conjunctivitis 
Stomach :- Diarrhea problem from sour food and the drinks. Antimonium Crudum also shows desire for acids, nausea, sigestive problems, vomiting, wish for pickles, eructation tasting of the ingest, totally loss of appetite 

Stool :- For stool we get some symptoms of Antimonium Crudum. These are: flatulent stools, very common is diarrhea, mucous piles, Especially in old people constipation is common. Continued oozing of the mucus. Diarrhea after acids and the sour wine 

Male Organs :- Impotency with atrophied testes, atrophy of testicles and penis, eruption on scrotum are the symptoms for male organs of Antimonium Crudum 

Female Organs :- Symptoms of Antimonium Crudum for female are given below: 
Sexual desire increased, excited, suppressed menses, bearing down sense of uterus, leucorrhoea watery, menses profuse and too early, menses suppressed from the cold bathing 

Skin  :-Eczema problem with the gastric derangements, dry and cracked skin, itching when warm in the bed, sensitive to cold bathing, urticaria, dry gangrene are the symptoms of Antimonium Crudum for skin 

Better for :- At the time of rest and in the fresh air 

Worse for :- Cold foods, touch, extremely hot, cold are responsible for worse of the problems.  

Suicidal thoughts at night after disappointed love:- From Homeopathic Materia Medica we get some interesting symptoms for some remedies. Antimonium Crudum is one to them. In our society we see some common incidents. But for the lack of proper knowledge we cannot tackle those situations. Even you may be observed some odd condition in your friends or family members. 

A suicidal thought at night especially after disappointed love is one of the very interesting symptoms of Antimonium Crudum. If any homeopath treats with proper potency of this remedy he must be astonished to see the result of Antimonium Crudum. It changes the mental condition of affected persons.
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May 14, 2013

Acne - Reasons, Symptoms and Homeopathic Remedies

Pimples or Acne is a well-known skin problem to all especially teenagers. This skin problem can happen to anyone, at any age of men and women. It generally occurs on our face, chest, back and neck. Sometimes we see it on the other parts of our body. It actually forms a red color oily stage on the skin with dead cells. That condition is called pimple. There are many reasons of acne. If we want to protect its growing we can do this following some rules. Just know its main reasons then try to understand which reasons are responsible for your problem and then take necessary steps. But if you have affected by it then homeopathy can help you to remove this acne from the skin. There are many homeopathic remedies to treat acne or pimple problem.

Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder of the skin’s sebaceous glands and hair follicles that affects about 80% of people between the ages of 12 and 24. During puberty high levels of hormones are produced in both girls and boys. This leads to the production of large quantities of sebum. Sebum is an irritant that can clog the pores and form a pimple which may become infected and form a pustule. Hormones don’t go away after adolescence. Many women still get premenstrual acne from of the release of progesterone after ovulation.

Acne is a disease that affects the skin’s oil glands. The small holes in your skin (pores) connect to the oil glands under the skin. These glands make an oily substance called sebum. The pores connect to the glands by a canal called a follicle. Inside the follicles, oil carries dead skin cells to the surface of the skin. A thin hair also grows through the follicle and out to the skin. When the follicle of a skin gland clogs up, a pimple grows. Most pimples are found on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Acne is not a serious health threat but it can cause scars.

Reasons for Acne/Pimples:- There are many reasons of acne. Most common reasons are:
01) Stress  07) Cosmetics 
02) Birth control pills  08) Picking 
03) Menstrual cycle  09) Sunlight 
04) Season change  10) Drugs 
05) Industrial chemicals  11) Hormones 
06) Pressure and fraction of skin  12) Air borne oils 
Core symptoms of some remedies of acne
Symptoms of Dulcamara for Acne are given below:
Acne lesions itch, worse by cold, moist eruptions on the face, eruptions of vesicular. Acne on the forehead area, It worse in wet and cold weather. Worse around the menstrual time. Acne better by warmth, Little boils spreading consistently across the face.
Asterias rubens
Asterias rubens is useful when you see the following symptoms with acne:- Prickly acne, acne on the shoulders, skin seems flexible, acne affects on back side, sexual excitement in both sexes, acne eruptions with the fetid pus, acne on sides of the nose, fear of terrible news in teenager girls, patient with the lymphatic constitution, worse coffee, Worse left area.
Merc sol Merc sol is very common remedy for acne. It is very effective for the following symptoms - Always clammy skin, syphilitic acne, dirty face, worse extremes of perspiration and dampness, yellowing brown Pustular acne, a big pimple surrounded by several tiny pimples, worse at night, mucus membranes as well as the Skin affected at the same time, puffy and earthy face, itchy eruptions worse from the warmness of the bed, greenish pus from acne, worse extremes of hotness, very rotten suppuration.
Bovista It is a common remedy for acne. The symptoms of Bovista are: - Acne for use of cosmetics, acne in sensitive women or girls, puffy look of the cheeks, sots and pimples covering the whole body, eruptions and Itchy, crispy outbreaks around the nostrils and mouth, acne worse in the summer season.
Graphites The core symptoms of acne for using Graphites are: itching pimples, acne discharge a muggy exudation, hard skin of face, constant skin dryness, constipated bowels, spotty eruptions at the back of ears, rough skin of face, unhealthful skin with the suppurate affinity, face is red color, worse at heat, worse during and after menses, burning acne with think sultry expulsions, improved in the dark place,
Belladonna Homeopath use Belladonna for the following symptoms - skin is red, hot facial skin, skin feels smoothly red, red rash-like acne, alternate dullness and redness of the skin, skin feels burns, unexpectedly spreading acne lesions, bluish red acne lesions, glossy red flare-ups,acne leads to inflammation of glands of chin and neck.
Radium Bromatum The symptoms of Radium Bromatum for acne problems are- Sore and pimples, acne rosacea with the red color pimply rashes, eruptions with swelling and burning, redness of Acne, small eruptions with itching, acne worse in the morning, better in open air, too much itching with burning of skin as like as fire
Kali Bromatum Kali Bromatum also helps to remove acne when we find some symptoms which are:- Itchy pimples on the face, worse in heat, sore and acne on the shoulders and chest, very squirmy hands is one of the main characteristics of the medicine, anesthetic feeling in mucus membranes, terrible dreams as well as grinding of teeth in the sleep, general anesthetic emotion in skin of face, overstated sexual desire in females during menses if suffering from acne.
Arnica Montana
Arnica Montana is a most common remedy for acne. Its symptoms are also common. These are given below-
Acne worse by the touch, very painful acne, prickly burning pimples, hollow red color face, acne with aching bruised emotion in the skin.
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May 1, 2013

Migraine Headache and Homeopathy

What is the real definition of “Migraine”? Generally we define it as a common type of headache. The actual cause of this headache is still unknown. It may occur with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or some other symptoms. Among them sensitivity of light is very common and well known symptom of migraine. Most of the time, a patient of migraine also suffers by the chronic cold and sinusitis problem. Sinusitis is a very common reason of headache.
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Nov 2, 2012

Inguinal Hernia-Causes,Risk factors,Symptoms,Prevention & Homeopathic Remedies

Cause, Symptoms and Prevention of Inguinal Hernia
Inguinal Hernia is a painful and awful disease for not only men but also women. If the organs which are surrounded of our abdomen starts to slip though a weakness or a hole in our muscles, it's called a hernia.An inguinal hernia which is also referred as a groin hernia is a protrusion of the fatty tissue from one area of our body through a weakness or tear in the abdominal wall that is supposed to contain it. Due to incomplete closure of a structure it can be present at birth.
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Aug 29, 2012

Homeopathic remedies and Smoking addiction

How to stop Smoking (Habit)Addictions 
Here I shall try to write brief description about the bad effect of smoking, signs and symptoms of most useful remedies. Smoking is definitely the main source of some fatal diseases and is particularly to blame for almost a million deaths each year. It leads to lung disease, many forms of cancer, cadence, heart disease and will eliminate you actually.
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Aug 24, 2012

Can homeopathy help to increase body height?

Increase body height using homeopathic remedies
In the realm of homeopathic science there are almost 11 remedies which have effective action to increase the body height. During my internship one of my teachers Dr. Majibar who is a renowned homeopath in Bangladesh informed us that he got 50% success to remove dwarfishness. He got the success to increase the body height by using some homeopathic remedies in a systematic way.
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Aug 19, 2012

Homeopathy and Easy Childbirth

Now a day’s homeopathy makes the childbirth process very easy. It is really a complicated process. But some homeopathic remedies such a pulsatilla, Kali phos help women for giving birth with no trouble. But you may know that homeopathic remedies vary person to person. So you need to discuss with any homeopath before taking any remedies. Here are some other helpful remedies which are given below.
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Jul 26, 2012

Skin disorders and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies for skin problem:-Sometimes we do not understand that we have attacked by any serious disease. Just normal symptoms of your skin may create any fatal problem. We should be careful about our skin. Normally we do not care some kinds of symptoms of skin. Remember a small pimple may cause a fatal cancer. So steps should be taken from the initial stage. There are lots of medicines of skin disease in homeopathy. I just describe some popular of them.

Calcarea carbonica:- The people, who are easily tired by the hard work, feel nervous as well as overwhelmed if overworked, calcaria carbonica is well suited for them. They may unpleasantly cold along with clammy hands and feet. Cravings for eggs along with sweets, a leaning toward weight problems and a slothful metabolism are extra indications for Calcarea carbonica. 

Antimonium crudum:- When the skin problem such as eczema with thick, split the body skin along with prone to dyspepsia then the Antimonium crudum is suitable to apply. The patients of this remedy have the sentimental love to take such kinds of things for example: vinegar, craving pickles as well as other sour foods, fruits etc. The children may be irritable along with shy. The patients can be overweight also. Itching is worse from the sun exposure and warmness. Eczema, plantar warts and calluses is generally indicated to this remedy. 

Arsenicum album:- The people who are restless, anxious along with the impulsively neat and orderly need this medicine. You can see the skin o the patients is dry, itches, and also burns deeply. Scratching promotes the itching problem worse as well as applying warm will bring help to reduce the intensity of the disease. Arsenicum is indicated to the dyspepsia with unbearable burning pain and common feelings of coolness are often seen. 

Mezereum:- It is common homeopathic medicine for several kinds of skin diseases. The patients, who have some specific symptom such as strong anxiety, felt physically in the stomach need this remedy. Deeply itching eruptions begin as blisters, at that time ooze and form thick crusts, and scratching can direct to thickened skin of the body. Chilly applications often assist the itch (even though the person is cold in general). 

Graphites:- When a homeopath find the tough or leathery skin with the cracks along with the soreness, and often have a long-term history of skin disorders then they think about the Graphites. Most common and most uses homeopathy medicine for skin disorder is Graphites. You can the cracks of skin in various area of our body such as around the mouth, behind the ears, or on the hands are often cracked, with a golden color oozing release that hardens into crusts. From the warm in the bed the Itching is worse gradually.
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Sulphur:- Strongly burning, itching, inflamed eruptions that are worse from heat and from bathing propose a need for this Sulphur. Affected areas shows some specific symptoms such as it may be red color, with the crusted skin of the body. The eruptions may be either moist or dry. This remedy is generally useful to people who have frequently used medications and also ointments on their eczema problem without any kinds of good result. 

Rhus toxicodendron:- Rhus toxicodendron is very common to all for using any red colored skin symptoms. The patients are restless for the discomfort and also regularly are very bad-tempered and nervous. The person who often craves cold milk needs this medicine. Muscle inflexibility, relieved by motion and warmness, is also likely symptoms for the remedy. 

There are also many useful and important medicines in homeopathy such as Petroleum, Arum triphyllum, Calendula etc to apply other skin disease. One can use these remedies according to the suitable symptoms of skins and body. Some companies also made ointments for external use. In that case Calendula is most uses and common.
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Homeopathic remedies for women sex desire

There are lots of explanations and control of a low sexual libido in females. Stress, melancholy along with getting older are normal cause. From time to time, most women offers decrease of desire for sex on account of suffering caused by dryness of vagina the medication just for this problem is Natrum Muriaticum. Some women of all ages features aversion as well as apathy for you to sex, therefore the girl should carry the medicine Sepia. Quite a few girls, for the duration of menopausal has aversion in order to desire for sex , remedies Conium, comfort the challenge. Many women of all ages offers agonizing ejaculation, so wife aversion for you to making love, medicine is Natrum Muriaticum.

Homeopathic treatments regarding very low interest in sex tend to be hormone-based. These suffering from low sexual libido are sometimes prescribed the male growth hormone or DHEA to help change discrepancies throughout human hormones that can cause a loss of libido. You can find identical, over-the-counter solutions just like Ovarinum that may be in addition to Lycopodium, Selenium, Agnus Castus or even Ambra grisea to improve the actual libido.
Acne and Pimples !
Some tips and tricks:
  1. Talk openly with your partner about your sexual dysfunction 
  2. Daily exercise is helpful to increase sexual drive
  3. Try to keep your body free from obesity 
  4. Take a balance diet filled with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit 
  5. Learn to relax and de-stress by meditating 
  6. Stop smoking 
  7. Alcohol has bad affects to sexual function and desire 
  8. Try to reduce the drinking of alcohol 
  9. Avoid illegal and powerful sexual drugs 
If your lack of sexual interest is related to stress as well as lethargy, phosphoricum acidum (phosphate vitamins and minerals) is really a good remedy. 
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Jul 23, 2012

Lycopodium clavatum - Impotence, Male sexual disability, anxiety and other symptoms

Main symptoms of Lycopodium clavatum
Renowned homeopathic remedy is Lycopodium which is mainly use for impotence, weakness of sexual organs (both for male and female), physical disability and much more. Lycopodium Clavatum is an botanical herb that's known by some other bands, like Lamb’s. This specific botanical herb has been used clinically and in many cases. Presently we use them for the treatment of many conditions along with their similar signs. The problems worse from 4 to 8 P. M. It is most common symptom of this remedy.

Lycopodium a homeopathic remedy also known as (Lycopodium clavatum ) is a perennial evergreen plant that grows in pastures, woodlands, heaths, and moors of Great Britain, Northern Europe, and North America. Information about Lycopodium Clavatum: Please watch this video for complete information about this homeopathic remedy. Video: Information about Lycopodium Clavatum:-
Main symptoms of Lycopodium clavatum
01. Abdomen:- Sore pressive pain in region of liver and pain aggravated by touch. Sensation of something heavy lying on left side of abdomen. Pain on breathing,Too much distension and fullness of the abdomen from flatulence, Tension alogn with pain in abdomen from imprisoned flatulence, Much flatus accumulates here and there in the abdomen, Continuous rumbling as well as roaring in the abdomen. These are the symptoms of Lycopodium for abdomen. 

02. Urinary Organs:- The symptoms of Lycopodium clavatum of urinary organ are - Severe backache, before passing water, child screams with the pain. Red, sandy sediment in the urine.pain relieved by passing urine, frequent desire to urinate, dull pressing in region of bladder and abdomen. Haematuria from gravel or chronic catarrh, incontinence; no urine secreted, the milky urine, with nasty purulent sediment. 

03. Mind:- Gloominess of spirits, hopeless, Ill-tempered, cheerless, melancholy, weak memory, great anxiety, fretful, irritable, vehement, angry and timid, depressed, peevish are well known mind symptoms of Lycopodium. 

04. Eyes:- Symptoms for eyes of Lycopodium are - Black spots before the eyes. Dryness and smarting in the eyes. Irritation of the eyes, with itching in redness. Stressful pain as if they were dry.Inflammation of the eyes with nightly agglutination.Styes on the lids, Redness and ulceration of lids, Photophobia are also seen.Evening light blinds very much; can see nothing on the table.Sees only the left half of an object specifically.Mask and sparkling before the eyes. 

05. Head:- Pressing and stupefying headache,headache after taking breakfast, vertigo in the morning when and after rising,headache worse from 4 to 8 P. M, confusion and heaviness in the head, headache during the day; after coughing, throbbing headache, headache on leaning head backward, pressive headache in the vertex, crusts thick, easily bleeding; oozing fetid moisture, hair becomes gray early, eruption beginning on the occiput, falling out of hair are the main head symptoms of Lycopodium clavatum. 

06. Ears:- Roaring in the ears, hearing over-sensitive, purulent, ichorous release from the ears are generally seen. 

07. Face:- Face looks puffy, weak and pale.Tearing pains in the bones of the face,flushes of heat in the face,color of the face is yellowish-gray symptoms are also seen. 

08. Nose:- Too much dryness of nose is a common symptom of Lycopodium. Violent catarrh, with swelling of the nose, cannot breathe through it, smell very sensitive, nose stopped up, the ichorous release from the nose begins in right nostril are the other symptoms for nose. 

09. Throat:- Accumulation of mucus in throat, feeling of restriction in throat, nothing can be swallowed, hawking of blood-spattered mucus are the primary symptoms. Pain begin on right side of throat, suppuration and swelling of tonsils, going from right to left, sensitiveness of the sub maxillary glands, feeling as if a ball rose from below up into the throat, food and drink regurgitate through the nose are the other symptoms of Lycopodium for throat. 

10. Mouth:- Bitter and sour taste, clammy, suppurating eruption around the mouth. Front teeth are too long or loose. Drawing, cramp like pains. Pain comforted by warm drinks. Gums bleed violently from touch. corners of mouth sore. the lower jaw hangs down. Teeth very painful to touch. Accumulation of water in mouth are seen. Saliva dries on appetite and lips to a tenacious mucus. Tongue is darted out and oscillates to and fro; in sore throat. Tongue coated white,ulcers on and under the tongue, vesicles on the tongue, ongue distended giving tolerant silly expression, dryness of the mouth and tongue, without thirst, are some common symptom of Lycopodium for mouth. 

11. Stomach:- The symptoms of Lycopodium clavatum for stomach are - Dislike to coffee, extreme appetite, the more he eats the more he wants, hunger, but a small amount of food fills him up, stable feeling of satiety, pit of stomach swollen, and sensitive to touch, nausea in mornings, fasting, nausea in pharynx and stomach, eructation acrid, incomplete and burning, hiccough, stomachache, water brash, constriction and pain in the stomach 

12. Female Organs:- Lycopodium shows the following symptoms for female organ - Menses too profuse and too long protracted, repression of menses, Leucorrhoea, sense of dryness in the vagina, cutting across the hypogastrium, from right to left, release of wind from the vagina, burning in the vagina area 

13. Male Organs:- The symptoms for male organ of Lycopodium are - Impotence, male sexual disability, Penis small, cold & relaxed, itching in inner surface of prepuce

Impotence, Male sexual disability, anxiety:- I have mentioned these words in the title of this article. Why? Generally we like to learn symptoms of the homeopathic remedies from any books or reading article. But you experience works better than any books. Male sexual disability, impotence and anxiety are the main symptoms of Lycopodium along with stomach problem.

Lycopodium acts directly in our abdomen and sexual organs. Medium potency of this remedy is useful to remove stomach pain. Its high potencies such as Lycopodium 10M, 50M are most effective to cure several male problem. Maximum homeopathic physican like to use this remedy to treat the only weakness of man organs. To handle the other symptoms we use low or medium potency of Lycopodium
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